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Possible framework :
Different attitudes to fashion: to be choosy / particular / interested / not to be interested in fashion / to have excellent / good / not very good taste in dress / to be slovenly in dress; ready-made clothes, to have clothes made to measure, second–hand shops, cheap or expensive clothes; factors influencing the styles of clothing (in the past x at present).

  1. Styles, cuts: tight-fitting / midcalf length / loose dress / maxi - style

  2. Length: mini / mid calf / midi / maxi

  3. Neckline: high or low / oval / V-neck / boat neck / tie neck / polo neck / with collar /

/ collarless

  1. Sleeves: inset / raglan / dropped shoulder / batwing / short- or long-sleeved shirt

  2. Line: classic line / A-line / straight line/ waistline : natural / high / low

  3. Materials: natural materials (cotton, linen, woollen, silk, leather, suéde, rubber, fur) /

  4. / man-made fabrics (nylon, acrylic, polyester, fur fabric, poly cotton, man-made fibres)

  5. Designs: plain / patterned – flowered, geometric, striped, checked, dotted, spotted /

/ colours

  1. What we wear during the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter – clothes, shoes

  2. Special occasions: concert, theatre, cinema, wedding, ball

  3. Special kinds of clothes: uniforms, costumes / national costumes

  4. Accessories: shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarfs, jewellery, glasses.

  5. Men´s wear (suit, jacket, dinner jacket, waistcoat, trousers, jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts, shirt, T-shirt, trunks...), ladies´ wear (dress, blouse, top, (trouser) suit, jumper, coat, skirt, swim suit / bikini,...), underwear (vest, (under)pants / knickers, bra, slip, suspender belt), knitwear (woollies, pullover, cardigan,...), night wear (night dress, night gown / night shirt; dressing gown), sport swear (track suit, shorts, T – shirt,...), casual or leisure wear: mountains (for skiing), swimming, at home, to school, to work, for workshop or cleaning (overall, overalls, apron)

  6. Footwear: leather / suéde / hand-made shoes, court / glat / lace-ups / walking / heavy / / outdoor / running / sports shoes, low / medium / high-heeled shoes, stiletto-heeled shoes, slippers, mules, sandals, trainers, plimsolls, ski shoes, clogs, pumps, ankle /

/ knee-length / high boots, Wellingtons / wellies / rubber boots / rubbers

  1. Fashion: hair style, make-up, accessories, cosmetics

  2. Fashion magazines, fashion show

17 What I have in my wardrobe: what I like to wear (when ?, where ?) atc.

How the fashion changes, what to do with clothes which we do not need. My attitude to fashion; who looks after my wardrobe and buys me new pieces of clothes (me, my mother).

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