Help to Manage Rebound Symptoms

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Help to Manage Rebound Symptoms

Your healthcare professional will advise on ways to help with heartburn and indigestion that can happen when you try to stop a PPI. They may prescribe or recommend a different type of medicine called an alginate.

Alginate barrier
Alginates work by forming a physical barrier at the top of the stomach that can stop the acid getting back out into the oesophagus where it causes pain.

Will I need to take a PPI in the future?

Heartburn and indigestion are quite common and can come and go over time. You might find a few changes to your lifestyle or the way you eat and drink will help keep your symptoms under control. If not, your pharmacist can advise on remedies you can buy to help. If your symptoms become common or troublesome again you should speak to your doctor who may think it necessary to prescribe a PPI again.

Always go straight to your doctor if you experience any of the following:

Ways to try and avoid heartburn and Indigestion
Lots of people get heartburn and indigestion from time and time. Getting to know when you get heartburn and indigestion can allow you to spot the triggers.
If you’re not sure what sets off your heartburn try keeping a food and symptom diary and see if you can spot any patterns. Sometimes it’s not a particular food but a time of day or type of exercise.

  • Eat your meals at regular times and try not to eat too quickly. Better to eat smaller meals more often, so you don’t overfill your stomach.

  • Try not to eat too close to bedtime if you tend to suffer at night. Leaving 3 hours between eating and going to bed can help.

  • If you’re a night time sufferer, lift the head of the bed. A good idea is to put bricks or books under the bed

  • Try not to drink too many fizzy drinks, even if it’s sparkling water. The gas can cause pressure in your stomach.

  • If you drink alcohol it helps to cut down but it can be the type of drink that’s a problem as well, for example white wine is a more common trigger than red wine.

  • If you smoke try to cut down or stop.

  • Avoid foods you associate with symptoms. Many people know their triggers- tomatoes are a common one.

Patient Information Leaflet
Advice for Patients taking Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs)
A medicine used for

Heartburn and Indigestion

(also called reflux)

or to help prevent problems when taking other medications that may irritate the stomach.

Production of this leaflet has been supported with funding from Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare UK Ltd.

What are Proton Pump Inhibitors?

Proton pump inhibitors, often called PPIs are a type of medicine, usually prescribed by your doctor.

There are a number of PPIs, with different names, you may be taking:

  • Omeprazole

  • Rabeprazole

  • Lansoprazole

  • Esomeprazole

  • Pantoprazole

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