Fairytale mystery theatre

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A Radio Drama

An original adaptation of

Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

by Linda Nesbitt

Goldi Locks – a child Sylvia Locks – Goldi’s Mother
Barney – Papa Bear Beatrice – Mama Bear
Bubbie – Baby Bear Claudine Cooter – nosy neighbor
Heywood Stack – local farmer Inspector Sylvester Lester – policeman
Sgt. Homer York – policeman Wendall Wonderful – master of ceremonies
Patty Perky – commercials Sound FX – Sound Effects

[sound effects – music – fades out – chimes, bong, bong, bong]
Wendall ( in a smooth, caressing voice): “Radio Station CRRL is proud to bring you another episode of Fairytale Mystery Theatre [music cue … then it fades] sponsored this evening by ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’ and ‘Totley Tea’. Here now is pretty Patty Perky to give us the real low-down on ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’.”
Patty (very upbeat!): “Thank you Wendall! Ladies – is your laundry limp? Is your wash a wash-out? Do your whites look dull and dingy? Well, fret no more, for ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’ are here! ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’ are guaranteed to take the blues out of your wash day. Just a cupful of ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’ in your washload will result in sparkling bright laundry. Your whites will be whiter, and your brights will be brighter. Even your skin will be softer! Yes ladies, ‘Phipps Foaming Flakes’ is so confident that you will love their new product, that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a complete refund. And the next time wash day rolls around – just remember ladies:
[sound cue – music – chimes]
The next time wash day rolls around,

Don’t let that laundry get you down,

Just remember these few tips,

Hands and laundry depend on Phipps!
Page 2

Wendall ( smooth announcer voice): “Thank you Patty – we’ll all benefit from that message – right ladies? And now, dear listeners, it’s time for Act I of this evening’s presentation [sound cue – dramatic music] The Case of the Mysterious Intruder or Who’s Been Snooping in My House?”[sound cue – intro music … fades out].
Act I, Scene 1 – The Cottage of the Three Bears
[sound cue – dishes rattling – noises of table being set – clinking of spoons]
Mama (raising her voice): “Barney! Bubbie, come along now – breakfast is ready.”
[sound cue – footsteps gradually coming closer]
Papa (deep voice): “Here we are Beatrice – I’m so hungry I could eat a horse (laughs) Ha, ha! That would be pretty funny – a bear eating a horse – right son?”
Baby (high voice – laughing): “Yes Papa – but I’m hungry too! Uhmmm – that porridge smells good, Mama.”
Mama (sweetly): “I put cinnamon on it just the way you like it Bubbie. Careful now it’s rather hot – don’t burn your tongue.”
Papa (blowing sounds) “My goodness Beatrice this porridge is very hot! Wait a minute, I have an idea – why don’t we take a walk over to the glade in the woods while breakfast cools? We could see if there are any of those nice wild flowers blooming – you know Beatrice – those purple ones you like so well?”
Mama (delighted): “Oh, yes Barney, that wild lavender – maybe we could bring some home to dry – it makes the linens smell so sweet. How about it Bubbie – would you like to take a walk with us?”
Baby (eager): “Oh yes Mama – that would be fun – let’s go!”
All Three Bears: “all right – good – get your sweater – let’s go then”
[sound cue – chairs being moved, footsteps and door closing. Music to transition scene]
Act I, Scene 2 – The Cottage of the Locks Family
[sound cue – dishes rattling, clanking and pot slamming]

Page 3

Sylvia (coaxing): “Please, Goldi Sweetheart, be careful with those dishes you’ll break something, darling.”

