Diploma in dental therapy for registered dental hygienists

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The Diploma in Dental Therapy is offered to registered Dental Hygienists as a 2 years programme which is part time for 2 consecutive days per week. This unique Diploma is awarded by the University of Bristol, and is delivered at Bristol Dental Hospital and School and the new South Bristol Community Hospital. The programme commences in April each year.
Applications must be made on our official application form. These can be obtained either directly from the School for DCP training, or via our web link, www.dentalschool.bris.ac.uk and by clicking onto Dental Care Professionals, Dental Therapy. Applications must be received by 31st October to be considered for entry the following April. Interviews will take place late November.
Dental Therapists are registered with the General Dental Council, which is the statutory body for regulating dental professionals within the UK (www.gdc-uk.org). The GDC monitors education and the programme’s curriculum complies with the GDC documents ‘Preparing for Practice’ and ‘Standards for Education’. (Education and Quality Assurance).
A Dental Therapist is a Dental Care Professional who works as a member of the dental team in all sectors of dentistry. They provide a range of restorative dental treatments to adults and children and the delivery of oral health care and advice.
A flexible team approach, high levels of manual dexterity, professionalism and a caring attitude are essential. Good communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills are vitally important in this role.

As a Dental Therapist you will:

  • Treat dental caries and place restorations (fillings) in permanent and primary teeth

  • Extract primary teeth under local anaesthesia

  • Fit preformed metal crowns on primary molars

  • Perform pulp therapies on primary teeth

  • Use fluoride therapies to reduce dental caries (decay)

  • Take and interpret dental radiographs

  • Provide holistic care, prevention and oral health advice

For further details on the role of a Dental Therapist, please visit the General Dental Council web site.

The course is academically and clinically intense and your progress will be continuously assessed throughout the programme. We use a variety of formative and summative assessments methods.

Academic Requirements

  1. A registered Dental Hygienist with current GDC registration.

  2. Evidence of core training and experience in LIA and Inferior Dental Block anaesthesia application.

  3. Evidence of core training in Radiography and current IR(ME)R certification.

  4. Portfolio of mandatory Continued Professional Development.

  5. Commitment to complete the 2 year training programme.

Selection to the Diploma in Dental Therapy programme is by application form and an interview panel.

Criminal Records Check
All students are required to undergo a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check in line with most applications for health-related programmes in the UK. This check is instigated upon enrolment to the programme.
Students will be subject to an occupational health check which is mandatory in the University of Bristol NHS foundation Trust.
Currently students on this post qualification training programme are exempt from tuition and examination fees.  Student finance in the form of a bursary or loan is not applicable.

The School will provide two tunic tops. Students are expected to provide two pairs of black trousers, and black shoes suitable for clinical wear (no clogs).
A recommended reading list will be issued upon enrolment. Students have access to the University Libraries and therefore, whilst some book purchase may be necessary, there will be copies of essential and recommended texts for loan purposes.

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