East Midlands Orienteering Association Executive Committee Meeting – 20 October 2014

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East Midlands Orienteering Association Executive Committee Meeting – 20 October 2014

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Present: Mike Gardner (DVO), Bob Haskins (LEI), John Hurley (DVO), Pauline Olivant (NOC), David Olivant (NOC), Hilary Palmer (NOC), Chris Phillips (LEI), Amanda Roberts (LOG), Mark Webster (NOC), Ursula Williamson (LEI), John Woodall (NOC).


Appointment of Meeting Chair: John Hurley as Vice-Chair proposed that he should chair this meeting, and this was agreed by the committee.  John Hurley then asked if there were any volunteers from any of the clubs to become EMOA Chair.  As no-one had found a volunteer, John said that he was willing to take over as Chair for the remainder of 2014/15.  Amanda Roberts agreed that she would become Vice-Chair so she could gain more experience.  Chris Phillips proposed these nominations, Hilary Palmer seconded them, and they were agreed by the committee with no objections.


Apologies for Absence: Received from Paul Beresford (NOC).


Approval of Minutes of Meeting on 30th June 2014 – The minutes were accepted as a true record of the previous meeting.


Website version of minutes – It was agreed the website could take the minutes as is.

Approved: Chris Phillips

Seconded: Dave Olivant

Mike to inform webmaster.


Actions Outstanding from previous minutes

6 b) ii) – Hilary Palmer stated she still had to contact Club Coaches about approach to a proposed EM Coaching Day

6 b) iii) – Judith Holt has still to arrange to organise the Welfare & Safeguarding session. John Hurley will follow up with her.
Junior Squad – In terms of expenditure the 2 main expenses for Junior Squad in this financial year are JIRC, which took place recently, and Hawkshead Training. The JIRC will require about £500 for minibus hire and expenses. The attendees all paid £40 each. Hawkshead is planned to be £75 per attendee for coaches and squad members, The squad will charge each member the £75 and require the funding of the minibus and 2 coaches. These 2 items will take the budget allocated to the Junior Squad for this financial year.

It is planned that the squad will have a couple of cake stalls at forthcoming events to raise some additional funds. They will need to ensure they break even for the rest of the year.

The Building Society Account still has £801.46 in it (see question at AGM).

The main points for the Junior Squad are:

  1. We will expect the Junior Squad to cover their costs for all of the remaining activities in rest of the year. If for any reason this is not going to be the case they need to inform the EMOA committee immediately.

  2. Now we have identified the Building Society funds we need to decide on whether this should remain separate from EM Accounts or be integrated in to them.

  3. The squad recently sold a number of junior squad tops. There must be some stock of tops so we need to identify what is still available so we can include them as assets in the accounts (and potentially budget for any future restocking when required).

  4. It would be useful to have one nominated name to provide reports of activities to the EMOA committee (Mike mentioned that he has a report on JIRC for EMEWS).

Hilary Palmer to contact club coaches to review approach to Coaching Day
John Hurley to chase up Judith Holt about organise Welfare & Safeguarding session

Chris Phillips to contact Junior Squad and let them know of these 4 points


Treasurer’s Report

Following on from the EMOA AGM the Treasurer confirmed that there was still over £800 in the Junior Squad Building Society.

Mark has a BO return to complete and it was agreed that:

Access to Fixtures Database – Paul Beresford as Regional Fixtures Secretary, Pauline Olivant for Schools, Hilary Palmer for Coaching Fixtures

John Hurley as Chair

Mike Gardner as Secretary

John Hurley as Association Contact

Mark Webster to complete return to BO



  1. We have hosted the Regional Planners / Controllers Conference which was a good day having 23 regional attendees. The purpose of these events is to improve the quality of events in EMOA. The only problem is we do tend to get the same people every time.

  2. Chris asked Club Reps - Do we want to repeat the event, and if we do, should we change the format at all? How do we get folk to attend who don’t normally attend? Should we even change the target group so as to include inexperienced planners at all? Could we get a response for January meeting.

  3. In terms of the Regional Training Day, we are due to schedule the next one at the end of 2015. Do we want the usual courses? Club Reps – do you want the event at end of 2015? What courses would clubs want at the Training Day? Do they have any attendees names already?

  4. Chris stated there is no formal job description for the Development Officer. What do the clubs want the Regional Development Officer role to cover? Chris to share his ideas with the clubs and request feedback. Mike to ask members in EMEWS.

  5. In terms of Coaching Development Hilary Palmer reported that EMOA have 1 new level 2 coach. There are also 4 more level 2 coaches to be assessed by the end of the year. There is a level 2 coaching course coming up at the end of January and Hilary still has a space on it. If anyone has any other names please contact Hilary

  6. The Coaching Conference is coming up in January and Hilary plans to attend on behalf of EMOA. Can we support her costs? It was agreed we had budget for conference attendance and Hilary should be supported in this (Chris Phillips proposed; Mike Gardner seconded – all attendees agreed unanimously).

  7. Hilary also asked Club Reps to encourage their clubs to support their coaches in attending the Coaching Conference in January

Club Reps to respond to questions on future Planners / Controllers Conference (for Jan meeting)
Club Reps to respond to questions on future Training Day (for Jan meeting)
Chris Phillips to provide ideas for what the Development Officer role should cover so that club reps can share with clubs and get feedback. Mike Gardner to ask members in EMEWS what they want.
Club Reps to request clubs support their Coaches in attending the Coaching Conference



There was no correspondence received.



