Do you have a window of opportunity for spinal correction? Pain management vs. Wellness care

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Although usually effective, chiropractic care is not to be used solely or primarily for pain management. My practice is about helping people recover from their impairments and thereafter trying to restore nervous systems to their optimal function and improving patients’ overall quality of life. As a specialist, a chiropractic orthopedist, my care is usually very effective for pain management. I have helped many medically proclaimed permanently disabled patients recover. I have also helped many patients improve who have had multiple failed spinal operations. However much of my practice is wellness care. Patients who understand and agree with the principles of chiropractic, at first receive pain and disability management  care and thereafter receive regular weekly spinal adjustments to improve their welfare and quality of life toward health. Health is perfect mind and body function. No one is perfect, therefore we all strive toward health. Some patients have a large window of opportunity to correct their spinal deformities, others have a small window of opportunity for correction, and some have no window for correction (this will be explained in detail in this text).


Wellness care is based on the fact that the nervous system controls and regulates all body functions and expressions. Chiropractic philosophy states; “The body’s innate (inborn) intelligence maintains and heals all body impairments. The nervous system is the means of communication”. Misaligned vertebrae (backbones) disturb the nervous system’s ability to function normally, resulting in abnormal or aberrant body function and expressions. Specific chiropractic spinal adjustments reduce vertebral subluxation misalignments during each visit, evoking improved whole body function and expression.

I have had many disabled patients who have required significant corrective care to recover from their impairments. Once recovered they maintained regular, long term spinal adjustments to improve whole body function and a better quality of life as chiropractic wellness patients. With the passing of time they are now in better physical condition than 25-30 years ago; and their non chiropractic friends and family members are in worse physical condition. 


Wellness chiropractic care promotes life pleasures, sleeping through the night, continue working with less impairments or pain free, improving your golf swing, and possibly being disease free; whatever makes your life better. Wellness patients understand chiropractic is a new, improved lifestyle, and not exclusively for pain relief.

Chiropractic was the first wellness care healing art profession. Today, wellness care is the biggest most publicized methodology offered by many healing art professionals. Chiropractic still remains the leading wellness profession. I have offered wellness care to patients in Manchester, New Hampshire for over 40 years.  

Patients perform prescribed spinal strengthening exercises, tailored for their spinal deformities, prior to receiving adjustments at the health center and at home, two times a day for 5-10 minutes performance for each exercise. These exercise maneuvers help spinal adjustments maintain reduction of vertebral subluxation misalignments longer.

When misalignments are reduced to a degree (provable by comparative x-rays), if the patient becomes noncompliant, discontinuing care, not following the recommended wellness adjustment program; the misalignments will return to their former malposition, with aging they cause bodily malfunction and misalign further. This is based on the primary cause of subluxation misalignment deformities. The frequency of wellness adjustments is dependent on life styles, the primary cause of recurrent vertebral subluxation misalignments.

Major recurrent subluxation causes are understood by most patients, e.g. auto accidents, falling from a ladder, down a flight of stairs, etc. Subluxation are also a result of imbalanced repetitive physical activities, e.g. one sided raking, shoveling, hammering, vacuuming, golfing, tennis, baseball, carrying groceries, children or heavy objects, etc 


Subtle causes of subluxation are unavoidable and not initially understood by most patients. Subluxation results from a body not adapting to environmental stressors. Chiropractically they’re grouped into three categories; thoughts, trauma, and toxins (TTTs). Not all TTTs cause subluxation, only those which the body cannot adapt. Missing a step walking down a dark stairway does not cause subluxation unless the body is not prepared. Stepping off a 2 inch platform can create enough stress to cause subluxation. The effect of poisons or toxins causes subluxation even without their ingestion, common and unavoidable. They create inflammation responses and adverse biochemical changes causing vertebral subluxations with crippling consequences, dis-ease and disease. Water, essential for life needs to be replenished every day. What happens when life force become toxic assaults? Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals pollute our water supplies, and now even “second hand drugs” in our water supply are a concern. In actuality, antibiotics, birth control pills, beta blockers, etc., were discovered in sewage, treated water, and rivers ten years ago; up to 90 percent of excreted drugs can remain biologically active. Scientists report that 17-alpha ethinylestradial; a pharmaceutical estrogen is detectable in water systems worldwide. (Physiological Genomics 2006 Nov 27 (3): 328-36) 

What is your solution to improve your spine and your potential health? Patients having awareness of negative lifestyle stressors, can try transforming lifestyles to a more natural and beneficial existence. Simple changes like drinking bottled distilled water and eating certified organic foods are a good start. There is a broad range of possible lifestyle changes unique to each person. Reducing negative lifestyle stressors and receiving a continuum of wellness chiropractic spinal adjustments, you are doing everything constructive to improve your quality of life, while you have a window of opportunity to reduce vertebral subluxation misalignments.  

