Die Fledermaus Libretto ex Kalmus Edition with Director’s Amendments overture act I music No. 1 “Introduction”

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Music No. 9 Duet

EISENSTEIN: What a manner, she’s so gracious, and her figure, so curvaceous; could I kiss her, or caress her little foot, I’d be content, if she only would consent!

ROSALINDA: While his prison cell is waiting, he is freely celebrating! What a lover, he’ll discover, two can play that game tonight. He will not get off so light, I will make that rat contrite.

EISENSTEIN: Ah, this vision so enchanted could fade without a trace! Will you let my wish be granted and unmask your lovely face?

ROSALINDA: Ah my dear Marquis, how dare you? Do not touch or even ask! Here good manners should prepare you to respect a lady’s mask! (BOTH:) He is eyeing / half denying / me, and sighing / half complying, / who can doubt what he is trying / she is flying my embrace / he is scheming / let us see / never dreaming / I’ll insist / with his wife he plans a tryst / if she will resist / Let him think that / Yes, I think that / He’s succeeding / I’m succeeding / soon the scoundrel / I will persist / will be bleeding / I’ll insist / I’ll persist and give his game a different twist.

ROSALINDA: Ah, it seems the room is spinning, how my heart begins to beat! EIS: Ha, that means that I am winning, it is love that makes her weak! ROS: It is just a fleeting ailment, I have had it many times, could you count for me my heartbeat with that charming watch that chimes? EIS: Ah, just what we ought to do! ROS: Count with me, I beg of you!

BOTH: We’ll count together, count together, count together, count with me! EIS: One, two, three, four, ROS: Five, six, seven, nine, EIS: No, you are too late, for after seven must come eight. ROS: You mixed me up, let’s get it straight, we’ll have to change it. EIS: Change it? How? ROS: Now you must count my beating heart, and I the tick-tock of your watch. One moment more and we must start; Now start to count, my dear Marquis! EIS: You count with me! BOTH: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, eighty, a hundred! / Six hundred and nine / so high that cannot be the score! / I counted more before! / No, / Half a million maybe more! Yes, half a million beats or more! / I think you’d better check your figures!(hiding the watch) / Ah yes, that figure needs re-checking! / You have no chance to check a second! / She want’s to keep my chiming watch! Not my watch! / I thank you with pleasure! / Do give it back! / You’re joking! This treasure!

(ROS: Ah…..!)(EIS: She has won the game I started, now my watch and I are parted; what a dreadful price I’m paying, for the joke that I was playing! Ah, not my watch! I need it so, do let it go! There’s no doubt I’ve ;lost my timing, without my watch now my time is running out! Oh no, oh no! What a dreadful price I’m paying, for the joke that I was playing! Ah, How can you be so cruel! Ah, I am a fool! My watch!
(At end of song in playout, R. gets up first and goes quickly to C/S; E. follows around arbour, as cast

come on stage and surround R.)

Script page 101

ADELE: Ah, here is the exotic foreigner!

IDA: The fascinating mystery lady, whom the Doctor spoke of!
ADELE: I’d like to look her in the eyes!
LADIES: Me too. Me too!
ADELE: Let’s try the attack! Lovely mystery lady, if you are not too hideous….

IDA: …or the faceless wonder….

ADELE: ….allow us to ask you to lift your mask?
ALL: Unmask, unmask!
ORLOFSKY: Stop, dear ladies! You are breaking the agreement! In my villa, every lady has the right to cover… or uncover….as much as she likes. (to Rosalinda) Without embarrassment my fair one.
EISENSTEIN: (looking towards his watch) She’s not embarrassed, and she’s not fair. She kept my watch!
ADELE: I’ll give you ten to one she’s not even Hungarian. A lady from behind the paprika curtain has more fire; she’d have exploded long ago in this company!
ORLOFSKY: In spite of that, still she is Hungarian!
IDA: Who can guarantee that, your Highness?
ROSALINDA: Let music be my guarantee!
ALL: Music?
ROSALINDA: Certainly, let the melodies of my homeland speak for me!
Music No. 10 CSÁRDÁS

ROSALINDA: Songs of my homeland, you fill me with longing, mem’ries come thronging with sad, sweet tears! When I hear gypsies play melody streaming, in my dreaming, my Magyarland appears! Oh land where my heart takes flight, where sunlight is shining so bright on green forest shadows and gay smiling meadows, oh land where I lived in delight! Yes, thy beloved name sets my heart and my souls aflame, thy beloved name! Although I have departed from thee, Ah! Your image is a part of me for evermore in my yearning heart! Oh land where my heart takes flight, where sunlight is shining so bright on green forest shadows and gay smiling meadows, oh land where I lived in delight!

Fiery, full of zest, swells every Magyar breast, Hei! Come dance tonight! Csardas sounds so bright! Dark eyed gypsy girl, join in the joyous whirl, dancing, light and wild, lovely laughing child! Fiddles are strumming, ho ha, jubilant humming: ho ha, when he clam\nks his spurs, Eyes shining into hers, in her blushing glance, he can read romance! Thirsts are growing, wine is flowing, pass the bottle round the circle quick from hand to hand! Gaily drinking, never thinking, with a hail for our fatherland! Ha……………..!

Fiery, full of life, swells every Magyar breast, Hei! Come dance tonight! Csardas sounds so bright! Lalalalalalalalalala,,,,,,laLa!

Script pages 108-109
ALL: Brava Bravissima!
IDA: What about the joke you promised, Doctor?
FALKE: What do you mean?
IDA: The story of the Bat!
EISENSTEIN: Are you talking about the Bat? That was my little comedy, in which I gave the title role to the poor Doctor. It was a great joke, of which he was the victim.
IDA: Then why don’t you tell us?
FALKE: Very well. Some years ago the Marquis and I were a pair of loyal, jolly brother students. Every night we would go to a bar or a party.

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