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edited 4/01/2014

Rotary International

April 01, 2014

To: Club Secretaries 2014-2015

From: Joe Ferguson, District Secretary
Re: Club Secretary Notebook

Since the beginning of Rotary Clubs, the job of the Club Secretary has been a very important and essential one for an effective Rotary Club. Careful record keeping, preservation of important club documents, reporting to Rotary International and the District, doing the minutes of the Club Board of Directors and assisting the Club President are key tasks of a good Club Secretary. An effective club must have these tasks done well.

Today the role of the Club Secretary continues to be important. And the nature of the job is changing. Technology and electronic data entry are altering the job tasks of the Club Secretary. I encourage you to take full advantage of the features offered in the Rotary International Member Access Section of the www.rotary.org web site and the District database DaCdb at www.rotary7570.org .
This notebook is designed to help the Club Secretary understand this changing job role, and offer guidelines for the effective use of new technology-driven ways to accomplish the job. I hope it will be helpful. When needed, the notebook will be updated

Joe Ferguson, District Secretary

2014- 2015


Rotary International D7570

District 7570 Club Secretary’s Notebook

Section 1 Overview of the Job

1-A-1 Responsibilities of the Club Secretary & Club Treasurer ...…………

1-B-1 Basic Weekly Tasks ……………………………………………

1-C-1 Monthly Tasks …………………… ………………………………

1-D-1 Semi Annual Tasks …………………………………………….…

1-E-1 Annual Reporting of Information on club officers …………..…

1-F-1 Membership Status Reporting & Records ..…………………

Section 2 Monthly Attendance Reporting

2-A-1 Key Attendance Reference Materials ……………………………

Section 3 (intentionally empty at this time)

Section 4 Using the new D7570 Web Site & Club Web Sites

4-A-1 through 4-A-2 Building and maintaining District 7570 Membership Database

Section 5 Using the new RI Member Access

5-A-1 through 5-A-3 How to use the Rotary International Member Access ………..

Section 6 Adobe Acrobat

6-A-1 Adobe Acrobat Reader ………………………………………………

Section 7 (intentionally empty at this time)

Section 8 Resource Library

8-A-1 Resource Library and the Club Secretary ……

8-B-1 Basic Reference Documents………………………………

8-C-1 Basic Stuff Needed by the Club Secretary ………………

8-D-1 Membership Development Resources ………………

8-E-1.………… ……………………………………… ………..…

8-F-1 This is Rotary ……………………………………

8-G-1 The ABC’s of Rotary ...……………………

8-G-2 A Century of Service – The Story of Rotary International……………

Section 9 Virus!

9-A-1 Recommended Software …………………………

Section 10 - Rotary International Club Secretary’s Manual

RI portion of Manual is easily downloaded from the RI website www.rotary.org

Incoming club presidents were given the Club Officers’ Kit in preparation for PETS.

Section 1 Overview of the Job
The club secretary is a key position of responsibility in club administration. RI states

"Secretary. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep the records of membership, record attendance at meetings, send out notices of meetings of the club, board and committees, record and preserve the minutes of such meetings, make the required reports to Rotary International, including the semiannual reports of membership, which shall be made to the general secretary of Rotary International on 1 January and 1 July of each year, and including prorated reports to the general secretary of RI on 1 October and 1 April of each active member who has been elected to membership in the club since the start of the July or January semiannual reporting period, the report of changes in membership, which shall be made to the general secretary of Rotary International, the monthly report of attendance at the club meetings, which shall be made to the district governor (in D-7570, to the district secretary) within 15 days of the last meeting of the month, collect and remit, to Rotary International, subscriptions to The Rotarian, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of secretary." Some clubs may have delegated some of the above responsibilities to committee chairs and others. However, "the buck stops" with the secretary. Some also find it more convenient and workable to combine the office of secretary and treasurer. 2010 MOP, Club Bylaws, Article 4, Section 6, states:

"Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to have custody of all funds, accounting for same to the club annually and at any other time upon demand by the board and to perform such other duties as pertain to the office of treasurer. Upon retirement from office, the treasurer shall turn over to the incoming treasurer or to the president all funds, books of accounts or any other club property."
Suggested Readings:

The secretary should be very familiar with the following items detailed in the 2013 MOP, Standard Club Constitution: Pages 198-203, 205-208

