Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Scholars International Brain Drain da

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Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011

Mercury Scholars International Brain Drain DA

1NC Brain Drain 1/ 1

1NC Brain Drain 2/ 3

**Uniqueness** 4

Uniqueness – NASA Hiring Declining 5

Uniqueness – NASA Budget Cuts 1/2 6

Uniqueness – NASA Budget Cuts 2/2 8

Uniqueness – Retirement 9

Uniqueness – Retirement 11

Uniqueness – Jobs Low Now 12

**Links** 13

Link – Recruit Overseas 1/2 14

Link – Recruit Overseas 2/2 14

Link – Satellites 15

Link – Commercial Space Development 16

Link – Launch Vehicles and Space Travel 16

Link – Remote Sensing 18

AT: No Link – Domestic Workforce Solves 19

AT: No Link – Domestic Workforce Solves 20

AT: No Link – Security Restrictions – Apply to Domestic Hires 21

AT: No Link – Export Controls 22

AT: Link Turn – Spurs Student enter Aerospace field 22

**Impacts** 23

Israel - AT: Brain Drain Now 24

Israel - Impact Uniqueness 26

Israel - take jobs in the US 27

Israel - AT: Brain Circulation 27

Israel - Scientific Brain Drain Hurts Military 28

Israel - Scientific Brain Drain Hurts Military 30

Israel - Space Program Key to Military 30

Israel – Economy 31

Israel - Economy 33

South Africa 1/2 33

South Africa 2/2 35

South Africa - Brain Drain hurts Economy 36

South Africa - Internal Link – Economy 38

South Africa – African Econ key to US Econ 39

South Africa - Now Key 40

**India Poverty Scenario** 40

**India Conflict Scenario 1/2** 42

**India Conflict Scenario 2/2** 44

India – Uniqueness 46

Uniqueness 48

India – Space key to Military 48

India – economic decline bad 50

India - AT: No Nuclear War 50

India - AT: No Extinction 50

India - AT: Deterrence Solves 50

**Russia Scenario** 51

Russians take jobs in the US 1/2 53

Russians take jobs in the US 2/2 53

Russia – Human Missions key to Industry 54

Russia – Aerospace Key 56

Russia – Space Leadership 57

Russia – Space Leadership 57

Russia - Now Key 59

Russia - AT: Deterrence Solves 60

Russia AT – No US/Russia war 61

Russia - AT: Russia Has No Nukes 61

Russia’s Military Expanding 63

Russia’s Military Expanding 64

**AT Brain Drain Good** 65

AT: Strengthens US Space Industry 65

AT: Brain Circulation 66

AT: Brain Circulation 68

AT: Brain Circulation 70

AT: Brain Circulation – No India 71

***Aff*** 71

Non Unique – Hiring Now 71

No Link – Security Restrictions 73

No Link – Export Controls 74

No Link – No Visas 76

No Link - Domestic Workers Solve 76

Link Turn – Plan Increases Workforce 78

Alt Cause of Brain Drain 78

No Impact – General 80

No Impact - Brain Circulation 82

Brain Circulation Good - Research 83

Brain Circulation Good – Research 85

Brain Circulation Good – Research 87

Brain Circulation Good – Economy 88

Brain Circulation Good – Economy 89

Impact Turn - Economy 90

Impact Turn– Leadership 92

**South Africa Scenario** 94

South Africa - Non -Unique – Brain Drain Now 94

**India Scenario** 95

India - Brain Drain Good – Economy 95

India - Brain Drain Good – Technology 96

India - No Impact – Brain Drain Normal 96

India - No Impact – Economy Resilient 97

India - Impact Non-Unique – Econ Low Now 97

India – AT: Economy 99

**Russia Scenario** 100

Russia - Space Not key to Econ 100

Russia - Space has been cut before 100

Russia - Alt Causes – Econ 101

Russia - Brain Drain Non unique 102

Russia – No Brain Drain 102

**Israel Scenario** 104

Israel - Non Unique – Brain Drain Now 105

Israel - No Impact – Economy Resilient 106

Israel – No Space Brain Drain 107

Israel - Military Power Bad – Nuclear War 107

Non Unique – China 109

Non Unique – UK 111

Non Unique - Greece 112

1NC Brain Drain 1/

A. Uniqueness - Israel reversing scientific brain drain now

Jeffay, The Forward Israel Correspondent, ‘10

(Nathan, September 16 2010, The Jewish Chronicle Online, “Israel fights to stop science brain drain” http://www.thejc.com/news/world-news/38222/israel-fights-stop-science-brain-drain 7/8/11 BLG)

Israel has begun to implement a £250 million plan to win its best and brightest scientists back from abroad and slow its "brain drain". A decade after the state slashed funding for university research, new posts for young academics are few and far between. The result is that most are going abroad to find a "post doctoral" research position - and increasingly they are staying abroad. This has caused alarm across the political spectrum. A year ago, in a well-received speech in the Knesset, President Shimon Peres declared: "We cannot accept the brain drain from this country, and we must and can ensure the return of brains to Israel." Over the past few years, the government has offered various financial benefits and tax breaks to Israelis abroad in order to tempt them home, with some success. But this March, the government decided to focus particularly on its academics by establishing Centres of Research Excellence, four of which are due to open this coming January and up to 26 more within five years. These bodies are meant to boost research in science by giving grants to researchers and universities proposing innovative projects. But the declared aims of the project specifically include reversing the brain drain.
B. Links

1. Shortage of qualified American aerospace engineers means space exploration & development results in hiring foreign nationals

Amateur Rocketry Society Of America 3 “Homeland Security Act Hurts Aerospace/Defense Industry”, March 22, Amateur Rocketry Society

Of America On Line News Letter, http://www.space-rockets.com/arsanews.html) access 7/9/11

American aerospace companies use foreign engineers and technicians due to a shortage of American aerospace engineers and technicians. Since the cutback of NASA's space program and the reduction of defense strategic missile R & D, engineering students have gone into more promising industries such as software and electronics. A recent US Air Force Space Command briefing on the development of a Spaceplane seriously questioned whether the United States had the quality and number of aerospace engineers and technicians to develop this new vehicle.

C. Impact

1. Israel must pursue new space technologies to strengthen strategic defense and increase economic growth—they cannot have people leaving

Ben-Israel, Chair Israel Space Agency and Kaplan, Director Israel Space Agency, 8 (Professor M.K. Isaac and Dr. Zvi, “Out of This World: Israel’s Space Program”, p. 99, http://www.mfa.gov.il/NR/rdonlyres/A7C494F2-62C2-44BC-8FA1-148D776A67DA/0/ch76.pdf, accessed 7/7/11 BLG)

The debut of “Ofek-1” the first Israeli satellite on September 19, 1988, is a landmark for the beginning of the Israeli “Space Age.” This happened approximately 30 years after the beginning of the world’s Space Age – the launch of Sputnik 1. Nevertheless, a posteriori, the Israeli Space Program was viewed as a tremendous success. A small country joined the exclusive club of seven space “superpowers.” Israel was skilled enough to achieve a status of a world leader in the important niche of small but highly sophisticated space platforms, exhibiting outstanding performances. At present, the State of Israel is standing at a watershed. In order to leverage the already acquired achievements, it should be pursuing space technologies and space systems to further improve its position in three important dimensions: Strengthening its strategic defense status, elevating the level of excellence of its society and increasing its economical growth. Historical Notes: Israel’s space program began with university-based research in the early 1960s. The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities formally established the National Committee for Space Research in 1963. The growth, in scope and depth, of related research activities led to the creation of a strong academic community that fostered a new generation of scientists and engineers

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