Paul Beresford was unable to attend but shared a detailed note on fixtures which was read by Chris Phillips. There was a Fixtures conference that Chris also attended with Paul and the following points were noted:

i ) One thing that was noted was that there had been a general reducing trend in the number of Level D and above events registered across UK, and this has been mirrored in EMOA (2011-136 events; 2012-124 events; 2013-124 events; 2014-120 events)

ii) A request was made for Club Fixtures Secretaries to respond more quickly to Paul with details of events.

iii) There are a lot of events on the BO Database with no postcode defined, or event officials. Please ensure that these details are populated for all events.

iv) There is a Fixtures Secretary Newsletter which has all details for Club Fixtures Secretaries and they are encouraged to read it.

  1. EMOA League 2014 - All going well currently, only issue is that NOC are struggling to get a controller for Walesby.

  2. EMOA League 2015 – So far have 15 events identified. At present DVO are missing any events in the autumn.

  3. 2014 Urban League – All going OK. Final event scheduled for Oakwood.

  4. 2015 Urban League – Have this almost fully defined with 8 events for 2015.

  5. EMOA Night League – Paul has still to define rules for a Night League. Some events have already taken place so may need to wait until next year to start properly.

  6. Future Major Events

i) 26 October 2014 Midland Championships at Longshaw Estate (DVO) – After a few problems such as changing car park, event will go ahead.

ii) 29 November 2014 – First East Midland Sprint Champs – Abbotsholme (DVO) – EMOA want to know if DVO expect EMOA to fund prizes or if DVO are arranging anything

iii) 15 March 2015 CompassSport Cup (NOC) at Sherwood Pines – NOC need to appoint an out of club controller. They may suggest the same controller who is controlling Red Bull Event at same area.

iv) Yvette Baker Trophy Round in 2015 – EMOA Committee suggested that the DVO event at Kedleston Park be used for this.

v) Yvette Baker Trophy Final 2015 – NOC are still working with the University to get final permissions.

vi) 29 November 2015 - East Midlands Champs 2015 – Birchen Edge (DVO).

vii) 27 February 2016 - British Night Champs 2016 – Cademan Woods (LEI) – The terrain assessment has completed successfully. Risk assessment has been completed. Mapping in progress.

viii) 28 February 2016 - Midlands Champs 2016 – Sherwood Forest (NOC). At present there are no event officials names in place (though controller has been appointed).
g) Future Possible Events

i) Peter Palmer Relays 2016 – Is there any club interested in hosting in 2016? Walesby was suggested as possible area.

ii) British School Score Champs 2017 – The event is currently proposed for Bradgate.

iii) Junior Inter-Regional Champs 2018 – EMOA are scheduled to host this. Any suggestions would be welcomed. We need to decide if we can host this event by March next year.

iv) Midland Champs 2018 – LEI have a proposed area. LOG need to see if Burleigh meets requirements and get back to Fixtures Secretary as soon as possible.

v) British Sprints / Middles 2019 – Will need a decision as to whether we can host by end of 2015.

vi) Midland Champs 2020 – As EAOA not able to host Midland Champs we will be back on rota so will be expected to host again. Any volunteers?

vii) British / British Relays – We are tasked to host these in 2021 or 2022. Do we want to host? Have we the areas? Would we prefer to use another Region’s areas? We will need to have a decision by end of 2016 (would be easier than JK as all organisation would be within the region).
h) Other Fixtures Items

i) Red Bull Event – The situation as regards the Red Bull Event to be held in Sherwood Pines was discussed. The actual series of events were that Red Bull approached the Forestry Commission about the event (they have a Director in Switzerland who is an orienteer). The Forestry Commission agreed to the event. They then approached NOC Chairman who requested them to talk to British Orienteering. As Red Bull and Forestry Commission wanted to go ahead whatever (they were going to use the NOC map anyway) NOC agreed to get involved in helping put on the event

Club Reps to request Club Fixtures Secretaries to respond to Paul quickly (and ensure event details are completed).
Club Reps to see if can find a controller for Walesby
Mike Gardner to see what events DVO have to be included in EM League 2015.
Paul to determine events and plan for Night League 2014/15

Mike Gardner to verify if DVO are giving prizes as Sprint Champs
Mike Gardner to check that use of DVO event at Kedleston for Yvette Baker Trophy is acceptable to club

Pauline Olivant to get names of officials for Midland Champs 2016

Club Reps to (again) consider where we could use for JIRCs as a base.
Mike to ask in EMEWS
Amanda Roberts to get LOG to verify if they believe Burleigh can meet requirements for Midland Champs 2018.
Paul Beresford to follow up with NOC Fixtures secretary about Peter Palmer 2016
Club Reps – Get clubs to review if they can support any of these future events



No reports had been received


EMEWS: The next EMEWS will be out in a weeks’ time. Future EMEWS will be after each meeting.


Any Other Business:
Amanda Roberts asked how LEI were getting on with the Forestry Commission Fineshade Office which covers their southern area. LOG have spent a lot mapping an area and now Forestry Commission have said they cannot use it. In addition they are having problems with a lot of other areas. It was suggested that Amanda get Paul Murgatroyd to talk with Chris Phillips. Then to contact British Orienteering to discuss at a National level.
Amanda informed the committee that Anne Gibbs had taken over as LOG Fixtures Secretary.

Amanda Roberts to get Paul Murgatroyd to talk to Chris Phillips
Amanda Roberts to ensure Paul Beresford was informed that Anne is now LOG Fixtures Secretary


Dates and venues for future meetings:

All meetings to be held at the Pace Room, St Mary’s Church, Clifton Village, Nottinghamshire at 7.30 p.m.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 26th January 2015.

The following committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd March 2015.

John Woodall to book hall for next committee meetings.

Meeting closed at 9:32pm

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