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Importing Excel Data – Unformatted Marksheets

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Importing Excel Data – Unformatted Marksheets

This could be the import of results that schools have, until now, been storing in other systems, or it could be the import of results from third parties, e.g. LAs.

A major part of the import will involve the mapping of the spreadsheet columns so that SIMS Assessment stores the results correctly.

NOTE: In order to map a result column to an Aspect, the relevant Aspect must already exist in SIMS Assessment.

  1. Select Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import from Spreadsheet to display the first page of the Import wizard.

  1. Click the Field Browser button to display the Open dialog. Use this dialog to locate the file you wish to import.

    Field Browser button

  2. Highlight the file and click the Open button to return to the wizard. The name of the selected file will now be displayed in the Select the file to import from field.

  1. Click the Next button to continue.

This page displays the data from the Excel file and will differ in details from the following graphic, depending on how the file has been designed. It may, for example, contain more student properties, such as UPNs, gender, etc.

However the file has been designed, you must now map each column that is in the file, i.e. identify what the data in each column represents, e.g. pupil/student names, date of birth, results, etc.

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