Art. 5 – Five Avenues of Service

Art. 6 - Meetings

Art. 7 – Membership –kinds, transferring members, honorary

Art. 8 – Classifications

Article 9 – Attendance requirements

Art. 12 - Duration of Membership, Rejoining, Termination (Non-attendance and other causes)

April 1, 2014


Section 1 Overview of the Job

Attendance: Priority job of the secretary is to record attendance at the weekly meeting of the club and incorporate that attendance record into the ongoing attendance records for each member. Most clubs have well-established methods of doing this.. Secretaries are encouraged to avoid developing a “special” system because the secretary following might have a nightmare trying to understand. If your club is having problems with this basic task, the District’s Assistant Governors or the District Secretary can provide assistance

April 1, 2014


Section 1 Overview of the Job

  1. By no later than the 15 days following the last meeting of the previous month, and for the month just closed, the club’s attendance data is to be submitted in the district database DaCdb. (Rotary Club By-Laws make this a requirement of the position of Club Secretary.) The Assistant District Secretary will be overseeing attendance and can be contacted at: Email: Mark Graham- mgraham@ehc.edu

  2. Fax: 276-944-6598, Mail: 413 Bradley street, Abingdon, Virginia 24210,

Ph. 276-676-3535
2. Board of Directors meetings: In most clubs, the Secretary usually provides notice of upcoming meetings of the Board of Directors. The Secretary assists the President as needed to prepare for the meeting. At the meeting, the Secretary is expected to:

  1. Present the minutes of the previous meeting for approval

  2. Keep minutes of the meeting

  3. Report attendance information to the Board of Directors

  4. Advise the Board of Directors if any member is in violation of attendance requirements

  5. Present to the Board any other membership matters, including new member applications

April 1, 2014

Section 1 Overview of the Job

  1. Semi-Annual Report: Just prior to 1 January and 1 July, Rotary International sends the Club Secretary the Semi-Annual Report (SAR), which is the official listing of members for the club with Rotary International. The Club Secretary is required to update the listing and with the Club Treasurer, to pay the required dues. A copy of the summary sheet is also sent to the Governor.

BEST PRACTICE: The Club Secretary should update all membership updating electronically, using www.rotary.org (Member Access) as needed throughout the year and then complete the SAR including making payment of dues to Rotary International via the Rotary Member Access at www.rotary.org Also, a completed worksheet must be forwarded to Rotary International. Club Secretaries using the RI Member Access no longer need to send add, change, and delete reports on the three-part form to the governor and RI as this is automatically transmitted electronically upon entry on the website.. See notebook Section 5Rotary Member Access” for more information.

Member data should also be kept updated in the District database DaCdb of www.rotary7570.org. Note that transmitted changes to the District database DaCdb will be automatically sent to www.rotary.org.

SAR= Semi-Annual Report

April 1, 2014


Section 1 Overview of the Job

  1. Official Directory Data:

In November each year, Rotary International sends the Club Secretary the “Official Directory Data” form, consisting of data from “member access” of www.rotary.org . This is a useful reminder for the secretary to ensure the club is ready to elect new officers for the upcoming Rotary year no later that December 15. It is the official reporting document from the club to Rotary International of the names and addresses of the new officers, as well as basic information about the club. This data is printed in the Official Directory of Rotary. The form must be sent to Rotary International by 31 December. Otherwise, the club will not have current information in the new Official Directory. This form asks for information on the new Club President for the upcoming year, and also for the new Club Secretary for the upcoming year.

BEST PRACTICE: The club is encouraged to report this information via the new Rotary Member Access at www.rotary.org . See notebook section “Rotary Member Access” for more information. If the club uses the Member Access to report this information, the club need not mail back the “Official Directory Data” form to RI.
2. District 7570 information: It is important to note additional reporting requirements to the District:

a. Copies of the RI Election of Officers report from must be sent to the current District Governor and the incoming Governor. Clubs using the Rotary International Member Access need not send this report to the Governor and DGE.

b. It is important to keep the District database DaCdb up to date as well. When a member of the club is elected/appointed to a new club office, update the job assignments for that person, at the club website. This ensures the email system works properly. (Note: the district secretary makes the updates for Rotarians assuming new district jobs).

c. When a club member, listed in the directory, has a change in personal information, update the district website database DaCdb. Transmitted changes will be automatically sent to the District Secretary.