Goldi (pouting): “I don’t see why I always have to help with the dishes anyhow. You know I hate it!”
Sylvia (kindly): “Oh I know, darling. It’s just that with your father away on business, it’s such a help to me.”
Goldi (still pouting – but trying to get her way): “Oh, I know Mother – you are the sweetest Mother a girl ever had – (abruptly) may I go to Mr. Goody’s store to get some candy now?”
Sylvia (absentmindedly): “Why yes, of course dear – oh wait a minute – haven’t you spent all of your allowance for this week?”
Goldi (reluctantly): “Well, yes – but won’t you give me some money? – (whining) after all I did help with the dishes!”
Sylvia (unsure): Oh dear – I don’t think so darling – you know I’m a little short on cash until your father gets home.”
Goldi (sound of feet stamping – beginning to have a tantrum): “I don’t care! You said I could get some candy! I want candy! I WANT CANDY!! (yelling and stamping feet)”
Sylvia (soothingly): “All right – all right. There, there Sweetheart. Just let Mother look in her purse to see what she can find. [sound cue – sounds of shuffling and rummaging in purse] Oh, here we are (counting out change) 10, 20, 25, and 25 makes 50 cents – how’s that Precious?”
Goldi (being a brat): “Is that all you have?”
Sylvia (apologetically): “yes, dear, I’m afraid so. Won’t that do?”
Goldi ( still being bratty): “Well, I suppose so – I’m going to go now – I can’t wait to get some gum balls and ju ju beads.”
Sylvia (with a sigh): “Well darling – have fun – but remember – don’t take the short-cut through the woods – there are wild animals in the woods, so be sure to stay on the path.”
Goldi (happy now with her candy money she’s overly sweet): “Oh yes, Mother dear – I’ll be careful – goodbye (fading away) goodbye.

Page 4

Sylvia (sweetly): “Goodbye.”

[sound cue – feet walking and fading away – door shutting. Music plays to indicate a change of scene]
Act I, Scene 3 – Along the Woodland Path
[sound cue – feet walking, leaves crunching]
Goldi (happy): “Gosh, the leaves are really starting to come down – [sound cue – walking sounds]. Oh no – there’s that nosy Mrs. Cooter coming this way. Maybe if I step behind this tree she won’t see me and will pass by.”
[sound cue – feet shuffling and leaves crunching]
Claudine (singing in a nasal tone) {song to be determined – “Da Doo Ron, Ron”; “Blue Moon”; “One Day My Prince Will Come”}. (she stops singing abruptly). “What was that? I thought I saw something dart behind that tree up ahead. [sound cue – walking and crunching sounds] Hello – Hello – Who’s there?”
[sound cue – feet shuffling and leaves crunching]
Goldi (pretending to be polite): “Why – why, if it isn’t Mrs. Cooter – how are you?”
Claudine (suspiciously): “Aren’t you Sylvia and Yale Locks little girl” What were you doing behind that tree?”
Goldi (more confident): “Yes, I’m Goldi Locks. I thought I saw an oddly shaped fungi on the side of that tree – but I was mistaken – it was just a squirrel.”
Claudine (nosy): “Really? Where are you going by yourself? Where is your mother?”
Goldi (getting annoyed): “My Mother is at home and I’m just going to the other side of the woods to Mr. Goody’s store, o.k.?”
Claudine(still nosy): “Really? All by yourself? What are you getting at the store?”
Goldi (rudely): “Yes, really! I’m 10 years old and I’m getting candy – if that’s all right with you!”
Claudine (taken aback): “My, my – you’re a pert little thing aren’t you? Mind you stay on the path – no telling what kind of animals are lurking in those woods – (growls – grrrr! – then laughs).”

