Die Fledermaus Libretto ex Kalmus Edition with Director’s Amendments overture act I music No. 1 “Introduction”

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Script page 40

ROSALINDA: (Carrying wine and old clothes). What is all this? What are you doing Gentlemen?

FALKE: Well, you see I did cheer him up.
EISENSTEIN: Yes, he consoled me.
FALKE: A difficult task but I managed it. What’s that you’ve brought us dear lady?
ROSALINDA: Some feathers for our jail bird. Is this the proper hat?
EISENSTEIN: What’s that for? Do you want me to be taken for a thief?
ROSALINDA: But you asked me to…..
FALKE: And that dust rag? If you wear that, the warden will lock you up in solitary confinement for twenty years.
ROSALINDA: Good heavens!
FALKE: Dear lady …. (kisses Rosalinda’s hand)
ROSALINDA: Are you leaving us so soon?
FALKE: It is getting late, and I want to announce his new house guest to the Prison Director, Colonel Frank. I shall be waiting for you there, friend Eisenstein. Auf Wiedersehen! (Exits)
EISENSTEIN: He’s absolutely right. It is time for me to think of dressing.
ROSALINDA: Dressing?....For jail?
EISENSTEIN: Certainly. Falke says it’s more than likely I shall meet some of the most exclusive society there: -

It seems I must be dressed

To look my very best

High hat, black tails, white tie –

Then quickly, I must fly! (Exits to dressing room U/S L)
ROSALINDA: He’s like a different man! He seems delighted to go to prison. If only I knew what to do with the other one? I did promise to receive him, and once one has given one’s word, one must keep it, no matter how difficult it is.
ADELE: (Entering with Turkey on a platter with trimmings). My Lady?
ROSALINDA: Put it on the table. (Thinks - ignoring Adele) So I must accept it?
ADELE: I have already paid for it.
ROSALINDA: (Ignoring Adele) I must keep my word. I will receive him – and then I will dismiss him immediately! (Loud – to Adele) Ah, how is your sick old aunt feeling after her donkey excursion?
ADELE: Well, er…. so. so. Under the circumstances…..
ROSALINDA: This sick old aunt couldn’t be a healthy young man, could it?
ADELE: My lady, I beg you….
ROSALINDA: No matter, aunt or young man – I give you the evening free, and no questions asked.
ADELE: Do you mean it, my lady? But before you absolutely refused?
ROSALINDA: Well, I was in a bad mood before, but I am feeling better now.
ADELE: Since the Master is going to jail?
ROSALINDA: Little miss busybody?
ADELE: I beg your pardon my lady! (curtseys)
EISENSTEIN: (enters in elegant evening attire) How do I look?
ROSALINDA: And this elegant evening attire is for the benefit of your fellow prisoners?
EISENSTEIN: So they see I am worthy to join them! Those rogues shall not look down their noses at us.
ROSALINDA: I don’t believe it!
EISENSTEIN: The time has come. Farewell!
ROSALINDA: What? Without dinner?
ADELE: But what shall I do with the turkey?
ROSALINDA: Take it to your poor sick aunt.
ADELE: Oh, a thousand thanks my lady. This will make her very happy – the poor old woman has such a weak stomach.
EISENSTEIN: Rosalinda, my darling Rosalinda (embrace).
ROSALINDA: My poor Gabriel.
EISENSTEIN: May sweet dreams entrance you, while I am spending a restless wakeful night!
ADELE: How sad (sigh).
EISENSTEIN: In such a situation one must choose to die of pain, or to tear oneself away quickly. We must tear ourselves away!
ROSALINDA: Impossible! (sobs)
ADELE: (sarcastic) You aught to try at least. You might be able to!
Music No. 4 Trio

ROSALINDA; So I must say farewell, dear, and try to carry on! How can I ever tell, dear, my sadness while you’re gone? How can I face tomorrow, so empty without you? Eight dreadful days of sorrow, Oh Lord what shall I do? With coffee you would meet me, as soon as I woke up, now no one’s there to greet me; except your empty cup; without you, dear to share it ‘twill be a bitter brew! However shall I bear it, Ah!

EIS: Oh Lord, what shall I do!

ALL: Whatever shall I do? Alas, alas, what shall I do? My lonely heart will break in two, such agony I never knew, whatever shall I do!

ROS: La – lalala,,, At noon your favourite dishes, the cook and I will plan: how empty soup and fish is, and meat without a man! Alone as day is ending; weeping the whole night through, my grief will be heartrending (ALL) Alas, alas what shall I do, alone, my heart will break in two, such agony I never knew, whatever shall I do? (ROS); La – lalala….

EIS: What good is so much crying? My head feels like a kite.

ROS: My head is spinning, flying ADELE: My head is not so light!

