Eye Treatments Equipment

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Eye treatments are designed to enhance our natural features, treatments include eyebrow shaping, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and eyelash perming.

Eye Treatments Equipment
A range of products and equipment are needed for eye treatments, this will include –



Head band and hair net

To protect the clients hair

Eye make-up remover

To remove grease or make-up which may be a barrier to the treatment

Disposable brushes

To apply tint


To sterilise equipment


To shape the eyebrows

Cotton wool

To remove make-up and products

Cotton buds

To apply petroleum jelly

To remove tint


To shape eye shields

To trim long eyebrow hairs

Orangewood sticks

To measure the eyebrows

Witch hazel

To soothe the eyebrow area during and after tweezing

Tint and peroxide

To be mixed together and dye the lashes and brows


To remove products

Eye shields

To protect the skin from the tint

Petroleum jelly

Acts as a barrier on the skin to prevent staining

Tinting dish

To mix the tint and peroxide in

Eyebrow shaping

The eyes are the focal point of the face and the natural shape of the eyebrows normally enhances the features.

Before shaping a clients eyebrows, there are a few points we should consider:

Spacing of the Face Shape State of the existing

Eyes eyebrows

Considerations before shaping

Fashion Age Client’s own wishes

Measuring the eyebrows:

  1. Rest an orange stick against the widest part of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. The eyebrow should not extend beyond this line.

  1. With the client looking forward, place the orange stick in a straight line on the outer edge of the Iris (coloured part of eye) this is where the eyebrow should arch.

  1. Rest the orange stick in a diagonal line from the nose to the outer corner of the eye, this is where the eyebrow should finish.

Eyebrow shapes:

There are certain shapes, which are more suited to a particular face shape and these should be considered before reshaping.

Natural eyebrow-

Arched eyebrow-

Straight eyebrow-

Angular eyebrow-

Rounded eyebrows-

Eye/face shapes:

High forehead

The arch of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated to create the illusion of a lower forehead

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