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Teacher Candidate: __________Allison Kane___________________________ Date: ____2/27/14___________

Cooperating Teacher: ______Mrs. Allar________________________________ Coop. Initials: ________________

Group Size: _______21________ Allotted Time: _____35-40 min________ Grade Level: ______K________

Subject or Topic: _____Dental Health: Food and Our Teeth________________ Section: _____________________

STANDARD: (PA Common Core):

10.2.3.A: Identify personal hygiene practices and community helpers that promote health and prevent the spread of disease.
CC.1.3.K.A: With prompting and support, retell familiar stories including key details.
I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes)

  1. The kindergarten students will demonstrate their understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods for our teeth by doing a sorting activity.

  2. The kindergarten students will recount details in the story “Hippo’s Tooth Surprise” by doing a sequencing activity.

II. Instructional Materials

  • “Hippo’s Tooth Surprise” by Marjorie Dennis Murray

  • Character pictures from “Hippo’s Tooth Surprise”

  • Happy Tooth cut outs

  • Sad Tooth cut outs

  • Magazines

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Chalkboard

  • Chalk

  • Food pictures

  • Checklist

III. Subject Matter/ Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea)

  1. Pre-requisite skills

    1. Background knowledge of sugary foods

    2. Knowledge of tooth decay

  2. Key Vocabulary

    1. Tooth Decay: the breaking down of a tooth that is not being taken care of.

  3. Big Idea

    1. Retelling stories through sequencing

    2. Good and bad foods for our teeth

IV. Implementation

  1. Introduction

  1. The teacher will gather students in the carpet area located in the back of the room.

  2. The teacher will reintroduce the story “Hippo’s Loose Tooth”

  3. The teacher will read the story to the students but before he/she begins tell students to pay attention to the order the animals appear in the story.

  1. Development

  1. The teacher will ask the students to close their eyes and try to think of all the animals in their head.

  2. The students will think, pair, and share the order they think the animals came in.

  3. The teacher will guide the whole group in sequencing the story together using the animal pictures.

  4. The teacher will have students tiptoe back to their seats.

  5. The teacher will ask the students what they talked about yesterday.

  6. The teacher will say, “we are going to start looking at ways to prevent tooth decay. Today we will look at what kinds of foods are good and bad for our teeth.”

  7. The teacher will use the WBT method “teach-okay” to have students tell their neighbor we are going to learn about good and bad foods for our teeth.”

  8. The teacher will make a chart on the board with two categories. Healthy and unhealthy foods.

  9. The teacher will then ask the students if they can remember what gets stuck to teeth.

  10. The students will give examples of sugary foods.

  11. The teacher will say, “Eating the right food can make and keep our teeth strong.”

  12. The teacher will give a few examples to the students of what is good for our teeth.

  13. The teacher will have the students give their own examples of good food for our teeth and write them on the board.

  14. The teacher will pass out materials for the sort.

  15. The students will complete the “happy tooth, sad tooth” sort.

  1. Closure

  1. The teacher will ask for examples of things the students put on the happy tooth and on the sad tooth.

  1. Accommodations/Differentiation

  1. Preferential seating will be provided to two students during the lesson.

  1. Assessment/Evaluation Plan

  1. Formative

    1. The students will complete the “happy tooth, sad tooth” sort. They will place unhealthy foods for your teeth on the sad tooth and healthy foods for your teeth on the happy tooth. The teacher will evaluate student work using a rubric.

    2. The students will complete a sequencing activity where they place the animals from the book “Hippo’s Tooth Surprise” in the correct order. The teacher will mark on a checklist if the students have completed the task correctly.

  2. Summative

    1. There is no summative for this lesson

V. Reflective Response

  1. Report of Students’ Performance in Terms of States Objectives (Reflection on students performance written after lesson is taught, includes remediation for students who failed to meet acceptable level of achievement)

  1. Personal Reflection (Questions written before lesson is taught.)(Reflective answers to questions recorded after lesson is taught.)

  1. How was my pacing throughout the lesson?

  2. Was the closure effective?

  3. What could have I done differently?

VI. Resources

Miller, E. (20092008). The tooth book: a guide to healthy teeth and gums. New York: Scholastic Inc..

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