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French Visa Application Checklist Fall 2015

Deadline to submit all materials: April 24, 2015

U.S. Citizens applying through group visa process ONLY

(Non U.S. citizens must apply at the Consulate in person but we can still help! Check out the Independent Visa Guide on the Accepted Students Site

  1. Campus France Confirmation Email (see the Accepted Students Site for details)

  1. Receipt of Payment issued by Campus France (see the Accepted Students Site for details)

  1. Visa Application

  • If you make mistakes you must fill out a new application – the Consulate will not accept applications with errors, cross-outs, or white-out.

  • Be sure to use European date format* (DD/MM/YYYY, so March 5, 1998 would be 05/03/1998).

  • Leave questions on the application blank if they don’t apply to you.

  • Sign and date the application at the bottom of page 2.

Visa App Question-Specific Tips!

ADDRESS: Use the address you live at while attending school. This address must be in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

  • #7 “Current Nationality” refers to citizenship, so, for example: if you have a U.S. passport: putAmerican

  • #13 “Number of travel document”: put your passport number

  • #16 asks for the country your passport is issued by,” if you have U.S. passport: put “USA

  • #28 leave blankyou must reside on campus unless you are participating in the home stay option.

  • #29 you do not have to disclose the scholarship information

  • #30 only applies if you are relying on family (or someone else) living in France for financial support

  1. Signed, Original U.S. Passport +2 Copies (We do need your actual passport)

  • Your U.S. Passport must (1) be valid until at least June 18, 2016, (2) have been issued in 2005 or later, and (3) include at least 2 blank pages (more if you plan to travel!)

  • The French Consulate requires all non-U.S. citizens* to appear in person. The St. John’s University Office of Global Studies can still assist you with your French visa application and walk you through the process, but the Office of Global Studies cant submit the application for you. Please refer to the Independent Visa Guide on the Accepted Students Site for more details, and contact the Office of Global Studies to request required documents or for any questions.

  1. Passport Photo (You need two, recent (within the last 6 months), front-facing, color photos with a white background. Size: 1.5 square photo. These two photos do not have to match the photo on your passport). Please note you cannot be smiling (and your lips must be closed), you cannot have your hair covering your eyes, you cannot be wearing glasses, a scarf, or a hat or other head covering in these photos. (Please contact the Office of Global Studies if you wear a head covering for religious reasons.)

    • You can obtain a voucher for FREE passport/visa photos if you participate in any of the Office of Global Studies Pre-Departure Activities from April 12-18, 2015

    • Details here:

  1. Student ID Card Copy (If you bring your card to our office, we’ll make the copy!)

  1. Flight Itinerary or Reservation* (Print out the complete, round-trip itineraryit’s often a PDF). In place of an itinerary, you may also provide a handwritten and legible statement indicating your intended date of departure for France, as well as a formal commitment not to depart before that date. Be sure to include your name, U.S. Passport number, signature and date of signature on this letter.

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