His staff tours included military readiness, personnel and recreational boating

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His other volunteer position is as an Emergency Coordinator for his local county with Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). This is the Emergency Communications Division of the American Radio Relay League, the national organization for Ham Radio Operators. They work closely with local (EMA), state (GEMA), and federal agencies (FEMA) to provide emergency communications as needed. The Auxiliary takes precedence when there are time conflicts between his ARES leadership position and Auxiliary duties. He has three Assistant Emergency Coordinators trained and qualified to step into his role as needed to ensure continuity of operational readiness.
Dave and his wife Nan Ellen have completed approximately half of the Great Loop – a circumnavigation of the eastern half of the US by boat. This water route uses inland rivers, coastal waters, canals, and the Great Lakes to complete the 6000-mile circumnavigation. They hope to complete the remaining half of the trip in the future.
======Donald L. Goff, DVC-BP======

{{::goff-portrait-sdb-hat-210x300.jpg?200 |}}Don Goff, Ph.D. ([[dgoff@cstarsystems.com|email]]) serves the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary as the Senior Advisor to NACO for Paddlecraft Safety (N-PC) and as the Division Chief-Paddlecraft Safety (DVC-BPC). He is an Auxiliary Boat Crew Coxswain and an active duty Coast Guard Boat Crew Member on the 25-foot RB-S, as well as certified as IT, VE, MDV, TCO and Communications Watchstander.

He has served as a Division and Flotilla Commander, and in staff positions at the Flotilla, Division, District and National Staff levels. A lifelong paddle sports enthusiast, Dr. Goff has built several wooden sea kayaks and has paddled in Puget Sound, Quebec, Penobscot and Chesapeake Bays, the Atlantic Ocean around Chincoteague Island, VA, and many rivers, including the Rio Grande, Shenandoah and tidal Potomac. Most weekends, he can be found paddling the back waters of Belmont Bay, Virginia watching the bald eagles.
Retired from AT&T, the Army Reserve, and University of Maryland University College, he now provides independent consulting in cybersecurity. He was awarded the Ph.D. in telecommunications and engineering management from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He holds radio licenses as a GMDSS operator/maintainer with radar endorsement and Amateur Extra and is an American Canoe Association sea kayaking instructor.
======Kelly L. Townsend, BC-BLB======

{{::townsend_-dir-b_bio-pic-230x300.jpg?200 |}}Kelly is a Past Director of RBS Outreach from April 2013 to July 2015; and a Past Director of Vessel Exams & Marine Dealer Visitation from February 2012 to April 2013. Kelly also served as Deputy Director of Vessel Exams & Marine Dealer Visitation from April 2016 to October 2016.

Kelly ([[uscga@embarqmail.com|email]]) is a lifelong resident of Hickory, N.C. (About 60 miles N.W. of Charlotte, N.C.) He currently resides in a lakefront community named after his great uncle who pulled a ferry boat across the lake with a team of mules in the early 1900s. Kelly has been swimming since the age of 5, and was a Red Cross certified lifeguard as a teen at his YMCA in the mid-70s. Kelly began boating at the age of 7, fishing in a small wooden boat with his uncle. Kelly has been a boat owner since 1986 and a PWC owner since 1996. When not involved in Auxiliary activities, you will find him boating with his 3 granddaughters in his 24 foot bow-rider, or his 42 year restored 19 foot Glastron jet-boat, or piloting his PWC on Lake Hickory, N.C.
Kelly retired in January of 2016. He had a unique 39 year working career that ranges from geriatric healthcare; to an engine builder and Technical Inspector for NASCAR; to a Statistical Quality Control Inspector in a TRW automotive die-casting facility; to Database Administrator and Safety Coordinator for a municipal electrical distribution system; to coordinating an EPA award winning methane powered electrical generating facility; to currently being Information Technology Coordinator for the City of Hickory, N.C. Public Libraries & Public Services and Utilities. Kelly has received numerous awards from City and County governments for his I.T achievements. He was also honored with a Smithsonian Technology Award in 2008.
Kelly attended N.C. State University; University of N.C. (Chapel Hill); and San Francisco City College. He earned the designation of National Safety Council Certified Safety Administrator in 2000. Between 1996 and 2005, Kelly earned Administrator certifications in all Microsoft Windows operating systems; Microsoft Outlook; and Microsoft Internet Explorer. In 2008, he earned the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification from the EC (Electronic Commerce) Council.
Kelly joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Sept. 2004. He was named Flotilla Recruit of the Year in 2005. He has served his Flotilla & Division as FSO- IS, PA, PB, SR, CS, and SO-SR. Kelly was VFC in 2007 and FC from 2008-2009. He was again elected VFC from 2014-2016. Kelly is past qualified as Auxiliary Boat Crew, and he is currently qualified in IT, RBS-PV, VE, and Radio Communications. Kelly has been published 4 times in the Navigator, and won the District 5SR P.A. award in 2006. He was simultaneously awarded both 5SR Division 26 and Flotilla 26-05 Auxiliarist of Year in 2007. He was a member of 5SR, Div. 26 Color Guard, as a flag & rifle bearer.
Before being named a 2 time National Director from 2012 to 2015, Kelly served in the RBS Outreach Directorate as Publications Branch Chief, and Liaison Division Chief from 2009 to 2011. Kelly currently also serves as one of the Auxiliaryís Directors to the United Safe Boating Institute, and Branch Chief for the Boat Owners (BoatUS) Group in RBS Outreach. For 2017, Kelly was also named Assistant Manager of Member Benefits with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Association.