d. The District Directory includes contact information on key club officers: President, Incoming President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Foundation Chair. In addition, there is information on any club member who might hold a district appointment. The Editor of the printed District Directory uses the club officer information and extracts data from the district website database to develop and maintain the directory.
April 1, 2014


Section 1 Overview of the Job

  1. Change of Data: If a member has a change in address, phone, or membership type, the Club Secretary will make changes utilizing the District database DaCdb. Transmitted changes will be sent automatically to www.rotary.org “member access”

  2. Report of Membership Terminated: If a member terminates, and after the Board of Directors accepts the termination, the Club Secretary should make changes utilizing the District database DaCdb. Transmitted terminations will be sent automatically to www.rotary.org “member access”

  3. Reporting New Member: Early in the process of bringing a new member into the club, it is essential to have the new member fully complete the “Membership Proposal ” form (223-EN). Some clubs use their own form for this purpose; however these club-designed forms shall contain all the information on the Rotary “Membership Proposal ” form. This information is the beginning of the data on this new member, and is referenced for several purposes. When a new member joins the club, the Club Secretary should enter new member data in the District database DaCdb. Transmitted new member data will be sent automatically to www.rotary.org “member access”.

April 1, 2014


Section 2: Monthly Attendance Reporting
Attendance at weekly club meetings is an important required aspect of being a Rotarian, for without reasonable levels of attendance, a Rotarian cannot build fellowship and acquaintances in the club. The Club Secretary must record attendance, make the members aware of attendance requirements, keep the Board informed when members are not in compliance with attendance requirements, and follow Board directives on necessary actions when members fail to meet attendance requirements.
To accomplish this, the Club Secretary must use the District Policies and Procedures Manual, the Club Constitution, and the Club By laws for guidance. The official reference is the RI Manual of Procedure 2013, and the attendance requirements are set out in Article 9 of the model Constitution of a Rotary Club. A copy should be ordered from Rotary International for reference use by the Secretary and the Board of Directors. The RI Manual of Procedure 2013 reflects the enactments of the 2013 Council on Legislation. .

Basic Attendance Requirements

  1. Fifty Percent Rule: A member must attend (or make up) fifty percent of all meetings from July to December and also all meetings from January to June. Also, it is expected that the member be present for sixty percent of the actual meeting in order for attendance to count.

  2. Consecutive Four: A member cannot miss four meetings in a row.

  3. Home Club attendance: A member must attend thirty percent of the meetings of the home club in each half year.

  4. Rule of 85: If a member is at least 65, and the aggregate of her/his age plus years in Rotary total 85 or more, the member may request, in writing, to the Club Secretary that the Board excuse him or her from attendance rules. See MOP 2013

  5. Make-ups: Can be done within two weeks prior to a missed meeting, or two weeks afterward. Make-ups include attending another Rotary Club’s weekly meeting. Make-ups can also include attending any authorized club meeting, sub-meeting or project provided the member is duly assigned as part of this group. Make-ups include attending an Interact or Rotaract meeting as well as District and RI official meetings. See MOP 2013

  6. Leave of Absence: May be granted by club BOD action. See MOP 2013.

  7. Rule of 85 and LOA members will not be counted in attendance calculations, but are included in the official club active member roll

April 1, 2014


Section 4 D7570 Web Site & Club Web Sites


Every Club Must Participate
In 2007, the District Legislative Assembly voted, without dissent, that all D7570 Clubs must participate in the district/club website and database program. Each club pays an annual fee to offset some of the expenses of the database. This annual fee is billed in mid-July. At a minimum, clubs are expected to maintain accurate member data including contact information…especially email addresses. Further, clubs are expected to correctly identify club officers and other key leaders.
Accessing the websites and database
This program is especially helpful to club officers and leaders and also offers benefits and features to every Rotarian. To login to the system, a Rotarian’s basic membership data must first be entered by the Club President, President Elect, Secretary or Club Communications Officer. A club member (level one log-in) is required to enter their email address and Rotary International I.D. as a username/password to login. Once done, the system can be marked to “remember” this log in data. Any club member with higher than level one log-in status (officers) may also enter the club number
Websites and the database can be accessed several ways:

  1. Go to www.rotary7570.org This is the district website and a good source for latest information. On the top tool bar, click on “clubs” to see a full list of the district clubs. On the tool bar, click on “District Database” to enter the database section. After clicking on “DcCdb Login” you are required to enter your email address and Rotary International I.D.

