Acanthomatous ameloblastoma- a case report
  Richmond crown -for restoration of badly mutilated posterior teeth- a case report
  Richmond crown-for restoration of badly mutilated posterior teeth: a case report
  Endodontic management of an unusual mandibular second molar by using spiral computed tomography: a case report
  Conservative management of cutaneous facial sinus tract of odontogenic origin: a case report
  Review article mercury toxicity- a public health concern
  Articl title: Contemporary Diagnostic Aids In Endodontics
  Abstract Background
  Case report acute herpetic gingivostomatitis in an adult patient aged 45 years associated with local factors
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  Maxillary sinus osteomyelitis : a case report
  Review article imaging modalities of maxillofacial implants: a review
  Original article salivary cortisol changes in children during dental extractions
  Review of literature Author
  Case report an ectopic unerupted tooth in maxillary sinus
  Case report odontogenic keratocyst: a case report with review
  Original article “histomorphological study of salivary gland neoplasms: a 2 year study”
  Case report non surgical management of cutaneous sinus tract of dental origin: a report of three cases
  Case report 01
  Tympanohyal part
  Case report unusual case of a talon cusp on a supernumerary tooth in association with a hyperdontia: a view on their etiopathogenesis
  Delayed facial nerve palsy, an uncommon complication of tympanomastoidectomy Abstract
  Abstract Supernumerary teeth, is defined as teeth that exceed the normal dental formula, regardless of their location and morphology it can be found in almost any region of the dental arch both in the primary and permanent dentition
  Title: Spiral Computed Tomographic a diagnostic Tool In Treating Mandibular Second Premolar With Atypical Canal Pattern – a case Report. Abstract
  Osteomyelitis of the maxilla: a case report
  Title: “a rarity–Cases of Natal Teeth”
  Review article treatment options for management of mandibular anterior crowding in mixed dentition
  Hypohidrotic (anhidrotic) Ectodermal Dysplasia
  Case report hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: a casereport and literature review
  Review article an overview of adverse reactions caused by prosthetic biomaterials
  Treacher collins syndrome a rare congenital disorder
  Crouzon syndrome: a case report
  Case report treacher collins syndrome a rare congenital disorder
  Review article precision attachments; applications and limitations
  Cost effective pre-fabricated semi-precision attached overdenture a case report
  An unusual case of radix paramolaris in mandibular first molar: diagnose with spiral ct followed by root canal treatment
  Review article review on methods of recording vertical relation
  To study the relationship of oral hygiene and gingivitis with the influence of tooth brushing habits in children of meerut district
  Original article morphological
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  Review article midline diastema: treatment options
  Periodontal disease amongst indian geriatric population a review
  Treatment of blunder buss canal: a case report
  Case report rushton bodies: a rare entity in radicular cyst
  Aneurysmal bone cyst of the frontal bone: a case report
  Rushton Bodies: a rare entity in Radicular Cyst Dr. Shubhangi Khandekar, Dr. Alka Dive, Dr. Divya Sao, Dr. Anand Rajderkar Abstract
  Original article dentigerous cyst of maxillary sinus: a clinical study
  Endoscopic assisted therapeutic marsupialisation of vallecular
  Case report an unusual lower neck mass
  Original article a prospective study of skin manifestations in chronic kidney diseases
  Congenital lamellar ichthyosis in newborn: a case report
  A case of sulfonylurea induced phototoxicity in an elderly subject
  A rarity-cases of natal teeth
  Review of literature
  Case report cellular mesoblastic nephroma: report of 3 cases
  Review article effect of tobacco on oral-health an overview
  Antifungal drug resistance is fast becoming a major problem
  Original article
  Clinico-epidemiological study of facial hypermelanoses introduction
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  Case report peutz jeghers syndrome a case report
  Case report peripheral calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor –a case report and brief review of literature
  Squamous cell carcinoma foot with ilio-inguinal lymphadenopathy- a case report
  Case report malignancy in an amputated leg stump – a rare case
  Title: Fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary gland lesions and its diagnostic pitfalls – a tertiary care centre experience from North East India introduction
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  Role of Preoperative Cytology in the Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Neoplasms. Introduction
  Original article a clinicopathological study of salivary gland tumors
  A clinicopathological Study of Salivary Gland Tumors Abstract
  Anaesthetic management of huge parotid tumour: a rare case
  Case report peripheral calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor –a case report and brief review of literature
  Case report canalicular adenoma of salivary gland
  Case report canalicular adenoma of salivary gland
  Sl No. Description of Field
  Dentin hypersensitivity-revisited
  Dentin hypersensitivity-revisited introduction
  Review article dentin hypersensitivity revisited
  Original article a study on ossicular defects in patients with tubo-tympanic type of csom
  Pleomorphic adenoma of palate a unique presentation
  Frontal mucocele and diplopia a case report
  Case report parotid Abscess: An Unusual Cause of Facial Nerve Palsy
  Case report cystic lymphangioma: an atypical presentation
  Case Report: Tuberculous Sialo-cutaneous Fistula Authors