Page 5

[sound cue – sound of crunching footsteps fading away]
Goldi (annoyed): “What a nosy old lady – she’s just trying to scare me. Well, she can try all she wants – it’s not going to work!”
[sound cue – walking and crunching fading away. Music transition to next scene]
Act I, Scene 4 – Further Along the Woodland Path
[sound cue – walking, leaves crunching]
Claudine (mumbling to herself): “Humph! Someone ought to teach that child some manners! She’s certainly an uppity little thing! Why – who’s that up ahead coming this way? Oh, it’s farmer Heywood Stack. Yoo Hoo! Hellooo! Farmer Stack!”
[sound cue – walking and leaves coming closer]
Heywood (somewhat reluctantly): “Well, well – Howdy do Miss Cooter. What bring you out this way?”
Claudine (pleased to see Farmer Stack): “I’m on my way to see my sister – you remember my sister – Cora Cooter – don’t you? Well, she and I get together once a week and play mah jongg with some other friends – do you play mah jongg Farmer Stack? (not waiting for an answer she prattles on) Maybe you could join us sometime – you and Mrs. Farmer Stack, of course – hmmmm?”
Heywood (reluctant): “Well, I thank you kindly Miss Cooter – but the wife and I are just too busy with farm work this time of year to join you and your sister.”
Claudine (disappointed): “Oh, well, of course, I understand. Harvesting and canning and all that. Some other time perhaps – (nosy as usual). Are you ..uhm…going to visit someone too?”
Heywood (slowly): Well nooo- I’m just on my way over to Mr. Goody’s store to pick up some more canning jars for the missus. And speaking of that I’d better be on my way – she’s needing those jars right quick! So, I’ll say good day to you Ms. Cooter.”
Claudine (hurriedly): “Oh, of course, so nice to see you – give my regards to Mrs. Farmer Stack. Bye – Bye!” (voice fades away)
[sound cue - sound of walking fades away]

Page 6

Heywood (from a distance): “Goodbye”

[sound cue – transition music to next scene – slowly fading away]
Act I, Scene 5 – The Shortcut off the Woodland Path
[sound cue - sound of footsteps crunching leaves and slowing down]
Goldi (deciding to disobey her Mother): “Hmm, here’s the shortcut through the woods – I know I’m not supposed to go this way – but Mother won’t know – and I’ll get to Mr. Goody’s store and all that candy that much quicker!”
[sound cue – sound of Goldi walking, crunching and whistling as she goes]
Goldi (surprised): “Why look at that – a little cottage over under those pine trees. I didn’t know anyone lived this deeply in the woods. [sound cue – walking closer] What a pretty little house – picket fence, blue shutters – hmm – I wonder if anyone is home. I could use a drink of water – I’ll just go see.”

[sound cue – walking further away. Music cue comes up and fades out] Go to Commercial.
Wendall (smooth announcer voice) “We’ll return to our story in just a moment, friends. But first, let me ask you – along about mid-afternoon do you feel the need for a pick-me-up? If so, our pretty Patty Perky has just the solution for you! Patty, why don’t you tell our listeners about it?”
[sound cue – music – lively… it fades out]
Patty (very upbeat): “Why thank you Wendall – yes, friends, if you suffer from that mid afternoon droop – if along about 4 o’clock your pep peters out – then I have the answer for you! -- a steaming cup of Totley Tea – Totley Tea is made from a blend of aromatic tender tea leaves. Totley Tea selects only the tiniest young tea leaves with which to make their award-winning tea. So remember folks the next time you need a refreshing pick-me-up make your choice Totley Tea – it’s those tiny little tea leaves in Totley Tea that make all the difference -- why not try a cup today? Remember folks – that’s Totley Tea!
[sound cue – music, lively…it fades out]
Wendall: “ummm, sounds good Patty – thank you! Well, friends, when last we heard – Goldi was approaching a cottage in the woods. It seems as if she has gotten side-tracked from her trip to Mr. Goody’s Store. Hmmmm – I wonder – you don’t suppose her curiosity will get her into trouble do you? Let’s listen in and find out – now back to our story…”