  2. If your club has an established URL and Club web site, go to that website and use the link provided there to access the database

  3. Go to www.dacdb.com This is the webmaster’s website. Scroll down on the left side to District 7570 and click to enter our district website. Then follow the steps outlined in #1 above.

Every Rotarian
Every Rotarian can and should keep his/her member profile up to date. Doing so helps the club maintain accurate member records. Here is how:

  1. Log in to the database

  2. On the top white tool bar, click on “Members”

  3. On your data page, now click “edit member”

  4. Make the necessary changes/updates

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the yellow button “update”

April 1, 2012


Management of the website/database
Primary responsibility for management of the website/database is assigned to the Club Communication Officer and Club Secretary. The President and President Elect also have full editing/management security access. For added security, these key officers must log-in with their email address, Rotary International I.D., and club number. These four key club leaders can:

  1. Maintain accurate club member data

  2. Report monthly attendance to the district via the database system

  3. Maintain an up-to-date Club Calendar

  4. Post Club Bulletins and Newsletters to the website/database

  5. Set up the Club Committee structure in the database to facilitate easy communications

Training on the websites/database
Several training opportunities are offered to help key club leaders use the website/database system efficiently. They are:

  1. In June and early July, web conferences will be offered to show how key club leaders can do the tasks listed above. These web conferences will be announced in advance by email invitations to the key club leaders.

  2. Training modules and videos are available on the website/database:

    1. Go to www.rotary7570.org

    2. On the tool bar, scroll over to “District Database”

    3. Now click on “database videos” and also on “database training”. These sites offered detailed training on all the basic tasks.

  3. Upon your request, the District IT Committee can assign a “mentor”, who is an experienced club leader knowledgeable on the website/database system.

District and Club Database (DaCdb)
The District and Club database (DaCdb) offers some added functionality, which is available at nominal cost. Each function is optional for the Club or Member.
1. Weekly Attendance reporting (automatic calculation of percentages and monthly reporting);

2. DUES and Invoicing module (simple billing with balance forward, or interface to QuickBooks).

3. High visibility using YOUR club name in the new web sites feature, using our domain name, for example: The Kingsport Club now has such a website at www.rotary7570/kingsport  

MEMBERS (for $1/week per function):

1. A Rotarian-2-Rotarian business directory (advertise your business and services to other Rotarians);
2. A JOBS module (job openings at your business to other Rotarians,
    (however, posting a Member's resume is always FREE).
April 1, 2012


Section 5 Using the New RI Member Access

Is Member Access secure?

Yes. Rotary takes your privacy seriously. When registered for the Member Access section of the Web site, Rotary secures your information by using password protection and restricting access to authorized users.

What are the benefits of using Member Access?

Once registered, you will have access to a variety of online services specific to your affiliation with Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.

These services may include:

  1. Making TRF contributions

  2. Viewing your TRF contribution/recognition history

  3. Registering for RI Meetings

  4. Searching the online Official Directory

  5. Managing your Rotary e-mail subscriptions

  6. Viewing secure sites

The Rotary International [RI] "Rotary Member Access" makes it possible for clubs to do business electronically with R.I. via the Internet. The Rotary Member Access is password controlled and offers features and access dependent on the club or district office held.

What kind of information does Member Access allow me personally to see?

Please see the chart on the next page

If you have any questions, please contact our Contact Center which is available for all Foundation-related inquiries. They can be reached at 866-9ROTARY (866-976-8279) or by e-mail at Contact.Center@Rotarv.org.

April 1, 2014


Step-by-step instructions on set up to use the Member Access

Before you start, take note: The Rotary International database contains club information on the current Rotary year Club Presidents and Secretaries based on the Club Information Forms which were submitted to Rotary International for the current Rotary Year by the individual Rotary clubs. This information is published in the Rotary Official Directory. First check your club’s listing in the Official Directory. (Each club secretary was mailed a copy of the directory or a directory CD in early July). Very Important: If club current officers do not match those listed in the directory (for whatever reason) you will not be able to access the information until the club information is updated. In this case, the “listed officer” (per the directory) must first access the system as described below and “Update Club Information” and then the new club officer(s) will be able to gain access and follow the same procedure. Contact Joe Ferguson at FLJBox@comcast.net should you need help correcting the RI record of your club officers mid-year.

