Goessel High School Girl’s Basketball Policy

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Goessel High School Girl’s Basketball Policy
The following are general expectations for all members of the Goessel High School Girl’s Basketball Program. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to discipline, suspension, or dismissal from the basketball program. Each violation will be dealt with on an individual basis.
1. Practice

-Attendance will be taken every day at practice. Players will be expected to be at practice and ready to go by 3:40. If a player is late extra conditioning will be assigned at the end of practice (playing time may be reduced as well). If a player misses practice, regardless of the reason, they will be assigned an OTI (opportunity to improve). An OTI is not necessarily punishment, it could be for the player to make up for the conditioning they missed by being absent.

-An unexcused absence of practice will result in at least half of the next game’s playing time plus extra conditioning.
-Unexcused absences of practice will be determined by coaching staff (hair cuts, store runs, shopping, detentions, etc.).
-If a player knows in advance that they will miss a practice they need to let one of the coaches know ahead of time.
-Players are expected to wear the practice jersey checked out to them to every practice. If not, an OTI will be assigned.
-No player is allowed to leave the gym during practice time without permission.
-All players are expected to work hard and give their best each and every day without complaints.
2. Games

-Players are expected to be at games or at the bus (for away games) early.

-Players will be highly encouraged to ride the bus home with their teammates, if they cannot they are required to have a school issued form signed by PARENTS ONLY. Only the athlete’s parents can take them home, UNLESS parents sign the form to release them to another driver.

-Players will be expected to show the utmost respect towards referees, coaches, opponents, teammates, and self.

-Profanity and bad attitudes will not be tolerated. Work and act like an athlete and a young lady.
-Players will be expected to attend and support their teammates, even if they are not playing in that game.
-All members of the team (including managers) will be required to dress up and look nice on game days (unless told differently by coaching staff). This should be above and beyond what you would normally wear to school (kakis, dresses, skirts, slacks, etc.)
-Failure to do these things could result in extra conditioning, reduced playing time, suspension, or removal from the team.
-Remember you are representing yourself, your family, our team, Goessel, and our community. Be a good example! You are a role model for some young person who is watching you.
-Parents please be prompt to pick up your kid when the bus returns to the school from away games and after practices. It will be the player’s responsibility to let their parents know what time we will be done or be back from an away game.
-Cell phones should be put away on the bus (or in gym/locker rooms) before games. Cell phones should not be a distraction. After games (on the way home) they may be used for “good” reason only! (Example- Calling parents to let them know we are about home)
3. Equipment and Facilities

-Players are expected to respect all equipment. Each player will be assigned a jersey, warm-up, practice jersey, team bag, and a water bottle. Players are responsible for their assigned equipment. If anything is returned damaged or not returned at all, that player will be required to pay the amount it cost to replace it.
-Players are expected to keep the locker rooms, hallways, gym, and busses spotless. The entire team will suffer consequences for this. This includes (but not limited to) clothes left out, towels left out, dirty floors, trash thrown, etc.
-Pick up after yourself! Remember it takes a lot to earn respect and only one mistake to lose it.
4. Academics, Discipline, and Expectations

-School Academic Eligibility Policy is the minimum (see handbook)! Teachers know you are a member of our basketball program. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! All players (and managers) are expected to behave better than average during and after school hours.

-After 3 times of being ineligible, player will be kicked off team (includes managers)
-Discipline problems in school may be dealt with during practice!
-Team rapport is very important! Hazing or bullying of other players will NOT be tolerated! Treat all team members (including managers!) with respect. Appreciate everyone on our team and what they can bring to our program!
-Positive “Talk” should always be practiced throughout the team. This includes building others up, talking positively about teammates, coaches, and our system. Social Networking sites apply to this as well (ex. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
-Players will NOT be allowed to participate (games or practices) with outside club sports teams. This includes club volleyball, club soccer, softball, MAYB, AAU teams, etc., during the season. Players are allowed to participate in activities such as Dance, Ballet, Theatre, etc. as long as these activities do not interfere with our team practices or games. Players are asked to dedicate themselves to our program, and focus on our team during our season of sport. Some exceptions could be made, but must get prior permission from coaching staff (Ex. College Exposure Day or a College visit recruiting day).

5. Drug and Alcohol

- The school Drug and Alcohol Policy will be followed (see handbook)
6. Playing Time

-Understand that not everyone will get equal playing time. Ability and effort on and off the court will result in playing time decisions.
-Not everyone will get to play the position desired. Players will be expected to play their role and accept what is best for our team.
If a parent, or student, has a concern or issue regarding playing time, performance, coaching decisions, etc…

  1. Student must voice their concern/issue to the coaching staff first.

  2. If issue is not resolved after meeting with student then parent may set up a time to meet with coaching staff and student.

  3. If there is still a concern/issue then a meeting can be set up with coaching staff, student, and administration.

7. Lettering

-In order to earn a varsity letter, a player must play in at least half of the varsity quarters played throughout the season.
-If a player misses multiple games due to an injury and is within 12 quarters of lettering they will be on a probation basis and will earn a letter for that year if they letter the following year.
-If a players has dedicated 4 years to our program and yet not earned a varsity letter, they will be awarded a varsity letter following the completion of their senior season.

8. Recruiting

- If a player is interested in playing at the next level, that player needs to express that to me!

- My role in recruiting

1. Make contacts to coaches/schools

2. Get film to coaches

3. Try to get coaches here at games

4. I will always be totally honest with both players and college coaches.

Participant Issues

There will be many difficult participant decisions made throughout the season by the coaching staff concerning this team (playing time, Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams, roles, etc.). You may not agree with all of them, but you must respect and accept them. Our basketball program will continue to play students/athletes at the highest level of competition of which they are capable of performing successfully. All questions concerning personnel issues should be voiced by the athlete with the coaching staff first. If the issue is not solved after the athlete has talked with the coaching staff, a meeting with both athlete and parent(s) may be set up. If issues still remain after that, a meeting with athlete, parent(s), and Athletic Director/Principal can be set up.

The coaching staff will continually praise and correct/criticize your game to help you become the best player you can be. Learn to accept criticism and correction. Never take what is said personally. Everything that is said is to benefit you and your game.

Everyone will have their own specific role on the team. Even though some are more glorious than others, accept you role. Whether your role is a starter, sub, defensive stopper, scorer, rebounder, or practice player our success as a team will depend greatly on how well each player accepts your role.

The success of our program will be centered around teamwork. It is important that you always put TEAM first. Personal glory must be sacrificed. You as individuals will be recognized through team success.

Understand that practices and games will be INTENSE! Show up everyday ready to work at a high level of intensity. Last but not least, join in with the intensity and make the season exciting and fun! Don’t hold back ever…give everything you have every time you step on the court and we will have a successful season.

Bluebird Basketball- “#WhyNot?”

Coach Hoopes

Coach Manche
*The principles and guidelines outlined in this policy have been prepared as a guide and is not meant to be all inclusive of all “general conduct expectations.” Interpretation of items listed and those not listed shall be the responsibility of the coaching staff.

Goessel High Girl’s Basketball


Coach Ryan Hoopes Coach Zana Manche

Your signatures below indicate your understanding of the information presented and acceptance therein. Both parent and athlete signatures are required prior to participation in basketball as well as a current physical for this school year.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Student-Athlete Signature
Also, by signing this you are willing to work hard and give your very best effort during practices and games. You also are willing to abide by the school rules and policies both on the court and off.

And most important…… Are you willing to have FUN and GET BETTER!!!!!

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