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Printing OMR Sheets

Before printing sheets for the first time you should choose how you wish the Sheet Number to be marked on the printed OMR sheet (i.e. as a barcode or as dashes marked through the sheet number lozenges). Unless changed, this method is used for all subsequent printing.

  1. Select Tools | Setups | OMR to display the OMR Setup page and select the OMR Printing tab. Under Print Sheet Number select the appropriate radio button.

  1. Make sure you have a supply of blank OMR sheets loaded in your printer.

  2. Select Focus | Assessment | OMR Templates to display the OMR Template browser.

  3. Enter search parameters and click the Search button, or press Enter without entering any search parameters to display saved OMR templates. Select the required OMR template and click the Open button.

  4. Click the OMR Sheets hyperlink to view the OMR Sheets panel.

  5. Select the OMR sheet(s) you wish to print.

  6. Click the Print button to print the selected sheets.

Print button
    1. Reading OMR Sheets

The method for reading OMR sheets varies slightly depending on whether the Optical Mark Reader has a manual sheet feed (sheets are fed through individually) or automatic sheet feed (sheets are fed through in batches). If you are using an OMR with automatic sheet feed, rejected sheets are stored in a separate tray enabling the read process to continue.

  1. Make sure the OMR is connected and switched on.

  2. Select Focus | Assessment | OMR Entry or click the OMR Entry button to display the OMR Entry dialog.

  1. The result date (i.e. the date the result was achieved) defaults to the current date. To change it click the adjacent down arrow and select the required date from the calendar.

  1. Click the Read OMR button to display the OMR Core Component dialog.

The system attempts to communicate with the OMR when this dialog is displayed. An error message will appear if communication fails (please see Unable to Handshake with OMR on page 415).

  1. Start the process of feeding in the OMR sheets (the method will depend on the type of OMR your school is using).

The total number of sheets read is shown at the bottom of the dialog. In addition, details about the individual sheets, including sheet number and whether it was successfully read or rejected is also shown.

Once the results have been fed in through the OMR they can be viewed/edited in any marksheet containing the relevant aspect(s). Or, if necessary, you can create a new template and marksheet to view/edit the results.

Any problems that occur are shown in the OMR Log frame. This error log can be printed if required, once the read process is complete. If, for any reason, an OMR sheet cannot be read through the Optical Mark Reader, the results may be entered through a marksheet.

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