H4a morning News Clips – Tuesday March 15, 2016

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H4A Morning News Clips – Tuesday March 15, 2016

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Fun Fact: Today there are elections in FL, MO, IL, NC, and OH! March 15th is also known as the Ides of March, marking the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C.

Thanks to the Research team for their help!


New York Times: Javier C. Hernandez: Labor Protests Multiply in China as Economy Slows, Worrying Leaders: 1

New York Times: Neil MacFarquhar and Anne Barnard: Putin Orders Start of Syria Withdrawal, Saying Goals Are Achieved: 1

New York Times (Editorial): The Editorial Board: The Trump Campaign Gives License to Violence: 1

Washington Post: Lynh Bui, Peter Hermann and Justin Jouvenal: Brothers filmed attack on police station that left officer dead, authorities say: 1

Washington Post: Missy Ryan and Greg Jaffe: Senior U.S. general wants to start striking the Taliban again: 2

Washington Post: Michael Birnbaum and Hugh Naylor: Putin announces Russia will pull most of its military from Syria: 2

Washington Post (Editorial): The Editorial Board: Europe’s last-ditch humanitarian effort: 2

Wall Street Journal: Nathan Hodge: Russian Warplanes Redeployed From Syria: 2

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): The Editorial Board: Return to GOP Dysfunction?: 2


New York Times: Amy Chozick and Alan Rappeport: 2 Front-Runners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Find Their Words Can Be Weapons: 3

New York Times: Yamiche Alcindor: High Hopes for Hillary Clinton, Then Disappointment in Haiti: 3

Washington Post: John Wagner and Jose DelReal: With more voting Tuesday, Sanders closes in — but Clinton retains the advantage: 3

Washington Post (Post Politics): Abby Phillip: Caught on a hot mic, Clinton speculates about Chris Christie’s support for Trump: 3

Washington Post (Post Politics): Abby Phillip: Clinton says Trump rallies remind African Americans of ‘mob violence that led to lynching: 3

Washington Post (The Fix): Philip Bump: Why Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead over Bernie Sanders is bigger than it looks: 4

Washington Post (The Fix): Amber Phillips: Hillary Clinton’s struggles with the death penalty date back to her Senate days: 4

Washington Post (opinion, The Plum Line): Paul Waldman: Clinton and Sanders are fighting about the 1990s. Here’s what’s missing from their argument.: 4

Washington Post (opinion, Right Turn): Jennifer Rubin: All the problems Donald Trump would solve for Hillary Clinton: 4

Wall Street Journal: Laura Meckler and Colleen McCain Nelson: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Crisscross Tuesday’s Big States: 4

Wall Street Journal: Colleen McCain Nelson: Democrats Play It Safe With Primary Predictions: 4

Wall Street Journal: Byron Tau: In Illinois, Clinton and Sanders Vie for Obama Legacy: 5

Wall Street Journal: Gerald Seib: Campaign 2016 Shatters the Reagan and Clinton Coalitions: 5

Wall Street Journal (Washington Wire): Peter Nicholas and John Carreyrou: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes to Host Clinton Fundraiser: 5

Wall Street Journal (Washington Wire): Mark Peters: In Chicago, Hillary Clinton’s Ties to Rahm Emanuel Are Targeted: 5

Wall Street Journal (Washington Wire): Peter Nicholas and Colleen McCain Nelson: At Town Hall, Hillary Clinton Hints at Strategy in Contest Against Donald Trump: 5

Wall Street Journal (opinion): William McGurn: Hillary’s Soft Despotism: 6

Associated Press: Hope Yen: A look at the delegate math for Clinton, Sanders on Tuesday: 6

Associated Press: Nancy Benac: Viewer Guide: Kasich, Rubio seek survival, Clinton momentum: 6

Associated Press: Lisa Lerer and Ken Thomas: Sanders seeks Midwest wins to turn tide against Clinton: 6

