Gc initial Gum Shades Sets for ceramo-metallic and zircon ceramic

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GC Initial Gum Shades Sets for ceramo-metallic and zircon ceramic

More vitality in pink aesthetics – in keeping with the natural gingiva

No white aesthetics without pink aesthetics, no harmony between restored tooth and gingiva without a harmonious shade concept. To make gingival restorations with GC Initial even more aesthetic and more natural, GC EUROPE is now adding to its modular ceramic range some top-quality gingival shades for ceramo-metallic and zircon ceramic. The new add-on sets GC Initial MC and GC Initial Zr Gum Shades meet all the requirements for highly aesthetic gingival reproductions – for naturally beautiful transitions to the gingiva and unlimited creativity.
Since the demand for aesthetic implant-supported superstructures has been growing continuously, there has been a growing desire among dental technicians for soft tissue zones made of ceramic that can be individually characterised. In order to expand the unique shade system of GC Initial and to enable technicians to create a lifelike transition from the crown margin to the gingiva, the Dental Care Company has now developed three user-friendly GC Initial Gum Shades Sets. The new gingiva-coloured materials for ceramo-metallic and zircon ceramic are specially suited to indications in the areas of superstructures, crown and bridgework techniques and partial dentures. At the same time they follow the proven GC Initial concept: “One shade system – one layering technique”.
Seamless transitions – natural harmony

Whether for extensive restorations in the sulcus, labial fraenum or to mimic poorly perfused areas: any gingival characteristic, however specific, can be perfectly reproduced with the five mixable gingival shades. In the same way as the veneering technique, the individual steps can easily be divided between the different firings – depending on the indication and personal working methods.

The new GC Initial MC Gum Shade Set is now available in two versions with opaquer paste or powder and in the five shades: base light, base dark, intensive violet, intensive cream and intensive red. The GC Initial Zr Gum Shade Set contains the Zr Frame Modifier FM-5 instead of the opaquer material. Of course, all the gum shades are also available separately.
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