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[Organization/School] joins ‘Cash for College’ campaign

Statewide effort helps Hoosiers of all ages pay for education beyond high school
[Organization/school] is joining communities across the state in helping Hoosiers of all ages— from kindergarteners through adults —pay for college as part of Learn More Indiana’s Cash for College campaign.
The annual statewide effort continues through Indiana’s March 10 deadline for filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form that qualifies students to receive financial aid from colleges, the State of Indiana, the federal government and other sources.
[Organization/school] is planning [activities] as part of Cash for College. [Details.]
Students and families can access dozens of other free resources at, including printer-friendly activities, videos and the Indiana College Costs Estimator. Cash for College also includes online and in-person resources to help high school seniors and current college students file the FAFSA accurately and on time.
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About Learn More Indiana

Led by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Learn More Indiana is a partnership of state and local organizations working to help students of all ages succeed in school, complete college and connect to careers. In print, in person, online and on the phone, Learn More Indiana helps Hoosiers plan, prepare and pay for education and training beyond high school. Learn more at

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