Page 7

Act II, Scene 1 The Cottage in the Woods
[sound cue – music comes up and then fades away. Sound of walking and crunching and then knocking on the door]
Goldi: “Well, no answer – I’ll just see if the door is unlocked. [sound cue – sound of click and door opening] It is unlocked! [sound cue – walking on floor] Whoever lives here went out without eating their breakfast – oooh my favorite porridge! I’ll just take a taste – they won’t mind [sound cue – silverware clanking against bowl] Ouch! The porridge in this big bowl is too hot! Hmmm, here’s a middle sized bowl – I’ll try that. [sound of silverware clanking] Ugh! That porridge is cold! Well, for goodness sakes! A girl could starve around here. Oh, wait a minute – here’s a little bowl – let me try that [sound of silverware clanking] – yum! Porridge with brown sugar on it – so good and just right! [sound of spoon on bowl] (Goldi makes “yummy sounds”) uh – oh , it was so good I ate it all up – oh well, nobody will ever know it was me! I wonder what else is in this house….”
[sound cue – walking on floor]
Goldi: “Well, well look at this … these chairs look comfy – I’ll just try this one out.”
[sound cue – chair creaking]
Goldi: “Whoa! This big one is way too high – my feet don’t even touch the floor.”
[sound cue: - shoes jumping down from chair and walking on floor]
Goldi: (grunting sounds) “ooof!” (muffled voice) “This middle sized chair is so soft and full of cushions that I’ve sunk down too far” (grunting) “There – whew! I thought I was going to be stuck in there!”
[sound cue – walking on floor]
Goldi: “What a cute little chair – just the right size for me – oooh a bouncy cushion on it too”– [sound cue – bouncing sounds]
Goldi: (getting more excited) “Up and down, up and down ---wheee!”
[sound cue – sounds of breaking chair – wood]
(pause – silence)

Page 8

Goldi: “Uh – oh – I wonder if all 4 legs can be put back on? (not really caring) Oh well, nobody will ever know it was me. (distracted) Hmmmm, I wonder where those stairs go – I’ll just see.”
[sound cue – climbing stairs]
Goldi: “Why, it’s a room with 3 beds – gosh, they look inviting – I think I’ll try them out.”
[sound cue – walking on floor then creaking of bed]
Goldi: “oooof! Wow this bed is hard as a rock – who could sleep in this? I’ll just try the next one.”
[sound cue – walking on floor then creaking of bed]
Goldi: (muffled voice – from a distance) “Oh no, not again! Someone in this house really likes soft furniture – I hope I can get out of here!” (Goldi grunts and makes struggling sounds).
[sound cue – bed creaking, then walking on floor]
Goldi: “Whew, that was a close call. Oh, my – what a darling little bed – with a cozy looking quilt (Goldi yawns). Gosh, I think I’ll try this out. [sound cue – bed creaking] Oh, this is so nice and warm (Goldi’s voice slows) and just right for me”….(snoring).
[sound cue – transition music to Scene 2]
Act II, Scene 2 Suspicious Activity Report
[sound cue – phone ringing]
Sgt. York: (official sounding) “Hello – Woodland Police Station – Sgt. York speaking.”
Claudine: (in a nasal voice) “Hello, hello – Sgt. York – this is Claudine Cooter – you know, I live on Larkspur Lane – just off the Woodland Path?”
Sgt. York: (sighs, but polite) “Oh, yes of course, Ms. Cooter, What can I do for you today?”
Claudine: (nasal) “Well, I don’t like to be a ‘nosy parker’, but I want to report a case of suspicious activity at the cottage of the Three Bears.”

Page 9

Sgt. York: (unconvinced) “Really? Now just what kind of ‘suspicious activity’ did you see today, Ms. Cooter?”
Claudine: (eager to tell her story) “Well – let me tell you- something’s not right! I was just passing the Woodland Trail when I looked down the Trail and saw someone go into the Bears’ Cottage! What do you think of that?!”
Sgt. York: (bored) “Well, now Ms Cooter, it doesn’t seem all that suspicious if the Bear family has company, now - does it?”
Claudine: (triumphantly) “That’s just it Sgt. York! I happen to know for a fact that the Bears aren’t home just now ( I saw them a few minutes ago in the Woodland Glade) – so the little sneak was going into the Bears’ Cottage by herself – and up to some mischief, no doubt!”
Sgt. York: (alert now) “Wait a minute Ms. Cooter – did you recognize the person who was entering the premises uninvited?”
Claudine: (matter-of-factly) “Well of course I recognized her! It was that daughter of Sylvia and Yale Locks – Goldi, you know the one – well I don’t mean to be unkind, but she is nosy and rude! And I just don’t know what this …..”
Sgt. York: (interrupting) “Wait, wait just a minute – you mean to say you saw Goldi Locks going into the Bears’ home uninvited? You’re sure about that?”
Claudine: (indignantly) “Of course I’m sure – I saw her just as plain as day – sneaking around – the nerve – going into someone’s house when they’re not home! Are you going to do something about it or not?”
Sgt. York: (all business) “Oh yes indeed, Ms Cooter. We’ll check it out right away – I’ll let Det. Sylvester Lester know about your report – thank you Ms. Cooter – goodbye now.”
Claudine: (startled) “Oh, yes, well goodbye then Sgt.”
[sound cue – transition music to next scene]
Act II, Scene 3 The Three Bears Arrival
[sound cue – walking through leaves]
Papa: (happily) “Well, here we are – I’m as hungry as a … as a bear! (laughs) Ha! Ha! – get it son – a bear! Ha!Ha!”

