I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may have details of Sue Almquist for her

Tracy Borlase (Lewis) tracyborlase@hotmail.com

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Tracy Borlase (Lewis) tracyborlase@hotmail.com

I would have loved to have donated some jewellery to the golf day. It is too late to send it for this year, but I will send one of my pieces I have designed for next year. Also, I love golf and try and play once a week here in Canada. It is such a pity I don't live closer, I would definitely get a few foursomes out!

Nilakshi Soni (Valji) nilakshivalji@hotmail.com

Just wanted you to know that I got married on 18 June 2005 to Mitesh Soni. I have not changed my surname yet but will do so soon. Mitesh is from the UK and we will be moving to the UK sometime in December or early next year.


Libby Keane (Versfeld) libbykeane@hotmail.com

Eloise Christina Keane was born on the 11th October at 9.04pm weighing 7lbs6 (3.36kgs).

Melissa Williams whatsthebizsa@yahoo.co.uk

So sorry won't be able to make it, as I'm still based in Cape Town. Many thanks and best wishes for this year’s reunion.


Rachel Smith-Bingham (Briggs) rachelbriggs21hotmail.com

I'm squeezing in writing this to you with one free arm!  His name is Benjamin (Ben) Robin and is a delightful little bundle with a mop of dark hair.  Mum is happily exhausted!!  Of those in my year, Vanessa Youens (now Wallace) was at my baby shower in London. We have a cottage in Wilts and he just loves it there - the birds and nature's mobiles - trees and flowers - a healthy break from all the fumes of London! Angela's going to come over in a few weeks time to spend some time with Ben and me. Frances recently wrote and directed her house play at St Cyps and one the best play award - we're all very proud of her.  She's going to take a gap year next year and will be spending some of that time with me in England while she earns some money to travel.

Cathy Daly (James) chuck.cathydaly@verizon.net

Thank you for collecting all this information and for working so hard to keep us connected. Living so far from home, I really appreciate being able to contact my friends around the world. Thank you for all your time and effort.
Katherine Hibbert (Long) katherine.hibbert@gmail.com  

Please change my email address to katherine.hibbert@gmail.com I will be re-locating to the UK next year and will give you my new address once I have it.

Assunta Dagon (Nusca) assuntanusca@yahoo.com

I got married in my father's hometown in the Italian Apennines, on August 1, 2004. My husband Michael, and I just had a baby on July 17, 2005. His name is Samuele (Samuel in Italian). We live in Upstate New York where Michael was born and raised. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, and loving every minute with our bundle of joy!


Kathryn Sheriff (Pinkney) 771400@zm.celtelplus.com

Hello all we finally have a email address.

Harriet Walker (Price) harriet_walker@btinternet.com

We are moving to live in Bologna, Italy through my husband’s company. 

Lyndall Hill (Sandilands) brohill@iafrica.com

News sent in by her mother Margie Couper (Mortimer)

Lyndall had a baby daughter named Fenella May on the 6th September and I have been down with the family on their farm outside Pletenberg Bay for two months.  Lovely. Her little son Nicholas of 3 just adores his baby sister.

Vanessa Wallace (Youens) Vanessa_Wallace@yahoo.com

Thanks for letting us know about the SAFM broadcasting from the chapel.  We tuned in on the internet and the kids and I had a wonderful time listening to it, what great singing and a meaningful sermon.  I felt really proud of DSG and was taken straight back to the chapel
and the burning incense!


Charity Aphane(Mabena) charitya@emeraldcasino.co.za

A lot has happened since I left DSG.  Some of you may know that I had baby in 1994. Well exactly 10 years later I had another baby boy born 8 September 2004 by emergency Caesar. The baby was healthy at birth but a month after he was born we were back in hospital again with whooping cough and two weeks after in hospital again with the same thing. He is now 8 months and very tall and very naughty and very tiring, but I am enjoying him. I'm going to do my best to be at this year’s reunion and I will try to recruit some of the people from my final year. Looking forward to being with the special family of DSG again.

Lindy Coetzee (Riley ) lindylew@netactive.co.za

Sorry I won't be able to make Reunion, my oldest son has a birthday party, and I have nobody to get him there, so guess what, duty calls, and mom's plans must change accordingly!!  I leave for Kili on the 16th of July, so it is now min dae!!  All the prep is now done and all I have to do is wait for time to pass, I am a excited as a child at Christmas!!


Alison Milne (Charlton) mogsie@intekom.co.za

I will not be able to attend the reunion this year although I do plan to attend one somewhere along the line.  At the moment with a 20 month old boy and a 3 month old girl things are rather busy for me in Cape Town and I am not yet brave enough to subject myself to a 2 hour plane trip with them.  Some say I was brave enough to have the two so close together but I am beginning to think that there is little difference between the word brave and plain stupid.  That aside they are really enjoyable and loving every minute of being a mom.  Very different from the long days of work at the office but I reckon just as tiring!

Alouette Louw (Ernest) alouette.Louw@dcs.gov.za

584 Arumlily Avenue, Eersterust , 0022 I hope I will be hearing from you soon!


Kim Vonk (Meyer) kjvonk@hotmail.com

I went back to work part time at Ipswich Hospital last June so I am currently balancing work and motherhood.  James our little 20-month-old son is growing and developing well.  His latest word is "granny" which he learnt during my mother's and sister, Kate visit during the past few weeks.  I am expecting our 2nd baby, who is due at the end of October so our family continues to grow (much to my husbands delight)!  This means my mother-in-law (who is also a St Mary's old girl, Ann Vonk (nee Jonas) will have 4 grandchildren by the end of the year!

Sharon Dekker (Bridges) dekker@mailme.ae

The Dekker family will be leaving the UK on Thursday 5th May. We are currently packing our furniture and belongings. I have accepted an offer from an American consulting engineering firm to go and work in Dubai, (United Arab Emirates). This is likely to be a 3-year contract. For those that have heard about "The Palms" project I will be involved in the mono rail system to be built on these 2 islands. I will let you know more about it when I've settled in. The whole family is very excited even though the heat in summer (apparently up to 48 degrees Celsius) does not sound very inviting.
Shireen Alberts (Goosen) h-motors@mweb.co.za

After school I completed a number of courses in computer software, and  worked for my dad until 1997. After that, and for the next year, I did marketing for a game lodge outside Brits. I didn't enjoy that very much, and was then employed by Gestetner Pretoria as Personal Assistant and events co-ordinator, where I also did their launches of new products, and presentations. I have now been working for my husband since August 2003. We are in the transport industry and do local and cross-border work.

 I got married on 26 March 2005 to Hans ("Bokkie") Alberts, and we are expecting our first child - a boy. His name is Keagan and we are in great anticipation of his arrival. I have never been so happy and excited - all at the same time! We live on a small holding in Andeon, Pretoria, and our offices are on the same premises which is quite convenient - saving us the headache of traffic jams going to and from work each day!!

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