How to make poppy hats!!! Supplies Needed

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Supplies Needed:

1---12” round cardboard circle

4 sheets red tissue paper

1 sheet black tissue paper

3 sheet green tissue paper

Can of Elmer’s paper glue

2---1 ½ feet length of cloth ribbon for ties

Mailing tape or scotch tape

  1. Cut a pie shape 3 in. wide at the widest point to the center in the card board circle. (I have enclosed the patterns for the leaves, petals, and the pie shape.)

  2. Bend the cardboard in about 3 sections to bring the cut edges of the pie shape together. This will form the hat base. Tape the edges down the middle (from the center of the hat out to the edge) and then put tape on both sides of that tape in order to make the connection of the two pieces more secure.

  3. Take a piece of red tissue paper, putting the middle of the paper over the crown of the hat and fold the paper around it as best as you can making creases were necessary for it to conform to the shape of the hat. Tape the paper on the underside of the hat.

  4. Cut out 3 leaves.

  5. Cut out at least 8 petals

  6. Use paper glue to attach leaves on hat, one on each bent section of the hat.

  7. Scrunch up the center of each petal as you attach it, using the paper glue. It won’t take long to dry but you need to get it in the best shape possible and let it go or it will stick to you. Put 4 petals on spacing them around the hat, let it dry and then the next 4.

  8. Cut two rectangles one of green and one of black 1in x 3in. Put the black on top of the green. Fold the 1 in sides together with the black in the center. Cut the tissue in thin strips, not cutting all the way thru the fold. This is the center of the flower. At the fold, roll it in a circle and glue to the center of the hat.

  9. Put the hat on the person wearing it and mark were their ears are on the hat. Punch a hole about ½-1 in from the edge of the hat. Feed ribbon thru and tie a knot in the top end. ( you may have to double knot it)

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