Directions: Use the link below to research a current event that interests you

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Directions: Use the link below to research a current event that interests you:
Save this assignment form as a googledocs document. Complete questions 1-8 below and share this completed form with me at
What kind of current events to look for:

Appropriate: Not really appropriate:

Politics: war, scandal, conflict, laws, elections, politically controversial ideas, etc…

Sports : No game recaps, scores, significant playoff victories. If an athlete or athletic event had a large impact on society then maybe, but run it by me 1st.

Health and Welfare (viruses, vaccines, safety issues, health studies)

Entertainment :no celebs or gossip news

Business and Economy (stock market news and trends, big investments, national and international economic news, etc…)

Irrelevant News: ads, cartoons, stories that have little impact on the community, articles shorter than 100 words

Science and Technology (new inventions, scientific research, space exploration, etc…)

Complete all questions below:
1. Title of your current event:
2. Source (cut and past link):
3. WHO is the news clip about?
4. WHEN did the event take place?
5. WHERE did the event take place?
6. Please summarize the article below in at least 5 well written complete sentences

7. Share your opinion about the article. How do you feel about the issue?

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