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Guidelines for the AGD Foundation Grant Application
AGD Foundation Mission:

The mission of the AGD Foundation, the philanthropic partner of the Academy of General Dentistry, is to passionately support the efforts of the general dentist toward improving the oral health of the public.

The AGD Foundation Grant Program offers financial support to programs in support of access to quality health care outreach for underserved populations. Grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000.
Grant Application Selection Criteria

The AGD Foundation Board of Directors will consider applications that:

● Support AGD constituent and other outreach initiatives.

● Clearly define the project with a specific timeline and budget.

● Make a connection between oral health and general health.

● Are community based and community driven.

● Contain measurable outcome criteria
Funding Restrictions

Grants are made to charitable organizations that are exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Revenue Code or organizations dedicated to dentistry through either professional or public initiatives. The AGD Foundation Grant Program does not fund the following:

● Operating budgets.

● General operational expenses as distinct from project costs.

● Organization budget shortfalls.

● Individuals or individual research projects.

● Capital campaigns or annual funds.

● Conferences and special events (i.e., fundraising receptions).

● Lobbying and/or political campaigns or endorsements.

● Discretionary or emergency requests.

● Staff salaries or travel expenses.
Responsibility of the Grant Recipient

The grant recipient must use the funds awarded for the specific purpose for which they were intended. Any funds not used must be returned to the AGD Foundation.

The AGD Foundation requires a written detailed accounting of how the grant funds were utilized and the overall results of the funded project, including photos, within 60 days following the end of the funded project. Upon receipt of an acceptable report, the grant recipient will receive the remaining 20% of the grant monies.
The grantee must list the Academy of General Dentistry Foundation as a donor in publicity materials supportive of the grant activity and at a minimum in the annual report of the grantee. The grantee must specifically submit with the application how the AGD Foundation will be given public credit of financial support to the grantee project request.
Separate sheets for narratives must be as follows:

  • Where noted, narratives may be used to expand on answers. Narratives must not exceed one typed page per question.

  • Narratives must be typed on the organization’s letterhead, not handwritten.

  • MS Word or Adobe PDF file, must be in Times New Roman 12 point size with no less than single line spaces and not to be placed in a binder or folder of any kind.

  • Submit 5 copies of the application and all additional materials/narrative.

Please note the following:

  • The AGD Foundation will not provide critiques of the grant applications.

  • Letters of support from general dentist faculty may be included in cases where faculty are involved in the grant request, only if the persons writing are directly involved in the project.

  • Only the material required will be allowed. Additional items such as video will be discarded and not returned.

  • Faxed or e-mailed grant applications will not be accepted.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered or returned for resubmission by the applicant.

Grant application deadline

The grant application must be post-marked and received by the AGD Foundation Grant Committee no later than October 31. Final grant decisions will be announced and monies will be disbursed in the first quarter of the year.

Grant applications must be mailed to:

Academy of General Dentistry Foundation

Attention: Grants Committee

211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 900

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: (312) 440-4329

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