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Viewing/Editing a Pupil/Student’s Report in Word

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Viewing/Editing a Pupil/Student’s Report in Word

This functions primarily as a print preview of an individual pupil/student’s report and enables you to view an individual pupil/student’s report prior to printing. You could also make minor edits to the report and then print it from within Word and/or save it as a Word document. However, it is important to note that:

  • Any edits you make are reflected in the Individual Report, if you choose to print and/or save it as a Word document.

  • Changes are not retained if you return to the Generate Individual Report dialog and print the report from there.

  • Changes will not be retained if you should generate that pupil/student’s report again.

Therefore, you might only want to make minor edits to an individual pupil/student’s report through this route. Any major edits should be made to the Individual Report Format (please see Designing/Editing an Individual Report on page 174).

  1. Follow the steps described in Generating and Printing Pupil/Student Individual Reports, so that one or more required pupil/students are displayed in the Generate panel.

  2. Select the check box adjacent to the required pupil/students.

  1. Click the Preview button on the toolbar to display the selected pupil/student’s report in Microsoft Word.

Preview button

You can now print preview the report and make any required textual or formatting edits. An edited report can be printed and saved in Word, in the usual way.

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