Dry Eye Questionnaire

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Dry Eye Questionnaire
Dryness of the eye can cause problems adapting to contact lenses. Please take the time to answer this short questionnaire. This will enable us to take special measures if you are likely to experience dryness whilst wearing contact lenses.
Please circle the categories throughout the questionnaire that best apply to you:
Age group:
(Under 25) (25 - 45) (over 45)
Currently wearing:
(No contact lenses) (hard contact lenses) (soft contact lenses)
1. Have you ever had any treatment for dry eyes in the past?

Yes (2) No (1) Uncertain (0)

  1. Do you ever experience any of the following symptoms?

a. Soreness (1) b. Scratchiness (1) c.Dryness (1) d. Grittiness (1) e. Burning (1)
3. How often do your eyes have these symptoms?

Never (0) Sometimes (1) Often (2) Constantly (3)
4. Are your eyes usually sensitive to cigarette smoke, smog, air conditioning, or central heating?

Yes (2) No (0) Sometimes (1)
5. Do your eyes become very red and irritated when swimming?

Not applicable (0) Yes (2) No (0) Sometimes (1)
6. Are your eyes dry and irritated the day after drinking alcohol?

Not applicable (0) Yes (2) No (0) Sometimes (1)
7. Do you take:

Antihistamine tablets (1) or use antihistamine eye drops (1), Oral Contraceptive (1), diuretics (tablets for fluid retention) (1)
8. Do you suffer from arthritis?

Yes (2) No (0) Uncertain (1)

  1. Do you experience dryness of the nose, mouth, throat or chest ?

Never (0) Sometimes (1) Often (2) Constantly (3)

  1. Do you suffer from thyroid abnormality?

Yes (2) No (0) Uncertain (1)
11. Are you known to sleep with your eyes partly open?

Yes (2) No (0) Sometimes (1)
12. Do you have eye irritation as you wake from sleep?

Yes (2) No (0) Sometimes (1)

The result

Please bring this questionnaire to your initial contact lens consultation where we will discuss the results with you and your suitability for contact lens wear.
You may wish to calculate the score yourself, to do this you must add your score from the questionnaire to your gender age score listed below:
Gender Age Score

Male or Female Under 25 (0)

Male 25-45 (1)

Female 25-45 (3)

Male Over 45 (2)

Female Over 45 (6)

Total score ..........
A score of:

Less than 10 means you should experience no contact lens related dry-eye problems.
Between 10 and 20 is suggestive of borderline dry eye problems. Special strategies may need to be used in order to enjoy contact lens wear.
Over 20 is indicative of dry eye - contact lens wear may be possible on a limited basis while adopting a special strategy.

Mc Monnies et al (1998) Optimum dry eye classification Advances in Experimental and Medical Biology 438: 835

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