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During this project, we will learn about the life, buildings, occupations and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. We will learn about the ‘afterlife’ and the creation and discovery of Egyptian mummies.

We will also learn about the climate and physical features of Egypt, including the River Nile.

In February, we will be going to London to visit the British Museum to view real Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Using our research and understanding in this topic, we will make a short video about life in Ancient Egypt. We will learn how to use ‘Movie Maker’ to add and edit video and sound.

We will also make Ancient Egyptian ‘Usekh’ collars and jewellery to wear at the presentation of our Egyptian videos at the end of the topic.


Success for All’


Investigate nets of pyramids and other 3D shapes


How were pyramids built? (Forces –pushes, pulls & friction). Egyptian ‘Shaduf’’ (levers)

Art& Design

Design and make a ‘Usekh’ collar and Egyptian jewellery using textiles

Design Technology

Select the most appropriate techniques to decorate textiles.


Investigate musical instruments of Ancient Egypt. Learn basic note values. Sing songs about Ancient Egypt. Composer – Beethoven.



Gymnastics/large apparatus

Religious Education

How and why does a Christian follow Jesus?


Getting along Together’

-values for co-operative learning.


Ancient Egyptians – daily life, occupations, religion, buildings, mummies.


Microsoft ‘Movie Maker/imovie’

Create a film about the Ancient Egyptians.

PE: Beech - Tuesday 1:15-2:00 and Friday 11:00-12:00

Maple -Tuesday 2:00-2:45 and Wednesday 11:00-12:00

Children will need outdoor PE kit (navy/black jogging bottoms and sweatshirt) at all times

Parents In Partnership:

Yr3 WOW – A Presentation of Egyptian videos.

Times and further details will follow.

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