EIS: Farewell, try not to grieve so. ROS+ADE: Farewell try not to grieve, my heart will go with you

ADELE: And now you have to go! I know you hate to leave so,

(ALL) but now you have to go! Oh Lord, what shall I do, whatever shall I do? Alas, alas, what shall I do? Alone? My heart will break in two, such agony I never knew, whatever shall I do?

(ROS) . La – lalala,,,………. la-La!

(At conclusion they exit in the main entrance together: Eisenstein exits off D/S L and crosses back stage to R; Adele exits off D/S L with turkey to her Aunt) (Rosalinda looks out of French window to watch Eisenstein)

Script page 49
ROSALINDA: He cries and dances at the same time. How giddy men are! He will be consoled soon enough, while I, poor woman, shall mourn for him, all alone and abandoned until… until the other one arrives! No the other must not arrive! I’ll go lock all the doors (goes toward door) Yes I’ll lock them (turns slowly back- indecision). I cannot, I should not. I gave my word, and if one gives ones word, one must keep it, or surely one is lost. (Listens) Someone’s coming. It is he. (sits) He’ll try to console me, but he’s very mistaken there. I shall remain unconsoled!
ALFRED: (enters through French window or main entrance) He’s gone to jail?
ROSALINDA: He’s gone to jail.
ALFRED: (Sees wine and fruit on table) I see you have already prepared to receive me with the proper hospitality. Thank you for your..er.. thoughtfulness.
ROSALINDA: Do make yourself at home.
ALFRED: You are right. (Exits singing (Mozart Magic Flute – Tamino – “Im Bildness” to dressing room and comes back still singing with dressing gown, etc) Here are the accoutrements of the master of the house: dressing gown, and nightcap. Well, in a moment I shall be dreaming myself back into my lost paradise. I shall pretend I am your husband.
ROSALINDA: Good Lord! What are you doing?
ALFRED: Making myself comfortable. (Eats & drinks). Have you no appetite mia cara moglie?
ROSALINDA: I beg you, I implore you, leave me now! I received you, to keep my word. Now it’s enough! You wouldn’t want to compromise one whom you once held so dear, with this little joke?
ALFRED: I certainly do not want to compromise you – but I also do not want to leave your wine untasted. So come! Let us drink, and let us sing. (Moves to couch and Rosalinda; tries to kiss her) (Bella figlia etc)
ROSALINDA: (interrupts) No, no singing! Just don’t sing! Please!
ALFRED: Why not? You used to be rather fond of my singing!
ROSALINDA: Exactly. Too fond!
ALFRED: Let us sing anew!
Music No. 5 Finale Act I.
ALFRED: Drink my darling, come what may, wine will chase the clouds away. When your lovely eyes are clear, all your doubts will disappear. You will see true love’s a dream, making fools of us; faithfulness a foolish scheme; why make such a fuss? All illusion proves in vain, love’s young dream becomes regret, have some wine to ease the pain, help you to forget!

Time has flown, we’re alone, think of all the joys we’ve known; time has flown, we’re alone; recall the joys we’ve known. Kling, kling, sing, sing, sing, drink with me, sing with me, lalalalalala

ROS: Ah….., What can I do? Time has flown, we’re alone; I recall the joys we’ve known. Time has flown, we’re alone, recall the joys we’ve known!

He is not departing- and yet he can’t stay; Ah, what am I starting? ALF/ROS: Drink up! / no,no,no,no / drink up! / No no, no, no / Ah!

ALFRED: Drink my dearest come and drink, it will clear your head to think! Do not let it get you

down, lovely girls should never frown! Though your love may not be true, that I can forgive; promise you will love anew, and I will believe.

Love’s a dream that flies away, still, illusion has it’s charms; live for love one joyous day – come into my arms. ROS+ALF: We’re alone, time has flown, think of all the joys we’ve known. We’re alone, alone, recall the joys we’ve known.
ROS: (spoken, over music) I hear voices; someone’s talking below! Good heavens!

(to Alfred) Listen someone’s coming up the stairs.

ALF: I’ll overlook everything! ROS: Heavens, what a situation!

FRANK; (Opens the door and speaks, off stage) Wait for me outside (Enters) Do not be alarmed, dear

lady, I am prison director Franke and I could not deny myself the pleasure of offering your somewhat reluctant husband my personal escort to his new bar-room – ah, prison, that is.

ROS: My husband is already…

ALFRED: Drink my darling, come and drink, it will help you not to think!

ROS: We are not alone! ALF: I’m overlooking that!

ALFRED: Kling,kling, sing, sing, sing, drink with me, sing with me!

FRANK: My carriage is waiting below; I hope you do not intend to resist any further.

ALFRED: No! Time has flown, we’re alone; drink to all the joys we’ve known!

FRANK: Ha ha ha! Quite right! I see, you look on the, ah, humorous side of the matter.

