Features of the cleft nose

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Cleft Nose
Features of the cleft nose


  1. inferior and wide lateral displacement with caudal rotation of the lower lateral cartilages.

  2. Dome is flattened and pulled laterally, tip is displaced to non-cleft side

  3. often-shortened columella, with base displaced toward the non-cleft side

  4. Alar collapse and drooping of the alar margin – vestibular web

  5. the cleft side ala buckles inwardly (M configuration)

  6. deviation of the caudal septum to the normal side

  7. convexity of the septum on the side of the cleft, impinging on the airway loss of nostril sill

  8. shortage of vestibule lining

  9. loss of continuity of the piriform aperture and thus bony support

  10. absent alar-facial groove on the cleft side

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