Sources Sought Notice
  Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (mds2)
  Performance work statement for dental laboratory services (pws)
  Page of pages
  State: New York Construction Types: Building, Heavy and Highway
  Price list for removeable and fixed dental prosthetics
  Quality assessment of dental laboratory procedures
  Presolicitation Notice
  Presolicitation Notice
  Justification for single source awards iaw far 13. 106-1
  Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Notice
  Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Notice
  Sources Sought Notice
  Sources Sought Notice
  Days after the response date recovery act funds
  Solicitation number base notice type
  Solicitation number base notice type
  Request for information (rfi)
  Medical Gases Maintenance Service
  Sources Sought Notice
  Item No. Stock No
  Description/specifications/statement of work background
  Sources Sought Notice
  Classification code
  Unrestricted or
  Unrestricted or
  Product Description clin 1
  Sources Sought Notice No.: Va246-13-i-0366
  1. Purpose 1 The overall purpose is to provide and install Laser Photocoagulator at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (slvhcs) Outpatient Ophthalmology Clinic 2400 Canal St, New Orleans, la 70119. Scope
  Pascal streamline photocoagulator
  Solicitation Number: va-247-14-q-1066 Notice Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Synopsis
  Table of Contents section b continuation of sf 1449 blocks 2
  Offerors shall rsvp for the October 7, 2015 pre-proposal conference no later than 2: 30 pm on October 1, 2015, in accordance with Section E. 2 of this rfp. Otherwise, the Offeror will not be permitted to attend the pre-proposal conference
  Otolaryngology (ent)
  Stroboscopy unit for speech
  Sources Sought
  Part Number/Description Qty
  Statement of requirement
  Solicitation number va249-15-q-0709 is issued as a Request for Quote (rfq)
  Classification code
  This is not a solicitation. This is a Sources Sought Notice only
  And contracting requirements
  Section 02 82 13. 13 Glovebag asbestos abatement
  1. requisition no. Contract no
  To the Government, price and other factors considered
  Clinical process standardization
  Clinical process standardization
  Solicitation Number: 36C24718Q0429 Notice Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation Synopsis
  This notice is intended strictly for market research
  A. This is a sources sought announcement only. It is neither a solicitation announcement nor a request for proposals or quotes and does not obligate the Government to award a contract. Requests for a solicita
  Description of item statement of need items needed for instrument set for ent and plastic surgery services in the oper
  Contract Number Contractor
  Product service code (psc)/naics information
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