Step 1

Before you can use the Member Access, you must Register with Rotary International.

Log onto the Rotary International Web Site http://www.rotary.org

  1. Under the tool bar at the top of the page, click on “Member Access”

  2. When the page comes up, under “Not Registered Yet?”, click on “Register Now”

  3. Next enter your “District Number”. This is the four-digit number which identifies your district. (Our district is 7570)

  4. Next enter your “Club Number”. This is the Rotary International identifier for your club. Your Club Secretary has this number on the RI Semi Annual Report.

  5. Next enter your personal Rotary International Membership ID number. Your Club Secretary can give you this number, or you can find it on the Rotarian Magazine mailing label (top left number - omit the leading zeroes).

  6. Now click on the “Continue arrow” just below the Membership ID field.

  7. If your email address is already a part of RI records, it will appear on the next screen for your verification. You will soon receive an email from Rotary International assigning you a Password. After you enter for the first time, you can modify/change this password if you wish.

  8. Once you have received your assigned Password from RI, you are ready to enter the RI Member Access.

NOTE: If you do not receive a password, contact the Rotary Web Manager at bondis@rotaryintl.org Give her a full explanation of what you’ve just done and the problems you are encountering. Clearly identify yourself, your club, and your district and provide your membership ID, your club ID and your District ID. Also tell her what UserName you created.

April 1, 2014


Step 2

Congratulations, you've come to the final step. By now, you've received your Password from Rotary International. Now use the Member Access.

  1. From the Rotary Home page, click on the "Member Access" section of the tool bar at the top of the page.

  1. On the next screen, enter your UserName (now your email address) and the assigned password given you by Rotary International (via email).

  2. Click on the Arrow just next to the Password field and wait for the portal window to open. PLEASE BE PATIENT . . . this may take some time as you are accessing the RI Secured Server and how long it takes will depend on what type of connection you are using.

  3. When the portal opens, a series of menu buttons will appear for you to make your selection. These menu options are dependent on offices currently held in Rotary.

April 1, 2010


Section 6 Adobe Acrobat

Using the free download
As Rotary expands use of technology, and as clubs make more effective use of technology, there are some basic problems to be solved. To be able to send information to each other, we must overcome the problems with different persons use different software. Happily, this problem is not a huge one, and techniques exist that solve 95% of these problems.
Rotary International, District 7570, and many other Rotary organizations have standardized on using Adobe Acrobat, a piece of software that takes a multitude of types of files from various software products and puts them into a “standard” form which can be transmitted via email or electronically to another person or persons. Many of the downloads at the official web site of Rotary International are only available in Adobe Acrobat format. Our district is using the Adobe Acrobat for our downloads we offer as well.
When you receive and open an Adobe Acrobat file, or a *.pdf file, you can read it, save it or print it out. But you cannot edit it or fill it in electronically. In order to receive and open a *.pdf file, you must have already installed the free download, Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. This is a fairly easy procedure, and we strongly recommend all club officers using the Internet and making frequent use of Email download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Here are steps to get you started, and then all you do is follow the directions given on the screens:

  1. Go to: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html .

  2. Choose the English language

  3. Select your platform (the operating system on your computer…Windows 2010/2013/ Windows XP for example)

  4. Place your name and email address in the boxes provided

  5. Select a country

  6. Click on “Download”

  7. Elect to “save the file on your computer” and note where you save the file. It is “ar500enu”

  8. Now go to that file you saved and click on it to start the actual installation of the Reader on your computer

  9. Once this is done, anytime you click on a *.pdf file, the Reader automatically opens the file so you can read it. Remember: You can read it. You can print it out. You can save it. You cannot edit or fill it in electronically.

April 21, 2014

Section 8 Resource Library
More than any other Club Officer, the Club Secretary is expected to be everything to everybody!
Continuity is vitally important in a Rotary Club. The Club Secretary and the Club Treasurer provide continuity. In this role, the Club Secretary maintains a basic resource library and also assists the club in ordering needed materials all year long. ALL RI DOCUMENTS ARE NOW DIGITAL AND AVAILABLE ELECTRONICALLY.
These four resources are very useful:

  1. Catalog of Rotary International: Latest addition available in July. Can be ordered free from: Rotary International Catalogue Orders, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. Useful for orders of many basic Rotary materials used by most clubs.

