Headhunting across borders…

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Headhunting across borders….

Many companies are international founded with subsidiaries in many countries adhering to local legislation and culture. Doing business across borders and handling the human capital effectively can be difficult. Headhunting across borders means that the recruitment assignment is sold in one country and is to be delivered in another country. The most frequent questions and concerns received from clients are:

  1. How do you secure and agile process and high quality across borders?

We have together with our clients developed a stringent 5-step process adding maximum value to clients. All our consultants in all countries undergo the same training and adhere to the same management and strategy. All personal have access to the same internal databases and uses the aligned documents and templates approved for these processes. A thorough briefing between the 2 consultants are very important. We deliver a weekly status report to all clients and both consultants in each country follow the process to the end. However, the producing consultant have the responsibility of the delivery and the selling consultant have the client responsibility. With more than 50% of our business crossing borders, our consultants are used to be in both roles and take the responsibility that follows. With half of our turnover being sold in one country and delivered in another, you could say our consultants are very dependant on each other. This creates a strong bond and a firm cooperation.

  1. How is business insight, culture and values taken into consideration?

We make a thorough job and company profiling with each assignment. Here we interview several persons in the organization, visit the company and ask all the why’s! A job profiling is like a dize with 6 sides. HR, the hiring manager, colleagues etc. are not necessarily seeing the same. This information is written into a comprehensive job profile and challenged by the producing consultant. It is essential that the little things and tacit knowledge is passed on. The 2 consultants have continuous contact throughout the entire process. The briefing from one consultant to another is both in writing and through an informal interview questioning the details and glue between the layers. Having many cross border assignments we have developed tools and language skills that makes us able to deliver even small details. All our consultants have international careers with a solid understanding for different cultures and businesses.

  1. Is a cross-border headhunting more expensive?

It should be, since very few companies are able to do it. We do not charge more when involving colleagues and other countries in our company. We see it as one of our USP’s and are proud to be able to help our clients in many countries. Minimum 2 consultants are involved + possible back-up personal making cross border assignments rather demanding on resources. Many of our assessment tools are online and in 50 languages making the world smaller to connect. We have the same fee structure in all countries and a proven effective method of allocated costs and resources. Our price do not differentiate due to geography or location in the country.

  1. Do a cross-border process take longer time?

No it does not. Our stringent 5-step process are merely divided between 2 consultants, who exactly know their delivery plan and expectations of the total process. More important they have great experience in doing so, and it is common participating in part processes and the fact that we can depend on our colleagues. A recruitment process is like running a project with many stakeholders and few allocated resources, which is why we constantly train for jobs like this.

  1. What information and follow up can be expected at both locations?

We have a follow up meeting after 3 and 12 months and this is done with the initiating party (client) and the new person in the organization. Therefore this could be in 2 locations and done by 2 different consultants. We use all modern tools for communication and telco between several countries involving candidates and clients can also be used for time efficiency. Our online weekly reporting covers and informs all parties during the process and we also conduct a de-briefing internally after each closed process to pass-on key findings and tacit knowledge. We provide a guarantee in our headhunting, therefore an effective communication and follow-up is also in our best interest.

For more information please contact Mikkel F. Birn, +4522881661, mfb@birn-partners.com

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