I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

Angela Rautenbach (Jarrett) jarrett@ukonline.co.uk

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Angela Rautenbach (Jarrett) jarrett@ukonline.co.uk

I got married in December in Bloemfontein at a very small ceremony in my in laws garden, it is lovely being married and my husband Lukas has now joined me in the UK. Never thought I would marry an Afrikaner from the Free State.

 Anyway I would love to come to some of your events but my trips home are always so rushed. I run my own catering business in Somerset in the UK. It is very fulfilling and I meet incredible people all the time. I am sure however God will take us home one day but for now I eagerly await to see what He has in store for Lukas and I.

I often think about DSG and all the great mates I made there. Chapel having been such a focus of our schooling is always uppermost in my memory bank for incredible times at DSG. It took me ages to find a good church in the UK but at long last thanks to my Mom coming to England to study at Kingdom Faith School to be a disciple for the Lord, I found Kingdom Faith South West.

If I can ever accommodate anyone from there over here please do ask, I am always happy to lend a hand with whatever.


Jane Masango jane.masango@dha.gov.za

I have been transferred to the Department of Home Affairs. I head a unit there dealing with international relations and intergovernmental relations. This is only my fourth month and I am trying to find my feet, the opportunities for learning and personal development are plenty. I
just have to remain positive and focused. Thank you for the spaces you provide to keep in touch with people and memories that have significantly shaped who we are today.

Amy Blaine amyb@ccarchitects.co.za

Hello to all my old school friends.  I have been working in PTA for 5 years now.  I am working as an architectural technologist at a company called Crafford & Crafford Architects. We specialize in environmental architecture – the bush.  I have worked on projects all over Southern Africa.  My main projects are to do with South African National Parks Board. Most of the bigger parks have been done by our company.  I work mainly in the Richtersveld National  Park, Augrabies Waterfall National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park all in the Northern Cape, very hot and dry. Sometimes the temperatures get up to 54˚C. That is what you call hot.  I have also done work in the Kruger National Park at Satara Camp.  We have done many lodges all over the country.  I get to do a lot of travelling and spending time in the bush with nature. My two passions in one!  I have worked here for 2.5years now and I am not going anywhere too soon.

I have recently bought a flat in Faerie Glen and stay there with my lovely little dog.  My boyfriend Neels van Rooyen, is finishing his final year of Architecture at Pretoria University this year, then we will see where the future takes us. 

Caroline Kane-Smith Caroline.Kane-smith@namitech.com

Just to let you know, Caroline Kelly, Terri-Lyn Gardener and Bronwyn Henning, as all living in a digs in Cape Town, No. 10 Stellenberg Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town. Terri-lyn has left Touchline Media and is working in the filming industry with Bronwyn trying to get into Hair and Make-up. Caroline is studying her GDA at UCT.
Jessica Lottering Jessica@fma.co.bw
Thank you so much for informing us all of the DSG chapel service. I listened to the service on my DSTV radio channels. It was so emotional to listen to the service - I felt such a great connection and I really felt blessed to be able to join in this service from Botswana. May God bless all the DSG community - old and new.


Mariam Cassim (Tayob) mcassim@richesterfoods.co.za 

We have just used an awesome, very professional, and inexpensive internet web design company, based in the USA to design our new website for Richesterfoods (which is currently still under construction due to various additions that we have requested) and I thought that after having such a pleasant experience with them, I would on-recommend them to all of you. For the quality of work performed, this company was significantly cheaper that our local counterparts, and the final product, once we are 100% complete, looks to be great value for money. If any of you,need your websites designed, updated or modified, please contact Riyaaz at rtayob@sbcglobal.net for a quotation and more information. Riyaaz was even able to organise a web hosting company at a third of the price we were originally quoted from our local web hosting companies. Payment to them was made in Rands to their South African Bank account, so foreign currency payment was not an issue. 

