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What’s New in This Release?

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What’s New in This Release?

The following new features and enhancements have been included in this release:
        1. The Missing Results Report

Reports | Assessment | Missing Results Report.

A new report has been provided that enables you to ascertain whether other staff members have completed all the details in their marksheets.

More Information:

Missing Results Report on page 213
  1. Entering and Reviewing Data using Marksheets

    In This Chapter

    Introduction 5

    Selecting Marksheets 8

    Displaying Assessment Results from SIMS 9

    Exploring the Marksheet Screen 10

    Viewing Additional Information on a Marksheet 12

    Changing the Marksheet Display 16

    Moving Around the Marksheet 29

    Entering Results 29

    Adding or Editing Notes for a Result Cell 40

    Calculating Results 41

    Viewing Additional Pupil/Student Information 42

    Saving Marksheets 42

    Adding a Marksheet to the Favourites Shortcut Panel 43

    Marking a Marksheet as Complete 44

    Editing Existing Results in Marksheets 44

    Printing Blank Marksheets 47

    Exporting a Marksheet to Microsoft Excel 48
    1. Introduction

Data can be entered and reviewed in SIMS Assessment using marksheets. A marksheet is a grid, similar to a spreadsheet, where pupil/students are listed in rows and the areas of assessment (aspects) are listed in columns. A marksheet can be likened to a teacher’s mark or record book.

Data can also be entered using an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) (please see Entering Data using an OMR on page 51).

Marksheets are generated using a previously defined or imported template. The template defines the aspects (columns) that will appear in the marksheet. By associating the template with one or more pupil/student groups, marksheets can be created for each Supervisor of each group. As a class or registration group teacher, you will see only those marksheets applicable to you.

At its simplest level, you could be provided with a marksheet to enter the mark achieved in a multiple choice test, together with a comment on how you rated the performance of each pupil/student listed. This could be presented to you as a printed copy of the blank marksheet for you to enter results either manually or via SIMS Assessment.

Or, you could be provided with a marksheet to enter a performance grade for several subjects over the term, with a formula defined to calculate how many grade As were achieved by each pupil/student.

The complexity of the marksheet depends on how it has been set up. It is important to note that some columns on the marksheet may be read-only. These columns are either there for information only, or are the result of a calculation set to be non editable. It is possible that the entire marksheet could be read-only, if it is supplied for data reviewing purposes only.

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