I consider it a masterpiece in the fullest sense of the word: one of those rare compositions which seems to reflect most strongly in itself the musical tendencies of a whole generation.”

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4. Toreador Song: “Votre toast... je peux vous le rendre” (“Your toast... I can return”) The famous toreador (bull fighter) Escamillo has just entered the tavern, surrounded by an entourage of admirers. He leads the crowd in a lively song depicting the life of a toreador.
The Toreador Song alternates between two contrasting styles; the verses are sung in a minor key, which give Escamillo’s words a heightened sense of drama and suspense as he sings about the heroic activities of the toreador during a bullfight. The refrain (line or lines of music that are repeated in a song), however, is in a major key. This change of key complements the Toreador’s words: he switches from singing about bull fights to dreaming of potential love. Still very dramatic, the music sets a more joyful mood, and as the chorus joins Escamillo later in the refrain, the excitement of the crowd becomes increasingly apparent.

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