Camilla Garvey Camilla.garvey@credit-suisse.com

I have just received the Old Girls Association pamphlet in the post and am thrilled to find out how everyone is getting on.  I thought I would write a little piece for you to include in the next printout.  Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the 10 year reunion as I have only recently visited SA and can't get back for the big party!  But I will be thinking of everyone.
I have recently been promoted at Credit Suisse First Boston (big bank in London) and am now doing Marketing Events and Corporate Communications for the Private Bank.  This involves all events including Wimbledon, Polo, Cricket, Shooting and other great season events as well as developing brand awareness through the intranet, website and corporate brochures.  I get to deal with the PR side of the business as well and finally feel like I have found my niche and am ready to take off!  On a personal level, I still live in London (my
whole family is out here now), own a Kawasaki motorbike which is my pride and joy but suspect I will be selling it soon as it really isn't safe... am doing plenty of sport for charity and am madly in love with the boy that came to my std 9 matric dance, funnily enough!  He has moved over here from SA recently and I am very happy indeed.  He was an awful dance partner and I don't think even danced with me, so I hadn't seen him or spoken to him for a good ten years.  Funny how things move in cycles.  If anyone is coming to the UK in the near future, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion in July.

Zoe Little zozobug@hotmail.com
Please excuse this email but I am sending it from Peru and the email here is not like home!

Ashleigh Pringle (Todd) Trevor@huetone.co.za

I apologise for the late reply, however, I was trying to work out dates.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend Old Girls day as I will be attending a course that runs through the entire week.  I regret that I will not be able to attend as I was looking forward to seeing old faces and catching up on the news.  Please would you be kind enough to pass on my love to any 1995 girls that are attending.



Susan Riley sueriley04@tiscali.co.uk
Just a quick email to say that I am now living in Wrexham Wales with my boyfriend Pete and our dog Patsy. I have been here for 6 months now and all is going well. Still not married but very happy. I am still working for the Global Travel Group in Chester and have been there for over a year now. My new address is The Old Workshop, Wilderness Millhouse Farm, Pont Y Capel Lane, Gresford, Wrexham, Ll12 8RU, Wales

Lina Noel (Schoeman) lina_schoeman@hotmail.com

Will definitely consider coming next year.  I would also love to see another nativity play so if you will have one this year at school please let me know I might make my way up then. You asked for Auds and Elize contact details: Elize@fcbct.co.za audsbotha@yahoo.com


Kelly Harris kellyharris0@hotmail.com

Sent in by Sue Daffon Just to let you know that Kelly and Craig have announced their engagement!
Mirella Gastaldi informed us of the tragic death of Matumelo Kakana

Lomi Kriel lomi.kriel@gmail.com

It was very dark to hear of your sad news but I appreciate you keeping me in the loop and on the email list. I am currently in Houston, Texas, having recently completed an internship at the LA Times. I hope you are doing well, and, while I did not know Tumie, her family is in my prayers.

Candice Preston candice@openwindow.co.za

I finally qualified last year after taking a rather slow route on the study side, and have now obtained the Marketing & Economics degree and the Graphic Design Diploma. Currently I am working at the Open Window School of Visual Communication, the same institution that was kind enough to qualify me in Graphic Design. The place and the people are amazing and I am surrounded by South Africa’s most talented designers daily. My sister Kelly has almost finished at DSG so I am constantly up to date with the latest news, it is strange though that by the end of next year the Preston girls will have all finished their schooling. We are hoping she will study medicine, but she hasn’t quite decided. I am not yet married, but glad to say am not desperate and dateless and have a wonderful boyfriend Wiehan, an amazing artist and Graphic Designer.

Katrina Stegmann zchavs3@ucl.ac.uk

I was writing in the hope that you might be able to send me contact details of girls who atriculated in the year 1998, I think it was the year that Minka Vrba was head girl.  I left DSG before then but am coming back to South Africa later this year and was hoping I might be able to get in touch with some of my friends. In particular if you have any contact details for
Minka Vrba or Ingrid Lilje I would be very grateful if you could pass them on.

Juliet Baillie jddbaillie@yahoo.co.uk

It is very sad indeed to hear of one's peers passing on so young.

 My family is very well thank you.  Angela has 3 lovely little girls who growing up so fast & the joy of our family.  Brigette is doing very well at Weber Wentzel Bowens & is now an Equity partner (definitely the brains of the family).  Mom is still writing & painting.  Her next Tale from the series Granny Frog's Tales for Tadpoles is due to be published soon.

Angela's email address is angela@grannyfrog.co.za & Brigette's email address is brigetteb@wwb.co.za .

 At the moment I am temping in London, getting work experience as I spent a very frustrating year trying to find work in SA.  I am working at UBS HR helping with a VAT mitigation, gaining much needed excel skills. Hopefully I will be able to find work in media soon.  I am also engaged to an absolutely wonderful guy, so all is very well here.