Patients seeing entrance x-rays, with complications of serious deformities beside vertebral subluxations are considered unstable. One complication is vertebral body tilting (the front block-like part of the back bone). A worse complication is tilting with the bone above sliding off the one below sideways, a few or several millimeters (one millimeter is approximately 0.04 inch). More than three millimeters of slippage is considered unstable and qualifies for a percentage of whole body permanent impairment, according to the Guides of the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment published by the American Medical Association; in over 40 years of practice, I have never seen these conditions correct themselves. Unless the law of gravity changes, these conditions will become protractivally worse; both the vertebral body tilting and the vertebral body sliding off the one below. Both are serious complications. I have seen patients with these in their low back who could no longer stand, and others whose legs would suddenly give out without warning. 

Patients have an acutely small window of opportunity for correction of vertebral subluxation misalignments, if vertebral body tilting and slippage is severe. This necessitates long term corrective care to prevent the condition from becoming progressively worse. Others have a larger window of opportunity for correction, if the vertebral body tilting and slippage is not as severe; also necessitating long term corrective care to prevent the condition from becoming more severe. Both are high profile complications and require frequent spinal adjustments (perhaps daily) and long term corrective care (perhaps many months), with or without apparent symptoms of pain or dysfunction. Only post-care x-rays compared to entrance x-rays can demonstrate the impact of corrective care and the degree of reduction of these deformities, and the future necessity and frequency of follow-up corrective care. It is important to know, these complicated conditions develop slowly (usually over several years), therefore they are slow to correct, if at all possible (depending on their severity). Non-complicated spinal deformities can easily develop into complicated deformities without proper chiropractic corrective care. How do you think complicated deformities manifest?

Vertebral body tilting and sliding sideways off the one below is most commonly seen in the low back (lumbar spine). Severe nervous system interference usually affects the legs and feet. In the neck (cervical spine) vertebral body sliding off the one below usually displaces forward or backward. Severe nervous system interference usually affects the arms and hands. The lumbar spine can demonstrate sliding displacement forward, backward, or a combination of all three displacements. These nervous system disturbances to the extremities (legs and arms) represent involvement of only one branch of the nervous system. Other branches go to the internal organs. Usually a long time passes before the consequences of organic disease manifests, and most people will never recognize the cause. 


A more serious complication is vertebral body tilting and sliding off the one below sideways, forward or backward with degenerative joint disease. Severity is the same as above (degree of tilt and sliding) further complicated by the extent of degeneration. If the degenerative joint disease is mild to moderate a large window of opportunity exists for correction or reduction of the misalignments; however the window of opportunity for correction is much smaller than the above conditions without degeneration. If the degenerative joint disease is moderate to severe a small window of opportunity for correction or reduction of the misalignments manifests. If the degenerative joint disease is severe with degenerative lipping, spurring and fusion (ankylosis) the structure presents immobility with no window of opportunity for correction or reduction of the misalignment manifests; and the condition is permanent. This does not mean that the patient does not necessitate chiropractic care. Other misaligned vertebrae, not ankylosed (fused together), should be specifically adjusted to reduce the vertebral subluxation misalignments and improve nervous system function. Frequently spines without adjustments become progressively worse causing more extensive degenerative joint disease, immobility and fusion.

Receiving chiropractic care while a window of opportunity manifests for correcting or reducing vertebral subluxation misalignments to protect and safe-guard your health potential and well-being. Do you think exercise classes and gymnastics is the answer? I think not! Chiropractic spinal adjustments are the only means to remove a quantum of physical stress from your nervous system, on every visit. No other health care system can remove such physical stress from your nervous system, in fact; most actually increase damaging nervous system interferences, with chemical (drug) toxins, etc.

Your body (no matter its’ physical condition) was a gift from your natural existence; do something constructive to better enhance your ability to function.

Many have seen loved ones or friends become progressively sick and die. We all have a life span with ultimate death. The question of paramount importance and profoundness is, “ Will you do something constructive to reflect a better and more meaningful life?”.

Think about it! Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present. What present time consciousness will you pursue to help safeguard and protect your body and your families’ well-being?

Make an appointment for wellness care. Do it now!

Chiropractically yours,

Dr. Ronald J. Aragona

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