Game 1 Amarelinha is a game played just like hopscotch. Game 2

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Six Games from Brazil


wooden paddles

rubber balls


12- or 18-inch bamboo stick

Game 1 - Amarelinha is a game played just like hopscotch.
Game 2 - Pique e esconde is a game played just like hide-and-seek.
Game 3 - Ferol Bola is a game for two players. You need two wooden paddles (similar to those used in playing Ping-Pong), and a hard rubber or plastic ball. Mark off a court in the sand, or on a sidewalk. The court should have a dividing line in the middle. The object is to hit the ball back and forth over the line without letting it fall to the ground or go out of bounds.
Game 4 - Hit the coin is a game for two or more players. Place a 12- to 18-inch bamboo stick into the ground (could use some other pole-like object). Draw a circle about five inches in diameter around the pole. Now, place the coin, washer, or bottle cap on top of the stick. Players stand in a circle around the stick, about four feet away. They take turns trying to knock the coin off the stick by throwing another coin at it. The object is to knock the coin off the stick to the outside of the 5 inch circle.
Game 5 - Bola de gude is a game of skill played with round stones or marbles. The players decide how many holes to make on the ground and how to arrange the lay-out of their game (like on a miniature golf course). Each player uses the thumb and forefinger in trying to shoot a single stone into one of the holes. On the next round, the players used two stones, hitting one with the other in order to get one into the hole.
Game 6 - Queimada (which means "to be burned") is a game similar to dodge ball. Two teams face each other across a line drawn on the ground. Four or more players form a team. Players toss a soft ball, aiming to hit a member of the opposing team. Anyone hit by the ball must catch it. Players attempt to dodge the ball, since a missed catch "burns" the player, who is then sent to the other team. From behind a second line, the "burned" player may receive throws from teammate and then try to tag opposing players from behind. The team with the last "unburned" player wins.

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