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1. The State Board will determine if they desire to establish JCDA within their state.

2. The State Board will decide how they would like the JCDA program in their state to be

Represented: e.g. Banner, Uniform, Sash, etc.

3. The State Board will decide who will be responsible for the financial aspects of the junior

courts in the state. They will determine if the Local Court will be solely responsible or if the State Court will assist them financially.

  1. It is suggested that the State Board appoint a State JCDA Chairman. The state chairman can be the same individual as the State Youth Chairman, or they can appoint someone separately. Each state can use their discretion in this decision.

  1. Bylaws MUST be written that will provide the framework for the JCDA program in the State. Sample Guidelines are in this section.

  1. Policies and procedures MUST be written to ensure the safety of the members and the protection of the order. The State Court must ensure that the JCDA courts conform to any guidelines established by their local Diocesan office such as background checks, training for leaders, etc.

  1. The State Board or a designee will decide on rituals for “Institution of a New Court,” “Reception of New Members,” and “Installation of Officers.” Sample Guidelines can be obtained through the National office.

  1. For uniformity, all JCDA courts shall adopt the four JCDA goals and the Threefold Program of Message, Service, and Community as follows:


1. Develop yourself as a Christian

2. Learn to work for the good of others.

3. Grow spiritually.

4. Be creative and flexible.

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