====== Winter_Training_Weekend ======

{| cellpadding="30" cellspacing="0"


{{wiki:Winter_002.jpg?360|Sea Scouts hold training weekends during the winter when it's too cold to get out on the water}}



Wintertime is traditionally a time for training. In much of the United States the boats have been pulled from the water, and while maintenance projects are on-going, Sea Scouts work on sharpening skills for the next boating season. In some parts of the country they gather to hold "Winter Training Weekends". Skills taught include: marlinspike seamanship, navigation, galley, drill, semaphore, engines, ground tackle, safety drills, ornamental ropework, rules of the road, boat maintenance, weather, electricity, celestial navigation, first aid, and leadership training.

Coast Guard Auxiliarists have participated as instructors at a number of these events. This is an excellent opportunity to teach the upcoming next generation of boaters and their leaders, while introducing the Sea Scouts to the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

======Lessons learned======

  1. .

  2. .

  3. .


* {{wiki:doc.gif|Microsoft Word DOC file available}} [[http://www.division22.org/private/Aux-BSA/winter/catoctin_2009_boarding_manual.doc|Sample boarding manual]]

* {{wiki:doc.gif|Microsoft Word DOC file available}} [[http://www.division22.org/private/Aux-BSA/winter/catoctin_2009_training_track.doc|Sample training track]]

* {{wiki:doc.gif|Microsoft Word DOC file available}} [[http://www.division22.org/private/Aux-BSA/winter/catoctin_2009_application_package.doc|Sample application package]]

* [[http://ship25bsa.org/images/030110_Catoctin/Catoctin_2003.html|Photo gallery of Catoctin (MD) Weekend]]


[[Winter Training Weekend: Photo gallery]]

=====Contributed by=====

[[mailto:stevedalex@msn.com|Steve Alexander]], FSO-MT, 5th District (Southern Region), Flotilla 24-2

====== Auxiliary Participates in University of Scouting ======
{{wiki:UScouting-0.jpg‎?300 |Eric Piper, ADSO-OP/IPFC 082-18-06 and Ron Tvorik, BC-ESS/DSO-PE 8ER/FC 082-18-06 talking to a scout leader}}

This was the second year that Flotilla 18-06 was invited to participate in the University of Scouting, sponsored by the Simon Kenton BSA Council, at Pickerington North High School on 21 January. Flotilla members, Ron Tvorik, BC-ESS/DSO-PE/FC, Pat Linesch, IPDCDR/FSO-CM and Eric Piper, ADSO/FSO-OP/IPFC arrived at the registration area at 0800.

{{ wiki:UScouting-1.jpg?300‎|Eric Piper and Pat Linesch, IPDCDR and FSO-CM 082-18-06 giving handouts to two scout leaders. The leader in red is Andrew Ginnan, SO-CS/VFC 082-18-06}}

After checking in we began to set up the Coast Guard Auxiliary information and boating safety display in the school’s gymnasium. Last year the displays were set up in the hallway but it was better to be in the gymnasium in the vendor area. The University of Scouting coordinator’s Jeff Lockhart and Mark Hoppes greeted us and made sure all was going well. The sessions for the scout leaders began at 0900 and ended at 1500. Tom Ross, Sea Scout Commodore, Area 4, Central Region and his wife, Lori, were in the area next to us and were very helpful throughout the event.