Associated Press: Adam Beam and Jonathan Mattise: FACING BACKLASH, CLINTON SAYS COAL STILL HAS A FUTURE: 6

Associated Press: Matthew Daly: House Benghazi probe: Report by summer, factor for Clinton: 7

People Magazine: Tierney McAfee: PHOTO: George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Share a Giggly Embrace at Nancy Reagan's Funeral; Twitter Has Opinions: 7

Politico: Adam Behsudi: Clinton Steps Up Anti-TPP Rhetoric: 7

Bloomberg: Andre Tarter and Ben Brody: Super Tuesday, Roud Three: Predictions Point to Another Trump-Clinton Blowout: 7

Reuters: Amanda Becker: Clinton will call for stricter 'rules of origin' at Ohio campaign stop: 7

LA Times: Abby Phillip: Clinton, Caught on Hot Mic, Wonders About Christie’s Support for Trump: ‘Did He Have a Debt?’: 7

LA Times: Bill Ruthart and Hal Dardick: Clinton, Cruz Make Final Pitches to Illinois Voters: 8

LA Times: Michael Hiltzik: Hillary Clinton Had Trouble Explaining Obamacare to a Layperson. Here’s Why: 8

CNN: Eric Bradner: Poll: Kasich, Clinton Up in Ohio: 8

CNN: Gregory King: Exonerated Former Death Row Inmate Challenges Clinton on Campital Punishment: 8

CNN: Lawrence C. Levy: Hey Hillary and Bernie: What About the Suburbs?: 8

MSNBC: Alex Seitz-Wald: Hillary Clinton: Trump Harks Back to Lynchmobs: 8

MSNBC: Steve Benen: New Polls Point to Close Contests Between Clinton, Sanders: 9

Fox News: Ed Henry: Clinton Commits Benghazi Gaffe, Saying US ‘Didn’t Lose a Single Person’ in Libya: 9

ABC News: Benjamin Siegel: Sen. Elizabeth Warren: No ‘Timeline’ on Presidential Endorsement: 9

CBS New: Stephanie Condon: Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders is ‘Reflexively Against’ Any Trade Deals: 9

NBC News: Carrie Danni and Andrew Rafferty: The Lid: Focus on GOP Race Distracts from Clinton Missteps: 9

Buzzfeed: Ruby Cramer: Hillary On Hot Mic: Ed Sullivan, Downton Abbey, And Media Treating Trump Like “Candy By The Bushel”: 9

Buzzfeed: Ruby Cramer: Amid “Crisis In Chicago,” Clinton Visits Memorial For Fallen Children: 10

Buzzfeed: Adrian Carrasquillo: Clinton Campaign Encouraged By Early Voting In Major Florida Latino Counties:  10

USA Today: Heidi Przybyla: Super Tuesday sequel could set stage for long Clinton-Sanders duel: 10

USA Today: Susan Page and Jenny Ung: Poll shows that millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump: 10

TIME: Sam Frizell: Why Hillary Clinton’s Win in Northern Marianas Matters: 10

TIME: Alcee L. Hastings: Rep. Hastings: Hillary Clinton Is the Only Sensible Choice for Florida: 11

Huffington Post: Jeffrey Young and Jonathan Cohn: Clinton And Sanders Are Both Right About The History Of Health Reform: 11

Huffington Post: Samantha Lachman: People Hate Rahm Emanuel So Much It Might Cost Hillary Clinton Illinois: 11

Huffington Post: Kim Bellware: What Hillary Clinton Is Missing About the Federal Death Penalty: 11

Huffington Post: Amanda Terkel: Bill Clinton Gets Emotional Talking About Drug Addiction: 11

Vox: German Lopez: A man wrongly sentenced to death challenged Clinton on her support for the death penalty: 11

Daily Beast: Gideon Resnick: Bernie Hopes Rahm’s Record Will Haunt Hillary At Home: 12

The Hill: Mark Hensch: Clinton: 'Nothing is more powerful than the gun lobby’: 12