  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rotary International Catalog is electronic. Rotary has a “store” on the official Rotary web site: www.rotary.org Anyone wanting to order materials can go to this “store”, enter items and quantities, check out and pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

  1. The Russell-Hampton Company catalog: Contains many basic materials and supplies used by most clubs. Order free by calling 1-800-877-8908. There are also other licensed vendors

  1. www.rotary.org is the official web site for Rotary International. Many downloads of materials are available on this Internet site. Note: The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download some of these materials.

  1. www.rotary7570.org is the official web site for District 7570. Many downloads of materials and training modules are available on this Internet site. Note: The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download some of these materials.

April 1, 2014


Section 8 Resource Library
The Club Secretary must maintain some basic documents for reference by the Board and Club Officers. These include:
Official Directory of Rotary International: (007-ENP) Cost: One copy free to each club. Published each year in June-July. Basic reference document of all RI officers and offices, listing of all Rotary Clubs in the world for travelers and/or clubs wishing to make connections for partnering on projects(not available for on-line purchase). Also available in CD format.
RI Manual of Procedure 2013: (035-EN) Basic reference document for club and officers. Updated and re-issued every three years after the Council on Legislation. Also contains constitutional documents of RI and the Rotary Foundation.
Standard Rotary Club Constitution: (WO [web only]) Free download. Basic reference tool for the club to insure local club constitution is in compliance with the “standard” approved by RI. Note: Also in Manual of Procedure 2007

Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws (WO [web only]) Free download. Guideline for local club on model by laws for a Rotary Club. Note: Also in Manual of Procedure 2013

May 16, 2014


Section 8 Resource Library
While other leaders in the club may have some assignments related to new members, generally the Club Secretary is the coordination point for processing of the proposal, processing and final actions on a new member.
Essential in this whole process is the Rotary International form, “Membership Proposal Form” (223-EN) This can be copied, or it is available from the Catalog 200X of Rotary International. Also can be order electronically at www.rotary.org
It is recommended that the Club Secretary have a supply of these forms on hand for membership development.
Note: Forms can be ordered electronically at www.rotary.org

May 16, 2014


Section 8 Resource Library
Every club must work on membership development all year long. Finding good Rotarians and keeping good Rotarians must be of highest priority for a Rotary Club. These are resources a club will want to have for membership development.
This is Rotary (see page 8-F-1)
Membership Development Resource Guide (417-EN)

Booklet outlining procedures for building club membership, offers hints on how to recruit and retain members, ideas for effective new member induction and orientation

New Member Orientation (414-EN)

A companion publication to Rotary Basics (596A-EN). This is a resource for Rotarians responsible for creating and updating their club’s new membership education program. Includes guidelines for effective orientation as well as worksheets and resource listings

Rotary Basics (595A-EN)

What every Rotarian should know. Companion publication to New Member Orientation (414-EN)

Membership Development Booklet (916-EN)

Information on membership development recognition programs, resources, and tools to help clubs recruit and retain

How to Propose a New Member (254-EN)

Brochure includes basic procedure for proposal and election of a new member. Many clubs offer this on the “back table” each week and encourage members to take one and consider proposing a new member. Also includes a Membership Proposal form.

The ABCs of Rotary (see 8-G-1)

  • History of Rotary (921-EN)

  • Take a Look at Rotary (867-EN)

  • This is Rotary (449-EN)

Forms are subject to changes by updated

May l6, 2014

Section 8 Resource Library

All clubs want to have some basic materials to use with prospects and new members. The brochure, “This is Rotary” (001-EN) is used by many clubs. It is available through the Catalog 200X of Rotary International
It is recommended that the Club Secretary have a supply of these on hand for use in new member development.
Note: Now can be ordered electronically at www.rotary.org

May 16, 2008


Section 8 Resource Library
This is an attractive short book written by RI Past President Cliff Dochterman, and is the “best selling” publication in the Catalog of Rotary International. Order number is 363-EN
Many clubs consider this to be the primary orientation device for new members and offer it as a special gift to each new member. Some clubs use the book all year long, and have a “Rotary Minute” at each weekly meeting, and have a Rotarian share one of the items from this book.


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