Page 10

Baby: (with a sigh) “Yes, Papa, I get it. Do you think we can eat our porridge now, Mama?”

Mama: (upbeat) “Oh, I’m sure we can, Dear. Let’s all go into the house and have our breakfast!”
[sound cue – door opening and closing and feet walking on floor]
Papa: (surprised) “Why, look – my bowl of porridge has been moved – the spoon is in the bowl and…(slowly realizes situation) why I think (loudly) SOMEBODY’S BEEN EATING MY PORRIDGE!!”
Mama: (soothingly) “Now, now, Barney you always think the worst – I’m sure you just forgot and left your spoon in the bowl yourself.”
Papa: (angrily) “I tell you Beatrice I’m sure –(loudly) SOMEBODY’S BEEN EATING MY PORRIDGE!!”
Mama: (unconvinced) “Well now, I’m sure … (her voice trails off)… wait a minute – what’s this? My porridge bowl is tipped over and the porridge has been spilled. You know Barney – you may be right – I think Somebody’s Been Eating My Porridge Too!”
Baby: (upset) “Mama, Papa – look – Somebody’s been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!” (crying – boo, hoo, hoo)
Mama: (upset) “Goodness gracious! There, there Bubbie don’t cry.”
Papa: (worried) “We’d better check the house Beatrice – I don’t like the looks of this. I’m going into the living room you and Bubbie stay here.”
Baby: (anxious) “No Papa, I want to come with you.”
Mama: (firmly) “Yes, Barney – Bubbie and I should come with you – just in case of trouble, you know?”
Papa: (soothingly) “Very well, Beatrice – but you and Bubbie stay behind me.”
Mama: “All right Dear.”
Baby: “O.k. Papa.”
[sound cue – feet tiptoeing on floor]

Page 11

Papa: (questionly) “Look here Beatrice, I don’t remember moving my chair off the rug like this, do you?”

Mama: “No indeed – your chair is always on the rug!”
Papa: (convinced) “Just as I thought…(loudly) SOMEBODY’S BEEN SITTING IN MY CHAIR!”
Mama: (dismayed) “Oh, Barney – all my lovely cushions are tossed on the floor – Somebody’s Been Sitting in My Chair!”
Baby: (very distressed) “Oh, oh, Mama, Papa – LOOK – Somebody’s been sitting in my chair and they BROKE it all to pieces!”
Mama: (upset) “For goodness sakes – whoever would do such a thing? Just look – Bubbie’s chair is in a million pieces!”
Papa: (soothingly) “Now Beatrice – let me take a look here. [sound cue – sound of wood sticks clacking together] Well, all 4 legs are broken, but don’t you worry, Bubbie – a little wood glue – a little time in my workshop – and it will be good as new.”
Baby: (sadly) “Do you really think so Papa?”
Papa: (firmly) “Of course I think so – it will be just fine. Beatrice, I don’t like this – who in the world would come into our house and do such a thing?”
Mama: (worried) “I don’t know, Barney – do you think we ought to look upstairs? (getting worked up) You don’t suppose whoever did this is still in the house, do you?”
Papa: (soothingly and determined) “I tell you there’d better not be anyone else in this house! You know I think the best thing for us to do ( we have to think of Bubbie’s safety, Beatrice) is to call the police and have them come over to check out the rest of the house.”
Mama: (agreeing) “Yes, I agree Barney – we don’t want to take chances – do want me to call or will you?”
Papa: (taking charge) [sound cue – walking and dialing phone]

I’ll call Dear.”