The Hill: Mark Hensch: Clinton: Trump recalls past ‘mob violence’: 12

The Hill: Jesse Byrnes: Sanders gains on Clinton ahead of huge Tuesday contests: 12

The Hill: Julian Hattem: Republicans pressure IT official for information about Clinton server: 12

The Hill: Ben Kamisar: Clinton at immigration event: 'Love trumps hate': 12

NPR (Morning Edition): Scott Detrow: Clinton, Sanders Campaigns Expect Tuesday's Race In Ohio To Be Close: 13

The Guardian: Jamiles Lartey: Clinton meets with Nabisco factory workers facing imminent job cuts: 13


New York Times (Opinion): Emma Roller: Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30, Except Bernie Sanders: 13

New York Times: Yamiche Alcindor: Bernie Sanders Rallies in Four States to Spur Voter Turnout: 13

New York Times: Jennifer Steinhauer: Via Legislative Side Doors, Bernie Sanders Won Modest Victories: 13

Washington Post: Michelle Boorstein: Bernie Sanders ‘gotta meet Jesus,’ says pastor who speaks at Donald Trump’s rallies: 14

Washington Post: John Wagner: Sanders, keeping a frantic pace, looks to Midwest to claim some momentum: 14

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Steven Pearlstein: What Bernie Sanders would do to America: 14

Wall Street Journal (Washington Wire blog): Stephanie Armour: Bernie Sanders to Unveil HIV/AIDS Research Initiative: 14

Associated Press: The Latests: Sanders Asks Supporters to Back His Revolution: 14

Politico: Edward Isaac Dovere, Gabriel Debenedetti and Annie Karni: Bernie’s big chance to rattle the race: 15

Politico: Brianna Ehley: Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for ‘media coverage’: 15

Politico: Brianna Ehley: Sanders wrongly assumes town hall questioner is Muslim: 15

CNN: Gregory Krieg: Pro-Trump pastor: Bernie Sanders 'gotta get saved': 15

MSNBC: Alex Seitz-Wald: Sanders supporters divided on Trump protests: 15

MSNBC: Leigh Ann Caldwell and Andrew Rafferty: Sanders: Trump enticing supporters to be violent: 16

NBC News: Alastair Jamieson and Danny Freeman: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tours 'Tent City' With Bernie Sanders' Wife: 16

Huffington Post: David Jamieson: Another Major Union Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders: 16

Huffington Post: Tom Hayden: Sanders' Michigan Win Affirms Fair Trade Movement: 16

Huffington Post: Marina Fang: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gives Jane Sanders A Tour Of His Infamous 'Tent City': 16

Huffington Post: Ed Mazza: Trump Pastor Mark Burns Wants Bernie Sanders To 'Come To Jesus': 17

Vox: Michelle Hackman: The latest poll numbers suggest Sanders could pull off more Michigan-style wins: 17

Vox: Alvin Chang: Democrats and Republicans both loved this Bernie Sanders ad: 17

Vox: Matthew Yglesias: There's a big problem with Bernie Sanders'sfree college plan: 17

The Hill (Ballot Box blog): Lisa Hagen: Sanders ran as a Democrat for more media coverage: 17

The Hill: Peter Sullivan: Sanders releases plan to lower AIDS drug prices: 18

The Hill: Tim Devaney: Transit union backs Sanders: 18

GOP 18


New York Times: Mark Leibovich: The End of Marco-mentum: 18

Washington Post (Opinion): Stephen Stromberg: Marco Rubio’s hypocritical final pitch: 18

Washington Post (Opinion): Alexandra Petri: Marco Rubio is maybe the third most exciting thing happening at The Villages: 18

Washington Post: Sean Sullivan: Rubio tells modest hometown crowd at final Florida rally: ‘I’ll always be a son of this community’: 19

Washington Post: Sean Sullivan: Rubio says Trump’s ‘vulgarity’ like nothing in American political history: 19


