Dinosaurs under the big sky

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Contents: five pieces of bone—four real bone and one replica piece

This real fossil is probably an ulna or radius (lower fore-arm bone) of duck-billed dinosaur. It has been prepared, but left in five pieces. One of the pieces of real fossil disappeared from the fossil bank one day several years ago. Luckily, MOR had molds for the sections of bone so a cast of the missing section was made and painted. This fossil can be used to show how detailed a cast can be.

  • Encourage visitors to locate the cast section of the fossil.

  • Encourage visitors to find similarities and differences between the cast and the real fossil pieces.

  • Talk to visitors about how important it is to have casts of fossils and why many displays are casts.

Late Jurassic/Sauropod/Allosaurus

Sauropod Straw/Peanut Demo

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Contents: one long green plastic straw (actually 3 taped together) with a plastic peanut glued to one end

This demo springs from the text in the Hall of Giants. In the script, Jack Horner says about sauropod (dinosaurs with long necks and small heads) body proportions that if a human were to have the same body proportions our neck would be the dimensions of a 3 foot long straw and our head would be the size of a peanut.

Mother’s Day Site Model Series

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