[sound cue – phone ringing]

Page 12

Officer: (matter-of-factly) “Hello – Woodland Police Station – Officer Samantha Spade speaking – what is your emergency?”

Papa: (quietly) “Hello – Officer Spade – this is Barney Bear of 123 Woodland Trail. We’ve had a break-in. Could you send a policeman over right away?”
Officer: “A break-in? You say at 123 Woodland Trail – was anything taken?”
Papa: (urgently) “There’s been some damage to furniture and we think the person may still be in the house – please send someone right away.”
Officer: (surprised) “What? Still in the hour? Oh, I’d get out of there right away if I was you. I’ll send a prowl car right away. Goodbye.”
Papa: “Thank you, Goodbye” (to Mama and Baby) “They’re sending someone over – Officer Spade said we should leave the house – just in case the person is still here, o.k.?”
Mama: (quietly) “All right Barney – come on Bubbie let’s go.”
[sound cue – transition music]
[sound cue – walking on floor and then knocking at door]
Mama: (startled) “Who could that be?”
Papa: (quietly) “I don’t know – wait here while I answer the door.”
[sound cue – walking on floor – door opening]
Papa: (surprised) “Well my goodness – Detective Sylvester Lester and Sgt. Homer York – you certainly got here fast – I just put down the phone – this is some great service!”
Det. Lester: (flat voice) “You say you called? We got a ‘suspicious activity’ report from your neighbor – Ms Claudine Cooter – about 15 minutes ago – about a possible intruder – could we have the facts on that sir?”
Papa: (startled) “Why, yes sir – well, Beatrice made porridge for breakfast – and boy, was it hot! So we decided…”
Det. Lester: (interrupting) “Excuse me sir, could we just have the facts, please? Just the facts. Now, is there any evidence that someone has actually been on the premises, sir?”

Page 13

Papa: “Well yes sir – our porridge bowls – someone had been eating our porridge – and our chairs – they were disturbed and Bubbie’s was broken!”

Baby: (anxious) “Yeah, yeah – somebody broke it!”
Det. Lester (flatly) “We just need the facts, son, just the facts. Now – first you folks want to show me where in the house you haven’t gone? Then we’ll take it from there.”
Papa: (concerned) “Well sure – the stairs are right over there and our bedroom is upstairs. (nervous) Should we wait outside?”
Det. Lester: (unconcerned) “No – that won’t be necessary – I feel sure there’s no danger. In fact we’re pretty sure we know WHO’s responsible for all this.
(gasps from everyone. ‘really?’ , etc.)
Det. Lester: “Why don’t you folks just follow us upstairs?”

Mama: (worried) “Well, all right - if you’re sure it’s safe.”
Sgt. York: (matter-of-fact) “Oh yes Ma’am – like Det. Lester says – that report from Ms. Cooter told us who’s most likely responsible – just follow us.”
[sound cue – feet walking on floor]
Det. Lester: (soft voice) “Well here we are in the bedroom – look around – do you see anything missing – or out of order?”
[sound cue – walking]
Papa: (surprised) “Just look here, Beatrice – I made my bed this morning and now all of the covers are rumpled up – (loudly) SOMEBODY’S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED!”
[sound cue – walking]
Mama: (upset) “Oh – just look – my beautiful quilt and pillows – all over the floor – what a mess! Somebody’s Been Sleeping in My Bed!”
Det. Lester: (matter-of-factly) “Yep – we’re not surprised – between you and me this isn’t the first time something like this has happened – what about you, son?”
[sound cue – walking]