In between attending their classroom sessions the 439 scout leaders and 60 youth helpers would visit the vendor area to check out the displays and hands on activities. This gave us the opportunity to interact with Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Sea Scout leaders and their youth helpers regarding the Coast Guard Auxiliary. A hot item was the MOA handout between the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Many leaders who work with the older scouts were interested in what the Coast Guard Academy had to offer. We were prepared with numerous Coast Guard Academy handouts and DVDs. We also had a variety of American Canoe Association pamphlets regarding paddle craft, the Operation Paddle Smart brochures, the Ohio Boat Operator’s guide, our 2012 ABS schedule and other appropriate handouts.
{{wiki:UScouting-2.jpg?300‎ |Eric Piper and Pat Linesch talking to a scout leader}}

Having Coast Guard Auxiliary life jackets, float coats and a mustang suit drew attention and comments. The flags and pull up displays also went over well with the scout leaders. We made many contacts and gave out and received numerous business cards. The scout leaders were interested in PE classes, Vessel Safety Checks, boating safety displays, Coastie, and support for parades among other things.

{{ wiki:UScouting-3.jpg‎?300|Pat and Eric observing the BSA leaders in the vendor area}}

We also made contact with Chris Tredeau, the Blue Jackets Group Event Specialist and Becca Voss, Group Sales Account Executive, Columbus Crew. Both of their organizations want to be involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and give us support.

The University of Scouting was an outstanding event and has opened the door for us regarding the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Boy Scouts of America activities. We also appreciated the lunch they provided for us.
====Scouts & Auxiliary work together====

* [[http://teamcoastguard.org/2012/Feb/A120224/index.htm|University of Scouting Event]] (in //[[http://teamcoastguard.org/|Sitrep]]//)

=====Contributed by=====

[[mailto:uscgaux@Columbus.rr.com|Ron Tvorik]], BC-ESS

====== Coast_Guard_Auxiliary_exhibits_for_the_Boy_Scouts_of_America ======
{{ wiki:wearit.jpg?160|Coast Guard Auxiliary exhibit at the BSA National Meeting}}

{{wiki:exhibit-other_half.jpg?160|Coast Guard Auxiliary exhibit at the BSA National Meeting}}

The Boy Scouts of America 2010 National Annual Meeting was recently held in Dallas, TX and the Recreational Boating Safety Outreach (B Department) was there to promote auxiliary services and make new friends. Both organizations have agreed to exhibit at each other’s national conferences and the Dallas event was the beginning of what is hoped to be a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Director for RBS Outreach, Bruce Johnson, DIR-B called on National Marketing to develop an exhibit that promoted vessel safety checks and boater education to the Scouts. The new Auxiliary National Supply Center fold-up backdrop was combined with the Wear It life jacket rack for a colorful eye catching exhibit. Several exhibit visitors posed for photos in front of the impressive Coast Guard Auxiliary logo backdrop. The impressive backdrop is a new ANSC item and available to be checked out to support events.
The mission was to introduce the Auxiliary to the Boy Scouts of America, network and establish contacts for future endeavors. Approximately 2,000 representatives of nearly 5 million youth and adult volunteers had an opportunity to view the exhibit, obtain literature and have questions answered. The exhibit also afforded the opportunity to promote new style life jackets and answer questions about their capabilities and maintenance. We were the only “uniformed services” service represented, so there were also recruiting and membership opportunities, including AIM, which targets youth of older Scout age.
{{ wiki:keith_christopher.jpg?160|Keith Christopher, BSA's liaison to the Coast Guard Auxiliary, in front of the Auxiliary exhibit at the BSA National Meeting}}

{{wiki:visitors.jpg?160|Talking with Sea Scout and Venturer}}

The Auxiliary exhibit was in a large “pod” in the center of the exhibit hall room; and shared with the Sea Scouts and a BSA training exhibit. There was a traffic aisle through the exhibit so the “work table” was placed on the other side adjacent a Sea Scouts fire extinguisher demonstration area. The arrangement provided an immediate conversation point for those from councils with Sea Scouts. Recreational Boating Safety Outreach prepared fliers describing how the Auxiliary can support BSA with vessel safety checks and boater education. ANSC literature was augmented by a special allotment of American Canoe Association literature and placed in a second literature rack because of the significant BSA involvement in paddle sports. This literature was used to reinforce our marketing of the new Paddle Sports America course.
ANACO-PS Nick Tarlson was assigned the lead because of his BSA experience and 8CR DSO Larry Richmond assigned VDCR 10 Robert Capt (who also possessed substantial BSA experience) as the local POC. Watch standing was provided by flotilla 10-2 members Lee and Sharon Ellershaw and Capt. Additionally, DCO Richmond joined ANACO-PS Tarlson to provide a senior-level USCG Auxiliary presence at the exhibit and closing banquet. The Ellershaws and Bob Capt were conferred “honorary Life Jacket Tsar” status for the occasion in recognition of their outstanding watch standing performance.
Feedback from conference attendees and other exhibitors was that the exhibit was effective and well-received. Additional resources for supporting the Auxiliary’s relationship with the Boy Scouts of America can be found on AuxBWiki at http://auxbdeptwiki.cgaux.org/index.php/Boy_Scouts_of_America .
=Exhibiting Resources=