Associated Press: Julie Pace and Thomas Beaumont: RUBIO, KASICH FIGHTING TO KEEP WHITE HOUSE HOPES ALIVE: 19

Politico: Marc Caputo: Rubio would need a ‘miracle’ to win Florida: 19

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Rubio: My campaign would be over if my manager grabbed a reporter: 19

Bloomberg: Lynnley Browning: Rubio's Partial 2012 Tax Return Left Question: When Did He Pay?: 20

CNN: Tal Kopan: Marco Rubio's final Florida push: 20

CNN: Manu Raju and George Wallace: Rubio TV ads gone after Florida: 20

ABC News: Ines De La Cuetara: Marco Rubio Adamant He Can Win Florida: 20


New York Times: Matt Flegenheimer: Ted Cruz Courts an Old Adversary: The G.O.P. Establishment 20

Washington Post: Katie Zezima: If Trump is the Republican nominee, what would it take for Cruz not to support him?: 21

Washington Post: Katie Zezima: Ted Cruz finds new allies in GOP establishment he rails against: 21

Washington Post: Katie Zezima: Cruz to a heckler: ‘I’m not asking anyone to punch you in the face’: 21

Wall Street Journal: Sibohan Hughes: Cruz Plays Ground Game in Missouri: 21

Politico: Shane Goldmacher: Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump: 21

Politico: Katie Glueck: Cruz: Trump manager's grab of reporter a 'fireable offense': 22

Politico: Katie Glueck: Cruz campaign doubles down in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and North Carolina: 22

Bloomberg: Steven T. Dennis: The Many, Many Reasons Republican Senators Can't Stand Ted Cruz: 22

ABC News: Nicki Rossoll: Ted Cruz Says It’s a 'Disaster' for Republicans if Trump Becomes Nominee: 22


New York Times: Nick Corassaniti: Donald Trump’s Misogynism, Out of the Mouths of Ordinary Women: 22

New York Times: Jason Horowitz: A King in His Castle: How Donald Trump Lives, From His Longtime Butler: 23

New York Times (editorial): Editorial Board: The Trump Campaign Gives License to Violence: 23

New York Times: Anand Giridharadas: Donald Trump Breaks With Tradition, and It’s Paying Off: 23

New York Times (First Draft blog): Patrick Healy and Maggie Haberman: Donald Trump Jabs Foe (John Kasich) and Friend (Chris Christie) Alike: 23

New York Times (First Draft blog): Maggie Haberman: Sarah Palin Cancels Event for Donald Trump After Todd Palin’s Accident: 23

Washington Post: Abby Phillip: Caught on a hot mic, Clinton speculates about Chris Christie’s support for Trump: 23

Washington Post: David A. Fahrenthold and Sarah Larimer: N.C. sheriff’s office won’t file ‘inciting a riot’ charge against Trump: 24

Washington Post: Trump: Jose A. DelReal and Juliet Eilperin: There has been ‘no violence’ at campaign rallies: 24

Washington Post: David Weigel: Trump finishes his Ohio campaign with a Christie-assisted assault on Kasich: 24

Washington Post (Fact Checker): Michelle Ye Hee Lee: Donald Trump’s false claim that John Kasich ‘helped’ Lehman Brothers ‘destroy the world economy’: 24

Washington Post: Steve Hendrix: Donald Trump fuels contested convention fantasies for C-SPAN nerds and political junkies: 24

Washington Post (The Fix): Niraj Chokshi: ‘Bimbo, dog, fat pig': New ads portray Trump as a woman-hating lover of violence: 24

Washington Post (Morning Mix): Justin Wm. Moyer: Pete Rose’s lawyer: ‘We do not know how Mr. Trump got the ball’: 24

Washington Post (Morning Mix): Justin Wm. Moyer: Trump boasts of newest supporter: Ohio hero Pete Rose: 25

Washington Post: Erin Scala: Trump wines are actually pretty good. But I can’t put them on restaurant menus.: 25