Page 14

Baby: (shocked) “Look – look – somebody’s been sleeping in my bed – and THERE SHE IS!”
Mama and Papa: ( at same time) “Who in the world?” “What’s the meaning of this?”
[sound cue – shuffling, rustling, general noise]
Goldi: (big noisy yawn) “Wha…, what’s all the noise? (whining) You woke me up!”
Det. Lester: (sternly) “See here little Missy – just what do you think you’re doing here?”
Goldi: (sweetly) “Why hello Det. Lester – and there’s Sgt. York – what are you all doing here?”
Sgt. York: (sternly) “A better question would be what are you doing here? You do know that this is not your house don’t you?”
Goldi: (laughing) “Not my house! Of course I know this isn’t my house – you are soooo funny, Sgt. York.”
Det. Lester: (sternly) “Now see here young lady, this is no laughing matter. In case you don’t know – breaking and entering is against the law.”
Goldi: (stunned) “Wha…what do you mean? Breaking and entering? (upset now) I didn’t do anything wrong!”
Det. Lester: (matter-of-factly) “Well now, I think that the Bear family here might just disagree with that. How about that Mr. Bear?”
Papa: (sternly) “Young lady, you came into our house while we weren’t home – and without being invited.”
Mama: (sternly) “You made a mess in the kitchen, living room and bedroom!”
Goldi: (stammering) “But… but… I…”
Baby: (interrupting) “And you ate my porridge all up, broke my chair to pieces, and now you’ve been sleeping in my bed!”
Det. Lester: “We’re waiting – what do you have to say for yourself , young lady?”
Goldi: (stammering) “Well…I…but I…really didn’t mean to hurt anything…”

Page 15

Det. Lester: (firmly) “All right then, why don’t we just head on down to the station house where you can answer a few questions for us?”

[sound cue: transitional music]
Act II, Scene 4 The Final Penalty
Wendall/Narrator: (announcer voice) “On March 7 of this year, in the Woodland Juvenile Court, having been found guilty of trespassing, destruction of property, and being an A Number One Brat, was sentenced to 80 hours of community service. Her community service was to consist of helping other Woodland residents by cleaning their cottages. Let’s listen in as Goldi approaches her first cottage.”
[sound cue: music – walking]
Goldi: (to herself) “Hmmm, according to the names on this giant-sized mailbox, this cottage belongs to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I’ll just go in and see….oops! I almost did it again! I suppose I’d better knock first.”
[sound cue: knocking on door]
Voice: “Come in!”
Goldi: (opens door) “Oh, you must be the 7 dwarfs – well I’m Goldi Locks and I…..”
1st Dwarf: (interrupting) “Sorry Miss Locks – don’t have time to chat – we’re off to the mine – ready fellows?”
Voices: “Ready!”

(all together singing loudly at first and gradually fading away)

Ho, Ho, Hey, Hey,

We work the mine each day,

The 7 of us

Don’t feud or fuss,

Ho, Ho, Hey, Hey!” (humming continues)
Goldi: “Well, goodbye, I guess. (calling) Hello – Miss White are you here?”
Snow White’s Voice: (from afar) “Helloo – yes, I’ll be right there – I’m just taking a pie out of the oven – won’t you wait a moment, please?”

Page 16

Goldi: (impatient, as usual) “Well, I guess so. (calling) O.K. (to herself) I wish she’d hurry up – hey, what’s this – a basket of ripe, red, apples – oooh yum! Here’s a great big one right on top –hmmm—nobody will ever know if I take a bit out of this – yum, yum…”

CAST: (all together) “DUM DE DUM DUM!”
Wendall: (smoothly) “Well, folks it looks like Goldi may be getting herself into trouble again – but that’s another story for another time. So, let me say, on behalf of myself and pretty Patty Perky…”
Patty: (very upbeat) “…and for Phipps Foaming Flakes and Totley Tea!”
Wendall: (smoothly) “This is your announcer – Wendall Wonderful – thanking you for tuning in to our program this evening and inviting you back next week for another episode “Fairytale Mystery Theatre” – same time, same station. Good night.”
[sound cue – end music]


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