* [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/Coast_Guard_Auxiliary_and_the_Boy_Scouts_of_America.ppt|**Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Boy Scouts of America**]] (PowerPoint presentation)

* [[Coast Guard Auxiliary Boater Education for Scouts]]

* [[Preparing for Trip to Florida Sea Base|Preparing for a Trip to the Florida Sea Base]]

* [[http://pawaterways.org/|Preserve America's Waterways]] -- Develop a joint waterway conservation project with a Scout group

* [[Safety at Sea Weekend]] -- Weekend on-the-water training event held jointly with the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary

* [[Vessel Safety Checks of Scout Camp boats]]

* [[Vessel Safety Checks of Sea Scout boats]]


* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/BSA-PE_brochure-2010-04-28.pdf|Learn Safe Boating Practices from the Coast Guard Auxiliary]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/BSA-VSC_brochure-2010-04-28.pdf|Promote BSA Safety Afloat with a Free Vessel Safety Check]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://www.uscg.mil/top/downloads/coloring_books/cptnclen/captCleanwater.pdf|The Adventures of Captain Cleanwater]]

* {{wiki:pdf.gif|PDF available}} [[http://www.division22.org/private/Aux-BSA/cub-watersafety/boating_fun.pdf|Boating Fun Booklet]]
=====Contributed by=====

[[mailto:soffers@sbcglobal.net|Stu Soffer]], N-MS, National Marketing

====== Ninth_District_Symposium ======
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, [[http://www.districtnine.org/training.php|Ninth District Training Symposium]] will be hosting Jeremy Oyn, Director of the Safety, Education and Outreach Department of the [[http://www.americancanoe.org|American Canoe Association]]. Mr. Oyn will be speaking on the future of paddlesports and paddlesports education. His presentation will focus on the current state of the sport, future trends, best practices and the partnership opportunities established under the new Memorandum of Agreement between the American Canoe Association and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
[[Paddlesports]] is the fastest growing segment of the recreational boating community, a trend that is likely to continue in the current economic climate. The National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA) reported in 2009 that the sales of canoes and kayaks totaled 343,600 nearly eclipsing the number sold the previous year. Currently, there are no mandatory state boater education requirements for paddlers despite the fact this user group continues to experience significant growth.
The American Canoe Association has long offered premiere hands-on education for new paddlers. With the explosive growth of this sport however, classroom education now becomes a necessary and essential alternative. The new partnership with the Coast Guard Auxiliary will help ensure that as many novice paddlers as possible have the opportunity to develop an understanding of safe paddling best practices and risk assessment while on the water.
Auxiliary members attending the Ninth District Symposium are encouraged to attend this presentation. Mr. Oyen will be speaking on Friday, April 1, 2011. For additional details on this presentation consult the [[http://www.districtnine.org/training.php|Symposium training schedule]].
====== Alabama ======
{{wiki:us-al.gif ?120|State flag}}



{{ wiki:Navigator-2010_Spring.jpg?200|[http://bdept.cgaux.org/pdf/NavigatorSummit2010.pdf The Summit: Auxiliary and Alabama Marine Police meet to save lives}}]


In the near future, Auxiliarists will be trained to perform MSD inspections. This project represents increased cooperation between the Auxiliary and the Alabama Marine Patrol. This means additional public exposure for the Auxiliary and a source of income for the flotillas performing the inspections. This RBS partnership is growing and an Alabama Marine Summit is being planned for 2011 based on the success of the 2010 Summit.


