Head of the Department, Professor Mihail gavriliuc, subgect s for practical lectures in Neurology for students of IV year

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Head of the Department,

Professor Mihail GAVRILIUC,


for practical lectures in Neurology for students of IV year

Faculty of Medicine №2, academic year 2013-2014

  1. Sensitivity and pain. The anatomical and physiological peculiarities of sensation pathways. Forms and types of sensation disturbances. Examination methods of sensitivity. Pain - essential phenomenon of the human condition. Definition of pain. Pathogenesis of acute and chronic pain. Chronic pain - a disease of the nervous system. Brain changes in chronic pain. Therapeutic approaches.

  1. Pyramidal system. The anatomical and physiological peculiarities of pyramidal tract. The central and peripheral paresis and paralysis. Neurologic examination of pyramidal system. Motor neuron disease.

  1. Extrapyramidal system and cerebellum. The anatomical and physiological peculiarities of extrapyramidal system. Hypotonic-hyperkinetic and hypertonic-hypokinetic syndromes. Types of hyperkinezis. Signs of lesions and methods of examination of the extrapyramidal system and cerebellum. Sydenham's chorea. Etiology, clinical manifestations and treatment. Huntington's chorea.

  1. Brainstem and cranial nerves. The anatomical and physiological peculiarities of brainstem and cranial nerves. Signs of affection of cranial nerves. Bulbar and pseudobulbar syndromes. Alternate syndromes of the brainstem. Methods of examination of cranial nerves. Vertigo: general concepts. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

  1. Autonomic nervous system. The anatomical and physiological peculiarities of suprasegmental and segmental autonomic system. Signs of impairment of autonomic nervous system, methods of examination. Syncopes. Headache: classification, diagnostic criteria of primary headaches. Treatment.

  1. Introduction to clinical neuropsychology. Classical and modern clinical phenomenology. Alzheimer's dementia and vascular dementia. Diagnosis of dementia.

Colloquium on semiology of the nervous system.

Examination and medical history of neurological patient.

  1. Neurological emergencies. Neurologic examination on patients with an altered level of consciousness. Differential diagnosis: coma, vegetative state, akinetic mutism, locked-in syndrome. Brain death. Cerebrovascular disease. Classification, risk factors and prevention.

  1. Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: clinical manifestations, diagnosis. Importance of complementary diagnostic methods in the diagnosis of stroke: CT, MRI, angio-CT, angio-MRI, conventional angiography, carotid ultrasonography. The treatment in acute and recuperation period.

  1. Neuroinfections: meningitis and encephalitis (classification, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment). CSF examination. Cerebral abscess and empyema. Neuroborreliosis.

  1. Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases of the nervous system. Neurosyphilis. Disturbances of the nervous system in AIDS. Neurological manifestations of somatic diseases.

  1. Intracranial hypertension syndrome. Tumor diseases of the nervous system. Traumatic injuries of the head: concussion, contusion, brain compression. Paraneoplastic syndromes. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Diagnosis criteria and treatment.

  1. Epilepsy and seizure syndromes: clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment principles. Perinatal pathology of the nervous system. Cerebral palsy.

  1. Peripheral nervous system diseases: neuralgia, neuritis, polyneuritis, plexitis, ganglionitis, radiculitis. Etiology, clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Spinal cord disorders: myelitis, poliomyelitis and post polio syndrome, spinal cord infarct, chronic vascular myelopathy. Medullary tumors. Spinal cord injuries: concussion, contusion, spinal cord compression.

  1. Hereditary diseases in clinical neurology: myasthenia, progressive muscular dystrophies, myotonia. Hereditary ataxia. Neural amyotrophy. Wilson disease. Strumpell familial spastic paraplegia.

Totalizing practical lesson. Practical skills exam (coefficient 0,2).
Chief of Academics

Associate professor Marina SANGHELI

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