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Easter in Spain
Spain has lots of religious celebrations, but one of the most important is the Easter festival. Each area, city and town has its own way of celebrating, but the town of Seville has some of the most spectacular and elaborate celebrations.

The Easter celebrations get started on Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) in Spain and last all the way through Holy Week – La Semana Santa and finish on Easter Monday – el Lunes de Pascua. Maunday Thursday is called Jueves Santo, Good Friday is called Viernes Santo and Easter Sunday is called Domingo de Resurrectión.

To wish someone a Happy Easter you say

¡Feliz Pascua! or ¡Felices Pascuas!

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is called Domingo de Ramos and marks the beginning of Holy Week. Many people go to church for a special mass in the morning and children are often given a palm branch by their godparents. This represents the olive branches laid on the ground to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.

Boys carry a simple palm branch, and the girls carry a branch that has been decorated. They often have sweets, tinsel or other decorations hanging from them.

Holy Week

During Holy Week or La Semana Santa lots of street processions take place, sometimes one every day. In Seville the processions set off from all the different churches and go to the cathedral before returning back to their home church. Depending on where the church is this can take hours and may not finish until the early hours of the morning. Lots of people take part in the processions and lots more watch as they pass by.

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