Hlc mouthguard Policy

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Principal: Sylvia F. Brett BA (Dunelm), MA (London)

College Visitor: The Baroness Harris of Richmond

HLC Mouthguard Policy

  1. The wearing of mouthguards for Hockey, Lacrosse (and other ‘contact sports’) is now mandatory for all pupils under the age of 18.

  2. It is strongly recommended that mouthguards are custom-made from a dental impression of the teeth.

  3. Teachers, coaches and referees are not qualified to assess the quality of the mouthguard, and will therefore only be able to ensure that a mouthguard is being worn, and not account for its condition. This remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

  4. If a parent/guardian signs a written disclaimer stating that their child can play without a mouthguard, this can be accepted by the school/club, and the pupil may be excused from wearing a mouthguard.

The disclaimer must clearly state:

  1. That the parent/guardian has been advised in writing that a mouthguard should be worn, along with reasons for this policy.

  2. That the parent/guardian has read and understood the information about the purpose and value of wearing a mouthguard.

  3. That the parent/guardian accepts full responsibility and liability in case of an accident where a mouthguard could have prevented or reduced any injury sustained.

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