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Creating and Maintaining Aspects

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Creating and Maintaining Aspects

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Introduction 91

Creating Aspects 92

Associating Aspects with Categories 94

Editing Aspects 95

Cloning Aspects 96

Deleting Aspects 97

Viewing Aspect Properties 98

Importing and Exporting Aspects 98
  1. Introduction

An aspect is a fundamental element of the assessment process within SIMS Assessment and is any assessable task or event for which you wish to record a result (such as a test, or a reading assessment). Aspects can be likened to the column headings in a teacher’s mark book.

Each aspect has a Name, Column Heading, and a Type that defines the sort of result that can be recorded. The following aspect types can be used:

  • Grade: Any character or combination, such as A, B, C, D, 1,2,3, etc. and symbols +, -.

  • Marks (Integer): A number with no decimal points, e.g. 54, 75, etc.

  • Marks (Decimal): A number with two decimal places, e.g. 9.75, 84.25, etc.

  • Age: Expressed in years and months e.g.12/9, 8/4, etc. Often used to record Reading Ages.

  • Comments: Up to 1000 characters of free text.

Aspects can be defined for each discrete activity, project, test, etc. for which a result is to be recorded. Whilst a result can represent a level of performance it could also represent the number of times a pupil/student has done something, such as attend a school club.

The aspect defines what is to be recorded, but the result itself is stored separately in the database. Each time a result is entered and saved, the following information is recorded: Aspect, result, Pupil/Student ID and result date.

Therefore, a record is created for each result entered, allowing a history of results to be maintained for each aspect. If, for example, John Brown repeated the same assessment for each day of a given week, then five records would be created in the same aspect.

Before creating grade aspects you must have previously created any required grade sets. A grade set defines the set of valid grades that can be recorded.

You may also wish to associate aspects with previously defined Categories to make subsequent selection of aspects easier.

More Information:

Creating and Maintaining Grade Sets on page 85
      1. Aspect Permissions

You must have the permissions associated with the Assessment Co-ordinator role to be able to manage aspects (add, edit, delete, etc.). Users with the permissions associated with the Assessment Operator role can create aspects but can only categorise and rename existing aspects that are owned by others.

More Information:

Roles/Permissions for SIMS Assessment on page 397

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