TrH. Head trauma
  Facial Trauma (mandibular, dental) TrH31 Facial Trauma
Mov. Movement disorders, Ataxias
  Acute akathisia and drug-induced parkinsonism
CN. Cranial Neuropathies
  CN11-12 Disorders cn11-12 cn11-12 Disorders
Mov. Movement disorders, Ataxias
  Parkinsonism, Parkinson’s Disease Mov10 Parkinsonism, Parkinson’s Disease
Spin. Spinal Disorders
  Degenerative Disc Disease Spin11 Degenerative Disc Disease
Onc. Oncology
  Pituitary Tumors Onc26 Pituitary Tumors
S. Symptoms, Signs, Syndromes/S40-48. Sleep disorders
  Excessive Daytime Somnolence S44 Excessive Daytime Somnolence
Eye. Ophthalmology
  Conjunctival and Scleral Disorders Eye78 Conjunctival and Scleral Disorders
  Corneal Disorders Eye76 Corneal Disorders
  Optic Nerve and Visual Pathways Disorders
Pha. Phacomatoses, Neurocutaneous disorders
  Tuberous Sclerosis Pha5 Tuberous Sclerosis
TrS. Spinal trauma
  Anterior Neck Injury TrS21 Anterior Neck Injury
  Office Address
  Neurosurgery. 1998 Oct;43(4): 842-52; discussion 852-3
A. Neuroscience Basics/A79. Taste
  Taste A79 Taste Physiology
A. Neuroscience Basics/A65-77. Cranial Nerves
  Facial Nerve A73 Facial Nerve
TrS. Spinal trauma
  Vertebral Column Injury (specific injuries)
USMLE 2/Endocrine system, metabolism (2701-2800)
  Endocrine system Anterior Pituitary Disorders
S. Symptoms, Signs, Syndromes/S1-3. Language, Speech, Aphasia
  Speech Disorders
Dev. Developmental anomalies
  Cranial Remodeling (Techniques) Dev15 Cranial Remodeling (Techniques)
Ped. Pediatrics
  Perinatal Period Ped9 Perinatal Period
Ear. Otology
  Auditory Pathways xxxxx Auditory Pathways
  Anatomy Cerebrospinal Fluid
Eye. Ophthalmology
  Retinal Disorders Eye63 Retinal Disorders
Mov. Movement disorders, Ataxias
  Cerebellar Disorders Mov5 Cerebellar Disorders
A. Neuroscience Basics/A55-59. Brain Stem
  Brain Stem Lesions A59 Brain Stem lesions
  Chapter (I) Anatom
Vas. Vascular
  Ischemic Stroke Vas3 Ischemic Stroke
  Ngai, A. C., T. S. Nguyen, and J. Y. Chua. Collateral flow enhancement by pharmacological dilation of leptomeningeal collaterals improved outcome following middle cerebral artery occlusion. Stroke. 40: e221, 2009
Vas. Vascular
  Cerebral Vasculopathies Vas35 Cerebral Vasculopathies
  Adult brain death assessment checklist
Ear. Otology
  Middle Ear Disorders Ear38 Middle Ear Disorders
D. Diagnostics/D45-59. Neuroimaging (X-ray, CT, MRI, PET, MRS)
  Plain Radiography D47 Plain Radiography
Ear. Otology
  Inner Ear Disorders Ear36 Inner Ear Disorders
TrH. Head trauma
  Ocular, Eyelid, Eyebrow Trauma
  Department of neurosurgery peer Reviewed Journal Articles: 2010 dr. Drake 2010
Onc. Oncology
  Vascular Tumors Onc24 Vascular Tumors
  Curriculum vitae sepideh amin-hanjani, M. D
USMLE 2/Endocrine system, metabolism (2701-2800)
  Endocrine system Hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis)
  Khaled Aziz, md, PhD
data/kafedra/internal/lor/zbtest/медичний факультет/5 курс/нейрохірургія/нейрохірургія/English
  Epidural hematomas are frequently followed by Skull fractures
  Co = hr X sv sv determined by: Preload, Afterload and Contractility
  A simplified policy for management of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Mohammed Adawi md, Islam Aboulfetouh md, Ahmed Saleh md
  Egyptian spine journal Predictive Factors for Dural Tear in Lumbar Spine Surgery
  Muhammad ahmad mahmoud mourad
  Fronto orbital advancement and forehead remodeling for correction of anterior calvarial craniosynostosis, surgical technique and results in low economic facilities: Banha Experience
  Outcome of Cranioplasty with Different Materials in Pediatric Patients : Experience in a limited facility centre Mohamed Adawi md
data/kafedra/test3/english/medical/5 c
  Epidural hematomas are frequently followed by A. skull fractures
  Neurosurgery at the Leeds General Infirmary
  Curriculum vitae camilo m. Castillo, M. D. Page  personal information : Name
directory neurosurgery  

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