  Giant salivary gland stones measuring over 3cm are extremely rare with only scanty reported cases
  Rare giant submandibular gland calculus: a case report
  Treacher Collins syndrome: a rare case report
  Anesthetic challenges faced in a child with treacher-collins syndrome
  Genetic aspects of dental caries part I
  Management of intrinsic discoloration advanced treatment options: case report
  Review article importance of mouth guards in sports: a review
  Jemds title page
  Names of Author/ Authors ( as you want them to appear in the journal) in the same order as in copyright form
  Original article
  Original article seroprevalence of hepatitis-c virus in blood donors and high risk individuals
  Nosocomial urinary tract infection due to trichosporon asahii: a rare case report
  Original article intra lesional triamcinolone for solitary and multiple chalazia
  Case report ectopic supernumerary nasal tooth
  Original article
  Keratocystic odontogenic tumor in association with floating mandibular third molar resembling an odontome: a case report
  Traumatic supero lateral dislocation of intact mandibular condyle with symphysial segmental fracture a case report
  Case report acrodysostosis a rare skeletal dysplasia
  Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour of maxilla: a case report
  Title page Osteoma of mandibular condyle- a rare Entity 1
  Original article
  Case report osteoma of mandibular condyle a rare entity
  Case report: unusal foreign body in submandibular space
  Unusual foreign body in submandibular space
  Case report branchio-oto-dysplasia syndrome: a rare presentation of branchial cleft anomalies
  Source of data
  Original article anatomical study on intra-parotid course of facial nerve and its terminal branches
  Case report infantile hemangioendothelioma of the submandibular gland – a case report
  Endoscopic assisted therapeutic marsupialisation of vallecular cyst in a seven year old boy a rarity in modern clinical practice
  A study of incidence, clinical presentation and risk factors associated with ectopic pregnancy
  Audit of Perforation Peritonitis in rural setup at nkpsims and rc nagpur for 2010 -2012
  Review of literature
  A case of missing iucd introduction
  Bladder perforation with intrauterine contraceptive device
  Unusual case of utero-enteric fistula
  Original article rupture of a previously scarred uterus at 26 weeks of gestation
  Uterine rupture with simultaneous bladder rupture a case report
  Case report spontaneous unscarred fundal rupture of uterus at 16 weeks of pregnancy
  Pigmented basal cell carcinoma: a rare clinical and histopathological variant
  Branchial anomalies: a retrospective analysis in a tertiary care hospital
  Title: “Eye Ball Hanger” – An Indigenously designed Device for Donor Corneal Evaluation in Enucleated Eyes. Introduction
  Original article development of human laryngeal cartilages
  Clinical image reversible hyperintense dentate lesions
  Accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of neck masses
  Endoscopic treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis : a clinical study Kuchhal Vaibhav* Ahmad Shahzad
  Aruna Patel2, Brijesh Singh
  Original article
  Extracranial head and neck schwannoma case report
  Study of correlation between computed tomography and nasal endoscopy in chronic headache
  Primary multilocular hydatid cyst of neck-a rare case report
  Case report ectopic thyroid in a thyroglossal duct cyst
  The presence of ectopic thyroid tissue is due to the developmental defect of thyroid gland that leads to abnormal location of the thyroid tissue. It occurs when there is an arrest or irregularity in its descent
  Dual thyroid ectopia: a rare case report
  Variations in the division of common carotid artery and in the course of superior thyroid artery: a case report
  Case report post traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the occipital artery: a rare entity
  Case report traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the superficial temporal artery- rare case reports
  Case report a case report of bilateral subclavius posticus muscle
  How relevant is Eustachian Tube function in surgical outcome of Tympanoplasty? Abstract
  Csom, Tympanoplasty and Cortical Mastoidectomy
  Endoscopic dcr a comparative study between conventional mucosal flap, mitomycin c application and silicone stenting
  Case report caldwell luc approach current scenario
  Keros type 3 olfactory fossa: a case report
  Case report pyocele of lacrimal sac unusual presentation
  Case report chondromyxoid fibroma of mastoid process – an unusual presentation of a rare tumor
  Study of sinonasal variations by ct scan and nasal endoscopy in chronic sinusitis: a prospective clinical study
  A study of postoperative laryngospasm in paediatric age group
  Original article 360 degree subannular tympanoplasty: a retrospective study
  A rare case of central retinal vein occlusion with cilioretinal artery obstruction in a young female-a case report
  Original article a comparison of autorefractometer with cycloplegic retinoscopy in children aged 3 to 15 years
  Original article clinical study of mechanical ocular injuries and their visual outcome
  How to cite this article
  Case report cavernous haemangioma of parapharyngeal space: a case report
  Case report of anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
  Monilethrix krishnendra Varma1, Ankit Agrawal2 1Professor and hod, Department of Dermatology, R. D. Gardi Medical College. 23rd Year Post Graduate Resident, Department of Dermatology, R. D. Gardi Medical College. Abstract
  Case report laryngocele: a case report
  Original article histopathology in chronic tonsillitis: a retrospective analysis
  Maxillofacial and orbital injuries evaluation by three dimensional mdct introduction
  Case report anaesthetic challenges in a case of trans-orbital penetrating brain injury by a tree twig
