Friends Present: Justin Roese Alumni Present: Old Charlie Previous Productions

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RPITV Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

November 12th, 2012

Officers Present: Ben Vreeland, Tiffany Milano, Matt Peteritis, Caleb Hoffman, Lydia Campis, Charles Machalow

Directors Present: Andrew Armenia

Friends Present: Justin Roese
Alumni Present: Old Charlie

Previous Productions

  • Everything is up on the website! Currently encoding

  • Ben was working on finishing things – and then the Union called!

  • What was left was a tag-team effort between Ben and Matt


  • Two hockey games! WOO!

    • Princeton, Friday

      • Producer: Matt

    • Quinnipiac, Saturday

      • Producer: Charlie

  • Duly Noted

    • Single camera

    • Producer:

  • Warp

    • It has a plot…

    • Kemper is back! Fuck it Ruck it.

  • No updates on telethon

  • Update from Norris about Jim

    • Jim wants more crowd shots on the video board…we’re not in any position to do that

    • Get a robot camera that Athletics will by?

      • Under the cat walk

    • “And yes we have successfully talked him out of the “Kiss Cam”…” Norris.

  • We’re being followed by Seth Appert’s Hair on Twitter

  • We’re founding the company “ForPlay”…”ForePlay”?

  • Meeting 2-4 Wednesday with Jim Nolton

  • Rennselyrics has 54 likes

  • Caleb is taking a nap on his laptop – it’s kind of adorable

  • Elections! Next Tuesday? Next Tuesday.

  • Union Business

    • We’ve submitted everything as per room requests and budgets!

      • Ben sited the historical reasons as to why we should keep that room

  • CSSA DVDs have not been picked up yet. Boo.

  • Lydia was looking into buy a new laptop so the minutes are kind of slacking this time. Sorry dudes and dudette. Cyber Monday! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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