Duties not performed

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Dental Team and Workforce Issues
Duties not performed



“Resolved, that those states permitting expanded duties by dental auxiliaries define those duties which dental auxiliaries will not be permitted to perform in compliance with individual state dental practice acts.”

Educational requirements



“Resolved, that definite educational requirements be instituted for the proper training of dental auxiliaries in expanded duties and the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) should study existing American Dental Association (ADA) approved programs to determine the appropriate educational requirements.”



“Resolved, that the AGD believes that a dental hygienist or other dental auxiliary, in accordance with their training and education, and state law, shall, under a dentist’s supervision, perform those aspects of treatment delegated by that dentist; and be it further

Resolved, that the setting in which a dental hygienist or other dental auxiliary may perform legally designated functions shall be a treatment facility under the jurisdiction and supervision of a licensed dentist; and be if further

Resolved, that the AGD shall use the following definitions of ‘supervision’:
General Supervision means that the dentist has authorized the procedures and they are being carried out in accordance with his/her diagnosis and treatment plan.
Indirect Supervision means that the dentist is in the dental office, authorizes the procedure and remains in the dental office while the procedures are being performed by the auxiliary.
Direct Supervision means that the dentist is in the dental office, personally diagnoses the condition to be treated, personally authorizes the procedure, and, before dismissal of the patient, evaluates the performance of the dental auxiliary.
Personal Supervision means that the dentist is personally operating on a patient and authorizes the auxiliary to aid his or her treatment by concurrently performing a supportive procedure.”



“Resolved, that in the training, education and utilization of dental auxiliaries for the purpose of assisting the dentist in providing high quality dental care through performance of expanded functions, it shall be the recommendation of the AGD that such auxiliaries be permitted to perform under the direct supervision of the dentist those functions which do not require the professional skill and judgment of the dentist and are in compliance with laws of states which have provisions for expanded functions, and be it further

Resolved, that the dentists, and only the dentist, is responsible for the examination, making the diagnosis and formulating the plan of treatment, performing surgical or cutting procedures on hard or soft tissue, fitting and adjusting corrective and prosthodontic appliances, prescribing therapeutic agents and making impressions for other than study casts, and be it further

Resolved, that final decisions related to dental practice and utilization of dental auxiliaries rest with the state society and the state board of dentistry, and be it further
Resolved, that the AGD recognize the necessity of effectively utilizing dental auxiliaries to maximize the efficient use of the dentist’s time and skills.”



“Resolved, that all duties performed by any dental auxiliary must be done under the direction supervision and control of the dentist and that he or she be directly responsible for the actions of his or her auxiliaries performing those duties.”

Dental team concept



“Resolved, that the AGD supports the dental team concept as the best approach to providing the public with quality comprehensive dental care, and firmly supports direct supervision of the practice of dental hygiene, and be it further

Resolved, that this policy be conveyed to the ADA, the American Dental Hygienists Association, and state and provincial boards of dental examiners, and be it further

Resolved, that Policy #85:25-H-7 be rescinded.”
Recruitment strategies



“Resolved, that the AGD believes that its individual members can make a significant contribution to resolving the dental auxiliary shortage by attempting to recruit potential dental team personnel, and be it further

Resolved, that the AGD play a key role in solving the dental auxiliary shortage by:

1. Encouraging AGD members to recruit dental auxiliaries each year, using materials provided by the ADA.
2. Educating AGD members to properly manage dental auxiliaries through:
a. a request that the AGD editor publish an appropriate article in AGD Impact.

b. a request that the Council on Annual Meetings and International Conferences establish a course on this subject.

c. Suggesting to the AGD Foundation to offer an appropriate practice management course showing dentists how to properly manage and therefore retain dental auxiliaries.

d. Asking AGD constituents to publish appropriate articles on this subject, tailored to local needs.”

Dental hygienists, authority of the state boards



“Resolved, that because of the nature of dentistry and the manner in which it is delivered to the public, it is the policy of the AGD that dental hygiene should remain under the authority of the various state boards of dental examiners and that dental hygiene education should remain under the purview of and be accredited by the Joint Commission on Dental Accreditation.”

Workforce, adequacy of present dental workforce


“Resolved, that the AGD adopt the following statement relative to the adequacy of the dentist workforce in 2002:

The dentist workforce in the United States is sufficient to meet the needs of the public demand for dental services. Geographic imbalances exist in localized areas due to a variety of factors. Where these imbalances result in shortages, the affected regions must be examined and addressed individually for appropriate solutions. The development of a responsive, competent, diverse, and “elastic” workforce should address potential increases in demand for dental services.”
Public information available to public of dental office safety

92:30 H 7

“Resolved, that the AGD believes that any advertisement of the HIV status of the dentist or any member of the dental team is misleading to the dental consumer, and be it further

Resolved, that all members and dental personnel are encouraged to work to educate the public and all patients on the safety of dental procedures and the precautions taken by dental professionals to safeguard patients’ health in the dental office.”
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