Wall Street Journal: Beth Reinhard, Patrick O’Connor, and Reid J. Epstein: Donald Trump Aims for a Knockout in Tuesday Primaries: 25

Wall Street Journal: Melissa Korn: Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi Endorses Donald Trump: 25

Wall Street Journal: Valerie Baerlein: Sheriff Examines if Trump Campaign Played Role in Rally Violence: 25

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Trump and the Protesters: 25

Wall Street Journal: Jeff Horwitt: Donald Trump Poll Numbers That Could Be Trouble for the GOP in November: 26

Wall Street Journal: Arian Campo-Flores: Florida’s Early Voting Points to Donald Trump Strength: 26

Wall Street Journal: Heather Haddon: Donald Trump Says Evangelicals Don’t Like ‘Liars’: 26

Wall Street Journal: Beth Reinhard: Sarah Palin Cancels Trump Event After Husband Todd Is Injured: 26

Wall Street Journal (Law Blog): Jacob Gershman: You’re Sued: Donald Trump’s Long History of Litigation: 26

Associated Press: North Carolina officials decide against charging Trump: 26

Associated Press: Jerry Schwartz: Disorder at Trump rallies: As American as cherry pie?: 26

Associated Press: Paul Wiseman: Many experts skeptical Trump's trade threats will work: 27

Associated Press: David Bauder: Breitbart reporter involved in Donald Trump incident resigns: 27

Associated Press: Julie Pace: Trump's support softens - just not enough for his rivals: 27

Politico: Kenneth P. Vogel, Ben Schreckinger, and Hadas Gold: Trump campaign manager's behavior prompted staff concerns: 27

Politico: Steven Shepard: Insiders: Trump will sweep all but Ohio: 27

Politico: Hadas Gold: Breitbart suffers exodus after choosing Trump over reporter: 27

Politico: Katie Glueck: Cruz: Trump manager's grab of reporter a 'fireable offense': 27

Politico: Hanna Trudo: Ben Carson: Even if Trump's a bad president, it'll only be 4 years: 28

Politico: Kyle Cheney: Trump’s strange Monday: 28

Politico: Brianna Ehley: Trump mocks Christie at rally: 28

Politico: Burgess Everett: Hill Republicans don't blame Trump for violence: 28

Politico: Seung Min Kim: Trump hits turbulence with immigration hardliners: 28

Politico: Brianna Ehley: National Press Club raises alarm about Trump: 28

Politico: Brianna Ehley: White House knocks GOP leaders for not standing up to Trump: 28

Politico: Hadas Gold: Two more staffers resign from Breitbart: 28

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Anti-Trump ad shows women using Trump's words against him: 29

Politico: Daniel Strauss: Pro-Trump pastor: Bernie's 'gotta have a come to Jesus meeting': 29

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Trump defends rallies: 'There is no violence': 29

Politico: Jake Sherman: Ryan condemns violence at Trump rallies: 29

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Monmouth poll: Trump surging, Rubio sinking in Florida: 29

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Carson warns of 'real possibility of escalation' at Trump rallies: 29

Politico: Nolan D. McCaskill: Poll: Trump ties Kasich in Ohio, doubles Rubio in Florida: 30

Politico: Hadas Gold: Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro resign from Breitbart: 30

Bloomberg: John McCormick: Trump Victories in Key States Could Vanquish Kasich, Rubio: 30

Bloomberg: Bill Allison: Trump's Fundraising for Others Left Deep Roots: 30

Bloomberg View: Jonathan Bernstein: Trump Keeps the Election on His Turf: 30

Bloomberg View: Megan McArdle: Trump and Trump Protesters Feed Off Each Other: 30

Bloomberg View: Margaret Carlson: Trump Gives Peace a Chance: 30

Bloomberg View: Noah Feldman: Supreme Court's Precedent Backs Donald Trump: 30

Bloomberg: Andre Tartar and Ben Brody: Super Tuesday, Round Three: Predictions Point to Another Trump-Clinton Blowout: 31

