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MonuSkin professional skin care products contain only the purest plant extracts and essential oils.
EXPRESS FACIALS (Mini) 40 mins

Express facials involve cleansing, toning, exfoliation and the use of a mask and moisturiser. This treatment is an ideal way to give your skin a boost and is a great treatment to have prior to a make-up application for a special occasion.
Monu Express Facial is a good introduction to Monu skin care products and leaves your skin soft and radiant.
Vitru Express Treatment using the Vitru range of male skin care products to cleanse and protect the skin. The Vitru range contains multi minerals and plant extracts to revitalise the skin.
Renu Anti-Ageing Express Facial is a good introduction to the Renu skin care range and leaves your skin rejuvenated and hydrated.

A Classic facial involves deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage and the use of a mask and moisturiser. This procedure helps to decongest pores, remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing and refreshed.
Monu Classic Aromatic Facial

Your skin is deep cleansed and massaged with products containing aromatic essential oils.

Monu Classic Prescription Facial

A personalised treatment, individually prepared from a selection of plant extracts which are specially blended to make a unique massage cream and mask.

Monu Classic Active Collagen-bio Facial

A specialised mask of freeze-dried collagen is the ultimate hydrating facial treatment for face, neck and eyes! Designed to reduce the signs of ageing and to improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture and plump up lines and wrinkles.

Renu Classic Anti-Ageing Treatment Facial

The Renu Lift is 90 minutes of luxurious pampering. Whilst cocooned in warm towels, the specialised formulations and masks combined with an exclusive facial massage, gives your skin a reviving lift.

Vitru Classic Male Skin Care Treatment

Uses the Vitru range of male skin care products to cleanse and protect the skin. The Vitru range contains multi minerals and plant extracts to gently cleanse, protect and revitalise the skin

FACELIFT Facial - using Micro Current

This advanced electro-therapy treatment uses micro electrical current to gently and safely stimulate, lift and tone the muscles whilst rejuvenating the skin. Based on a tried and tested procedure widely used in the medical world, the treatment is completely safe and non-invasive. The procedure is very gentle and there is no uncomfortable pressure; just the soft touch of cotton-tipped probes. The micro current re-educates muscles and softens lines and wrinkles

Benefits: lifts and tones face and neck muscles, softens lines and wrinkles, improves circulation, tightens pores and improves tone and firmness of skin
For Maximum Results a course of 10 treatments taken over 4 weeks is recommended. Thereafter 1 treatment per month should be taken for best effect.

This specialist electro-therapy Galvaderm Facial gently combines nature and science and is used with the Monu Galvaderm range of skin care products. This deep cleansing facial purifies the skin, introduces balancing and moisturising preparations deep within the skin and assists cell renewal.

Monu Galvaderm Eye Treatment

Gently smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness and dark circles

Monu Galvaderm Neck Treatment

Firms and re-hydrates the neck area delaying the ageing process

Monu Galvaderm Back Treatment

A purifying and deep cleansing treatment which helps correct oily conditions and acne

Monu SUPER Galvaderm Treatment combines the specialist Galvaderm Eye with the Galvaderm Facial to help reduce fine lines, rejuvenate and improve elasticity of the skin to give a vibrant youthful appearance.
Monu Galvaderm Collagen Treatment

This facial is for mature skin and incorporates active collagen with the deep penetrating action of the Galvaderm Facial to dramatically improve hydration and elasticity whilst softening fine lines.

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