Editing a Pebblepad webfolio – Introduction

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Editing a PebblePAD Webfolio: Brunel University’s e-Portfolio System

Editing a PebblePAD Webfolio – Introduction

A webfolio is one of the asset types in PebblePAD. You can create a webfolio to share all of your assets with your tutor, potential employer(s), your fellow students or whoever you choose. You can personalise your Webfolio, so that it reflects who you are.

To see examples of webfolios please go to http://www.pebblepad.co.uk/examples.asp

This guide will cover the following –

Editing the Theme of a Webfolio

In order to follow these steps, you will need a Webfolio to edit the theme. Login to PebblePAD and click the Webfolio Asset you want to edit.

Click the ‘edit this asset’ icon (paper and pencil image).

You will see a series of steps shown in circles at the bottom of the Webfolio window.

Name your Webfolio. Please ensure you give your Webfolio a relevant name, i.e. in the format - First Name Last Name Student No (e.g. Isambard Kingdom Brunel 0123456), so that your tutor can see it is your Webfolio in the Gateway.

Click on Step 2, you will a screen as shown below –

2. Select a colour here

3. Preview here

1. Choose a template from the drop down menu.

Help on how to create your own template can be found at - http://www.pebblepad.co.uk/help/2.5.0/Default_CSH.htm#Webfolio.htm

Click on Step 4, you will see the screen below –

2. Click the chevron icon to add the Page to your Webfolio

1. Click here and give your Page a relevant name

You will see there are already some pages. You may have differently named pages depending on your webfolio; the process is still the same.

To delete a page, click on the Page Title and click the Dust Bin Icon to delete it.

Editing a Page using the webfolio editor

The system has an inbuilt editor, so you can edit your pages of the webfolio; add links, images, multimedia etc.

To do this, you need to open your webfolio and click Step 4, as shown below –

2. Click the Edit Page icon

1. Click the Page you want to edit

You will see the following editor –

Write some text, highlight the text and click this link icon. You will be asked to select the file or asset in your asset store you want to link to, select the file and click the Save icon (a tick).

The editor is very similar to Microsoft Word. For more information on how to use the editor, please see - http://www.pebblepad.co.uk/help/2.5.0/default.htm#Webfolio_Editor.htm

Adding a Special Page

You can add Special Pages, these are other assets that can form sub navigation in your Webfolio, using the item tab and clicking the arrow down icon.

Click the add icon to add any of these to your webfolio (N.B. you must have them in your asset store)

You will see you can add the following – another webfolio, a blog, a profile (such as the QTS Standards), Flickr photo sets and a form.

For more help on this please see the link below to a help tutorial (requires Adobe Flash Player) –


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