{{wiki:Map of Alabama terrain NA.jpg|**Alabama** terrain map: shows lakes, rivers, roads}}

* [[http://www.uscg.mil/d8/|U.S. Coast Guard District]]

* [[http://homeport.uscg.mil/mobile|U.S. Coast Guard Sector]]

* [[http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/LNM/d8gm/default.htm|Local Notice to Mariners]]

* [[http://www.d8cr.org/index.html|U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District]]

* [[http://uscgaux8er.info/|U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District]]

* [[http://www.dcnr.state.al.us/boating/|State Boating Agency]]

* [[http://www.dcnr.state.al.us/boating/education.cfm|State Boating Course]]

* [[http://www.nasbla.net/referenceguide/index.php?queryID=AL|State Boating Laws]] from [[http://nasbla.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1|NASBLA]]

* [[http://www.boatus.com/courseline/states.asp|State Education Requirements]] from [[http://www.boatus.com/foundation/|BoatUS Foundation]]

* [[http://www.boatus.com/courseline/courseline.asp|Boating Courseline]] from [[http://www.boatus.com/foundation/|BoatUS Foundation]]

* [[http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/marine_map.htm|Marine forecasts]] from the [[http://www.weather.gov/marine|National Weather Service]]

* [[http://demo.geogarage.com/noaa/|Online navigation charts]] from [[http://www.noaa.gov/|NOAA]] and [[http://www.google.com|Google]]

* [[http://www.seascout.org/ships/state.php3?statein=al|Sea Scout Ships (units)]] from [[http://www.seascout.org|Sea Scouts BSA]]
====== Alaska ======
{{wiki:us-ak.gif ?120|State flag}}



{{ wiki:wear-it-ak.gif?250|Wear It Alaska!}}

=====Alaska Challenges=====

SLO-Alaska Catherine Sterling reports (June 2009) that due to flooding and damage to the villages along the Yukon River, and in respect to the needs of locals to address living area recovery, the 2009 RBS outreach was postponed. It is expected the RBS outreach will occur during the summer of 2010. A road system RBS outreach with Coastie was conducted in early May with children of the villages of Dot Lake, Tanacross and Tok. The event was a success with an invitation to return next year with a Potlatch planned in honor of the Coastie operators and their boating safety message. In conjunction with National Safe Boating Week, Governor Palin issued an Executive Proclamation designating May 16-22, 2009 as Safe Boating Week. The proclamation recognized the importance of wearing life jackets. An MOU is currently being reviewed by DIRAUX. District 13/17 met in Astoria Oregon for an RBS Workshop. Many Boating Safety items were addressed. The workshops provide valuable insight to the boating safety issues in each location, how those issues are addressed, and a sharing of information. While some issues are location specific, a number of the issues are district-wide, and the attendees are able to use the information and adapt it locally.


{{wiki:National-atlas-alaska.png ?300|Map of Alaska}}

* [[http://www.uscg.mil/d17/|U.S. Coast Guard District]]

* [[http://homeport.uscg.mil/anchorage|U.S. Coast Guard Sector]]

* [[http://homeport.uscg.mil/juneau|U.S. Coast Guard Sector]]

* [[http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/LNM/d17/default.htm|Local Notice to Mariners]]

* [[http://a170.uscgaux.info/|U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District]]

* [[http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/boating/index.htm|State Boating Agency]]

* [[http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/boating/waterws1.htm|State Boating Course]]

* [[http://www.nasbla.net/referenceguide/index.php?queryID=AK|State Boating Laws]] from [[http://nasbla.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1|NASBLA]]

* [[http://www.boatus.com/courseline/states.asp|State Education Requirements]] from [[http://www.boatus.com/foundation/|BoatUS Foundation]]

* [[http://www.boatus.com/courseline/courseline.asp|Boating Courseline]] from [[http://www.boatus.com/foundation/|BoatUS Foundation]]

* [[http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/marine_map.htm|Marine forecasts]] from the [[http://www.weather.gov/marine|National Weather Service]]

* [[http://demo.geogarage.com/noaa/|Online navigation charts]] from [[http://www.noaa.gov/|NOAA]] and [[http://www.google.com|Google]]

* [[http://www.seascout.org/ships/state.php3?statein=ak|Sea Scout Ships (units)]] from [[http://www.seascout.org|Sea Scouts BSA]]
====== American_Samoa ======
{{wiki:us-as.gif ?120|Territorial flag}}




{{wiki:US -American Samoa.png ?260|Map of American Samoa}}

* [[http://www.uscg.mil/d14/|U.S. Coast Guard District]]

* [[http://www.uscg.mil/d14/sectGuam/|U.S. Coast Guard Sector]]

* [[http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/LNM/d14/default.htm|Local Notice to Mariners]]

* [[http://a140.uscgaux.info/|U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District]]

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