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District Medical Group – Children’s Rehabilitative Services Phoenix

Primary Care

Scope of Care / Services

2014 – 2015


DMG is a not for profit faculty practice plan operated by physicians consisting of more than 350 providers who represent all the major medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties. DMG is part of the academic faculty practice plan for University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and is affiliated with the area’s most comprehensive teaching hospital and medical center, Maricopa Medical Center.

District Medical Group Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG-CRS) is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all qualified applicants and employees, without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry or disability. Our policy of nondiscrimination extends to the care of patients and other persons interacting with DMG.

DEPARTMENT: Children’s Rehabilitative Services Primary Care Clinic

MAJOR PURPOSE: To provide outpatient comprehensive health care services to improve the health and quality of life for children. DMG-CRS ensures integration of member services, quality management, provider relations and medical management.

DMG-CRS offers delivery of family-centered, culturally and linguistically competent services in a multi-specialty clinic in a manner consistent with the CRS mission, philosophy and objectives.


To improve the health and well-being of individuals in Arizona based on a balanced program of patient care, education, research, and community service.


To provide high quality, innovative medical care delivered in a respectful and fiscally responsible way. As a trusted partner in training the future healthcare providers in Arizona, we provide an environment that attracts and supports highly talented, compassionate providers.

POPULATION SERVED: DMG Primary Care clinic will treat all patients under the age of 18. Including Members of DMG employed families, CRS patients and their Siblings, and any other child in need of a primary care provider. CRS was historically a children’s program to treat specific medical conditions. CRS now also serves the adult (over 21) population with specific medical conditions if they choose to continue care with Childrens Rehabilitative Services.

WHERE AND WHEN THE CARE/SERVICES ARE PROVIDED: The large and beautiful CRS clinic is located in downtown Phoenix at 3141 N. 3rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013 Clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

DMG CRS Primary Care Clinic

Scope of Service

Primary Care Services include but are not limited to:
Coordination of Care

Sports Physicals


Well child visits


Vision screening

Hearing screening

Developmental Screening

Internal and External Referrals as needed

Same day sick child visits with RN phone triage

Primary care services are supported with Child Life and Social Work services if needed. With years of clinical experience and innovation within the primary care specialty, our goal is to provide pediatric patients with the best possible care from non-invasive to surgical treatment options.

Care and Services provided by:

Direct Personnel (Have direct impact on patient care – Physicians, medical assistants etc.

Required Staffing

At least two staff members will be present when patients are in the clinic.
One will be a licensed provider and the other will be a medical assistant.
Additional support staff may include but are not limited to;

Translator, Social Work, child Life, Patient Advocate etc.


Average Daily Census (or work volume indicator)


Primary Care

Dr. Troy Nelson

Dr. Patricia Halpe

Dr. Sipes

Nichole Frazier-Zaruba, RNP

Support Staff

Medical Assistant 1

Medical Receptionist 1

Registered Nurse 1

Total Support Staff 3


President and Chief Executive Officer: Kote Chundu, MD

Chief Clinical Operations Officer: Wendy Burkholder

Chief Financial Officer: Craig Jones

Medical Director: Troy Nelson, MD

Director of Clinical Operations: Jennifer Williams

Nurse Manager: Maria Ress

Medical Director Troy Nelson, MD is a pediatrician who provides direct patient care, oversight, direction and guidance to Children’s Rehabilitative Services on a daily basis.

  • Interacts with other providers to determine patient needs and goals

  • Consults with other providers as needed

  • Confers and participates in multi-disciplinary meetings/planning sessions

  • Is a Primary Care Clinic Provider


Daily clinic staffing is the responsibility of the Manager. The following parameters are considered in the development of staffing guidelines:

  • Based on the needs of the population served

  • Provider availability

  • Volume of patients visits and procedures

  • Level of nursing care required

  • Physical layout of the area

Variations in core staffing may occur with vacation time, sick calls and family medical leave. When staffing variances arise, the Manager or designee will work to cover the clinic. Support staff fluctuations are handled by their designated departments and by rotating personnel from lower volume clinics. There will be at least two staff members in the clinic while patients are receiving care (at least one of the two requires a license such as MD, DO, RN, NP, PA-C).

Qualification and skill level are specified by individual job descriptions. The staff is evaluated upon hire and annually according to DMG policy. In-services are provided with the input of the Medical Director and Manager or designee. Specific staff requests, community trends, initiation of new equipment, or policy changes may be used to identify educational needs. Outside service providers are also used to provide educational in-services.


Education/training for families and patients regarding condition, information and treatment options as documented in the electronic medical record. Foreign language translation is available as needed, including translation for the deaf/sign language.

There is a convenient central family waiting room with snack machines and an area for dining. Each clinic has a waiting room with video game and television available for children. A LabCorp Laboratory is located within the building (for patient convenience). CLIA waived lab services are performed by clinic staff members.


Services provided are in compliance with multiple standards and guidelines, which include but are not limited to:

  • Arizona Department of Health Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Standards

  • Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Standards

  • Medical Licensure requirements

  • Medical Society Clinical standards and guidelines

  • Center for Disease Control guidelines

Children’s Rehabilitative Service 3141 N. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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