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Editing Aspects

For all aspects it is possible to edit:

  • the aspect Name

  • the column heading

  • the description.

  • the associated Category.

NOTE: Changing the Column Heading in an aspect does not update the Column Heading in existing marksheets or templates. Only new marksheets and templates will reflect the change.

If an aspect belongs to SIMS Assessment and has been created locally, you can also edit:

  • the associated grade set belonging to SIMS Assessment (an aspect can be associated with imported grade sets, but not those supplied by ‘CES Assessment Services’ or ‘SIMS’)

  • for a Marks Aspect, the Markset Version

  • for a Marks Aspect, the Dates of an existing Markset Version

  • the Maximum and Minimum Marks of a Markset Version

  • Before the aspect is saved in the database, it is checked for any invalid data and the aspect will not be saved if such a value is found.
      1. Selecting Aspects

  1. Select Focus | Assessment | Aspects to display the Aspect Details browser.

  2. Enter the required search criteria and click the Search button to display a list of aspects.

You can filter the display using Categories (please see Filtering Your View using Categories on page 83).

  1. Highlight the required aspect and click the Open button or double-click the required aspect to select it.
      1. Editing the Aspect Details

  1. Simply edit the text in the Name, Column Heading and Description fields, as required.

  2. To change or remove an associated Category, select or deselect the relevant Category check box (please see Associating Aspects with Categories on page 94).

  3. Click the Save button on the Focus Bar to save the edited aspect.

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