  Original article a study on tubercles at the anterior margin of the foramen magnum
  Complete absence of suprascapular notch- a case report
  Aims and objectives
  Role of fine needle cytology in the diagnosis of head & neck mass lesions introduction
  Original article fnac findings in children aged 1-10 years with cervical lymphadenopathy
  Case report nasolabial rhabdomyosarcoma: a rare case
  Jemds com Pleomorphic adenoma leading to anatomical division of the parotid gland
  Review article vernal keratoconjuctivitis: a review
  Case report congenital hypoplasia of depressor angularis muscle
  Original article study of the outcome of various surgical procedures for simple congenital blepharoptosis
  Case report an interesting case of stroke due to eagle syndrome
  Original article injection botulinum in paralytic strabismus
  Case report duane retraction syndrome (type 1A) in a male child
  Sinonasal schwannoma: a rare cause of nasal obstruction: a case report
  Role of canine fossa puncture in endoscopic sinus surgery our experience
  Original article the comparative study of conventional septoplasty and endoscopic septoplasty
  Angiofibroma of nasal septum: a case report
  Inferior turbinectomy for nasal obstruction-study of 219 cases abstract
  Study on causes and management of persistent ear discharge after mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma
  Original article a clinical and microbial study of otomycosis: an original study
  Case report management of cervical cystic hygroma with recurrent pneumonia
  Case report anaesthetic management of a two year old child with retropharyngeal abscess
  Original article the incidence of thyroid malignancy in nodular goiter: a retrospective analysis in a medical college hospital
  Review of literature vergis Paul
  Lemierre syndrome: a rare case of forgotten disease: a case report
  Case report a case report of bilateral subclavius posticus muscle
  Original article association of epstein barr virus with mucosal squamous cell cancers of head and neck
  Case report a rare case of endobronchial neurofibroma
  Corpus callosum dysgenesis : a case study
  Determination of age by study of closure of endocranial sutures
  Herpes encephalitis-imaging: case report
  Enterococcal brain abscess of otogenic origin: a case report
  An unusual case of pulmonary mucormycosis presenting with paraplegia and spinal cord infarction
  A rare presentation of scrub typhus as adem
  Case report a rare case of: marchiafava-bignami disease
  Case report anaesthetic management in a patient with arnold-chiari malformation type I and syringomyelia
  Original article pattern of moter neuron disease in north india-study at teriary care center
  Peg insertion under tiva in an infant with spinal muscular atrophy type I: a case report
  Cardiac Amyloidosis in a patient with Multiple Myeloma Abstract
  Original article variation in size and shape of a normal adult female pituitary gland: a radiological study
  Review of literature mamatha P
  Mri assessment of Conus Medullaris Termination (cmt) in North Karnataka Population. Authors: Ugale ms, Survase rg, Ugale gm, Mayappanavar r h abstract: Background
  Spontaneous spinal epidural haematoma in a patient on oral anti-coagulant therapy: a case report
  Manuscript the study of Post-mortem Ocular changes and Eye banking
  Study on efficacy of conjunctival autograft surgery with limbal stem cells in advanced, recurrent pterygium
  Original article safety and effectiveness of 20g sutureless pars plana vitrectomy: a prospective study at sarojini devi hospital, hyderabad
  Original article surgical results of pars plana vitrectomy combined with small incision cataract surgery
  Case report a syndrome of extensive peripapillary myelinated nerve fibres, high ipsilateral myopia and refractory ambylopia
  Original article role of optical coherence tomography in central serous chorioretinopathy
  Original article toxic anterior segment syndrome (tass) with severe pigment dispersion
  Original article anterior capsule staining using 025% trypan blue in all phacoemulsification cataract surgeries
  Central retinal vein occlusion (crvo) is one of the most common retinal causes for diminished vision. An Indian study showed a prevalence of 1%
  Case summary
  Case report pigmented basal cell carcinoma – an unusual presentation and its management
  Original article study on management of epiphora in patients with obstruction at various levels of nasolacrimal apparatus
  Review of preseptal and orbital cellulitis
  Case report outcome of cataract surgery in a patient with bilateral microcornea and iris coloboma
  Ischaemic diabetic maculopathy: a warning sign in south indian population
  See the unseen with ubm: unilateral multiple irido-ciliary cysts a rare case report
  Doi: 10. 14260/jemds/2014/2265 case report no vision to vision in a case of bilateral retrobulbar neuritis
  Original article ocular manifestations in hiv and aids individuals at sarojini devi eye hospital, hyderabad
  Original article a comparative study of surgically induced astigmatism in straight, frown and modified chevron incisions in manual small incision cataract surgery
  Original article a study on metopic suture in cadaveric skulls of assamese people
  Review article computer vision syndrome: a short review
  A retrospective study of maternal mortality due to postpartum haemorrhage over the period of last 10 years in a tertiary care centre
  Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma versus microneedling with topical 5% minoxidil in patients with androgenetic alopecia- a comparative study
  Original article cerebral angiographic findings in non traumatic intracranial bleed: unenhanced computed tomographic correlation
  Case report spontaneous resolution of acute subdural haematoma
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