Bloomberg: Christopher Condon: Trump Gets Zero as Fed Employees Bestow More Money on Democrats: 31

LA Times: Cathleen Decker: Fight for blue-collar Ohio shows how Trump and Sanders are alike and different: 31

LA Times: Michael Finnegan and Chris Megerian: Can Trump be stopped? 5 things to watch for in the big primaries Tuesday: 31

LA Times: Colin Campbell: NC sheriff decides against charging Trump with 'inciting a riot': 31

LA Times: Jim Wyss: In Colombia, Trump embraces groups he pummels on stump: 31

LA Times: Trump health plan would increase deficit and leave millions uninsured, report says: 31

LA Times: Mark Z. Barabak: Now it's John Kasich's turn -- Baby! Loser! -- for the Donald Trump treatment: 32

CNN: Cassie Spodak: Pete Rose didn't endorse Donald Trump: 32

CNN (Opinion): SE Cupp: The cause of violence at Trump rallies?: 32

CNN: Theodore Schleifer: Palin on Trump protesters: 'Punk-ass, little thuggery': 32

CNN: Tom LoBianco: Trump: 'There's no violence, nobody's been hurt' at rallies: 32

CNN: Julia Manchester: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio: Trump uses 'racist appeal': 32

CNN: David Wright: Carson warns Trump protesters: 'There could be an escalation': 32

CBS News: Emily Schultheis: Ted Cruz swipes at Donald Trump in response to a protester: 33

CBS News: Sopan Deb: Trump picks up big Florida endorsement: 33

NBC News: Hannah Hartig, John Lapinski and Stephanie Psyllos: Super Tuesday 2: Clinton, Trump Take Big Leads Into Key Contests: 33

NBC News: Ali Vitali: Sheriff Mulled If Trump's Conduct at North Carolina Rally Qualified as 'Inciting to Riot': 33

NBC News: Leigh Ann Caldwell and Andrew Rafferty: Sanders: Trump Enticing Supporters to be Violent: 33

NBC News: Ali Vitali and Tim Stelloh: Pete Rose on Trump: A Signed Baseball Is Not An Endorsement: 33

NBC News: Vaughn Hillyard: Cruz Stands by Pledge Unless Trump Shoots Someone: 33

NBC News: Benjy Sarlin: Here's What Donald Trump's Supporters Think of Rally Violence: 34

NBC News: Marianna Sotomayor: Fact-Checking Trump and Cruz on "Meet the Press": 34

NBC News: Emil Guillermo: Young Asian-American Republicans Troubled by What Trump Is Doing to Their Party: 34

NPR: Ron Elving: A Campaign On The Brink: Donald Trump And The Intersection Of Outrage And Violence: 34

NPR: Bill Chappell: Reporter And Editor Resign From Breitbart Site Over Alleged Assault At Trump Event: 34

NPR: Don Gonyea: Primary Voters Weigh In On Trump Clashes: 34

NPR (Morning Edition): GOP Mystery: Why Do Many Evangelicals Back Donald Trump?: 34

OTHER 2016 NEWS: 34

Washington Post (opinion): Gina McCarthy: Michigan evaded the EPA on Flint. We can’t let that happen elsewhere.: 34


Bloomberg: Steven Dennis: Democratic Puerto Rico Debt Bills Give Preference to Pensions: 35

NPR: David Folkenflik and Naomi Lachance: The BuzzFeed BuzzSaw: Why Campaigns Should Fear These 4 Twentysomethings: 35


Wall Street Journal: Gerald Seib: Campaign 2016 Shatters the Reagan and Clinton Coalitions: 35

Huffington Post: Amanda Terkel: Bill Clinton Gets Emotional Talking About Drug Addiction: 35

Fortune: Sy Mukherjee: Chelsea Clinton Is Holding a Fundraiser With the Embattled Theranos CEO: 36

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