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TP Maths Actual Spr column) against set targets (the TP Maths Target column), using the CES Tracking Progress Maths Year 3 marksheet.

A range of colours is used to indicate pupil/student progress against target. A red background indicates the pupil/student is performing below target, yellow for pupil/students performing against target and green for those exceeding target.

  1. Select Nested If Then Else from the Formula Type drop-down list.

  2. Choose the IF Column value (please see Selecting Column/Constant Values on page 142).

In this example, select TP Maths Actual Spr as the Column value.

  1. Select the Comparator from the drop-down list, such as >, >=, =, etc.

In this example, select <, to identify pupil/students performing below target.

  1. Choose the Column/Constant to compare against on the right-hand side of the screen.

In this example, select TP Maths Target to identify pupil/students whose scores in the TP Maths Actual Spr column are less than the target set in the TP Maths Target column.

  1. Select the THEN column/constant. If you want to go directly to the ELSE clause having selected a THEN clause, enter a full stop or similar character (because you cannot leave the field blank). Colour coding can also be applied by clicking the Field Browser button adjacent to the Colour field and selecting a colour. For this example, enter as the Column Constant and red as the Colour to display the following screen.

  1. Click the OK button to return to the Formula Details dialog.

  1. Repeat steps 2 through 6 as required, to enter up to a maximum of 4 comparisons using the ELSE IF and THEN fields, then enter the final ELSE column/constant, if required.

For this example, set up an ELSE IF statement using the same columns/constant values as before with a Comparator of = and a THEN statement of = and colour it yellow. Set up another ELSE IF statement using the same columns/constant values as before with a

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