 I hope that you are well.  It is great to hear from you, I have great memories of DSG & love to hear from & see my old school friends.
Deanna Couvaras Deanna.Couvaras@vodacom.co.za

It was great to receive this mail from Victoria Chamberlain, hearing everyone is still keeping in touch! I'm sorry I didn't attend the function, I'm sure it would have been great to see my old classmates again.  Please can you include my details as below to your database for future such events.

Katy Breytenbach sugar@webmail.co.za

This address does work at times but if it does not, there are my other email addresses you can use. My sister's email address is ipoxy@webmail.co.za.

Hayley Cauvin hayley.cauvin@kellyindustrial.co.za

Well, I had no idea that planning a wedding would be so time consuming!! So far, so good... The date is 19 February, and I am so excited.

Jackie Gloster jackiegloster@hotmail.com

I will unfortunately not be able to attend the reunion on Saturday as I am attending an Airline Pilots course in Port Alfred. Hope to be there next year!

Marla Loubser m_loubser@mweb.co.za

I am currently working (sales) and doing my Honours in Marketing Management at the University of Pretoria after hours.  My sister, Ilka (2001), is still in the USA.  She went over in 2002 on a golf scholarship program to Louise and Clark state college in Idaho.  She finished 2 years of studying there and gained a lot of golf titles playing in the NAIA league.  After that, she was offered an even better bursary to study at the prestigious Murray State University in Kentucky where she now plays in the top college/university golf league, the NCAA 1.  She has also excelled at varsity and has received academic colours as well as golf colours.  When she returns for their summer holiday in June, she should be finished with her 3rd year of study and will commence her final year in August 2005. I am also still in touch with Charmain Pieterse (2000).  She recently returned from the UK after she got her degree in Journalism and is doing very well.  Ezanne Kotze (2000) is currently doing her Honors in Accounting Sciences and will probably soon be the CA we all see her to be.  Vanessa Smit (2000) is currently in the UK and doing extremely well.  And as in the last newsletter, you can see that Laila Soer and Hayley Cauvin are also great.  I would then just also like to update some of our contact information.  Danielle Corns (2000) is no longer Corns.  She married on the 4th of Sept (speak under correction) and is now Botha.


Frances Sutherland frasut@webmail.co.za

Lindy Mtongana is now in her fourth year at Rhodes University. While am I am no longer studying there, I still have the addresses of some of her close friends and will ask them for her contact details for you. Here are Lindy Mtongana's contact details: 0729133954 email:g02M1349@campus.ru.ac.za.

Cecilia van der Merwe cecvdm@mweb.co.za

After the Reunion, Tabane Mafojane contacted me (I’m sure you remember her and her sister, Mmakghantsi) and she asked me to update her contact information. She says that she has never received any newsletters or information from the Old Girls and that she would really like to be kept updated as to what is happening at DSG. She just gave me her e-mail address, which is: tmafojane@yahoo.co.uk


Sindy Chan violet_lavender2@yahoo.com

I took a year off to travel and work in Hong Kong and now am studying at University of Melbourne in Australia. (I hear Francis (year 2002) is here too, studying her masters, but I'm not sure) I'm currently studying the bachelor of Architecture. It's a very challenging and exciting course and definitely not for the weak hearted! I've been keeping up with some of the old girls via e-mails and MSN , and everyone seems to be doing well. I know its weird but I do miss DSG and the people there very much and I hope all of you are doing well!

Michelle Clark nzclarks@xtra.co.nz

I have just got engaged and hope to marry once I have finished my studies at the end of 2007. I remember my DSG days with great fondness

Sam Vicent sales@digitalip.co.za

Another thing I wanted to ask you, was with regards to Beverly Kennedy. When I received your e-mail a year ago with regards to her death, I was devastated and was unable to attend the funeral, as I was overseas at the time. I was wondering if perhaps you know where she is buried, as I would like to go pay my respects to a fantastic woman who had a huge impact on my life. I would greatly appreciate this as I have been struggling to get this information.
Nasra Ibrahim nazz_ibrahim@yahoo.com

I am completely delighted that you have received my e-mail and replied back to it. It is a great pleasure to hear from you and knowing that you are well. Yes, I have finished my GCSE and I am waiting for my results to be delivered to me by next month and then I am planning to go overseas for further studies.

My sisters are all well and the two younger ones are still studying and are doing well. As for Zam Zam she is well and has completed both her high school and college courses. Her e-mail address is zamibrahim@yahoo.com.




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