ALFRED: (Offering a glass to Frank) Drink with me, sing with me, sing, sing, sing.

FRANK: Don’t mind if I do, ha ha ha.

BOTH: Time has flown, come and gone, drink to all the joys we’ve known! Time has flown, come and gone, we’ll drink to joys we’ve known.

FRANK: I’d gladly stay here and pass the time, but your time is up, Herr von Eisenstein!

ROS: What shall I do, he can’t decline. / ALF: I am not Herr von Eisenstein, we were only


FRANK: You are not he? ALF: No, damn it, no! FRANK: Come down sir, no use cursing!

ROS: Why can’t you see? You must be he. FRANK: Now who is who, and what is true?

ROS: My friend, how shocking would it be to find a stranger here with me;

Indeed a dreadful shame! I am insulted and put out that you could ever have a doubt; and question my good name. And the situation here seems to me to be quite clear? With me so late in tète-à-tète at ease alone with me? In dressing gown, just settling down, who but my husband could it be? (ALF+EIS):With her so late in tète-à-tète (+ROS): Alone with me at ease, in dressing gown, just settling down; of course the man my (her) husband is!

ROS: Who else would sit here like a king, relaxing for the evening, his nightcap on his head?

That seeing such domestic bliss, you think that something is amiss, I never would have said. See the yawns he can’t suppress, all he thinks about is rest.

A tète-à-tète with me so late has lost its magic spells. What gay roué is so blasé – it is my husband, no-one else! (ALF+EIS): A tète-à-tète with her so late (+ROS): has lost its charms, you see. What gay roué is so blasé – of course it must my (her) husband be!

FRANK: No no, my mind is quite at ease, all doubt I shall dismiss. It’s getting late, so if you please,

give him the farewell kiss! ROS: The farewell kiss? ALF: The farewell kiss! FRANK: The farewell kiss! ROS: Well then, since you insist – I guess I will be kissed!

ALFRED: To prison you dismiss me to take your worthy husband’s place; for him now, you must

kiss me; dear wife, give me one last embrace!

FRANK: Come sir, I really cannot wait, I have a most important date. We must be on our way, we

must at last be on our way!

(turns to the background, signs to the policeman visible outside).

ROSALINDA: My husband I know will be there as you. ALF: With this kind of luck I’ll be sharing his

cell. ROS: won’t breathe a word! ALF: Don’t be absurd! ROS: He must not find out! ALF: How can you doubt! (Frank returns)

FRANK: Quickly let us go, my carriage waits below; come on, come on, let’s go! My aviary’s very

grand, it’s airy as can be. The birds that fly there, by command, receive their lodging free.

You are invited, sir, to be, I hope, your honoured guest. We honour you deservedly, you must accept it willingly, I hope you’ll be my willing guest surrender to arrest!

ALFRED: All right I will, accept my doom! ROS: You will be still! ALF: As in the tomb.

FRANK: Come on, be quick! ALF: It seems I must surrender; come kiss me and be tender!

ROS: Enough, my dear, we’ve kissed at length! ALF: Just one more kiss, to give me strength! ROS: No, no, enough, you must be starting! ALF: A kiss will console me in parting! FRANK: I hate to interrupt your fun, but I’ve a duty to be done. Enough, the time has come!

ALL: His (my) aviary’s very grand, it’s airy as can be. The birds that fly there, by command receive their lodging free. You are invited there to be a justly honoured guest. I beg you to go willingingly; I’m sorry, it is best! ….(ROS): Yes, yes, sorry, I’m sorry it is best. I’m sorry, it’s best! It must be my destiny, that I shall dine alone this evening, yes, I must resign myself, I know, there’s no help for it, I must admit, no use in tears and grieving, come, be strong, it must, it must be so! Ah, it must be so! Ah! (Alfred it taken away by Frank; the curtain falls.)

(At end of trio, Frank pushes Alfred out the door quickly; Rosalinda has a mixed emotions look; sees dress box; they pass a messenger who enters with a letter for Rosalinda. She reads it and laughs front as curtain falls)

Music No. 6 Scene. (Gambling room O/S upstage Left; Garden mid stage right) Chorus leave slowly, in groups to gambling room over dialogue continuing)

CHORUS: What a night! How divine! What a lavish celebration! It will case a sensation! All the best in food and wine, everywhere the lights and jewels gleam; the room is like a glowing dream, in the spell of this enchanting night our joyous hearts take flight! We’ll take flight with delight, hearts are light and take flight in delight! What a night, how sublime, what a lavish celebration! It will cause a sensation, what a marvellous good time! How quickly happy hours are past; the time tonight is flying fast; the joys that royalty commands are champagne, song and dance, a romantic game of chance! The joys that royalty commands, are champagne, song and dance, a romantic game of chance! Song and dance! And romance!

Script page 73-75
IDA: (moving D/S through chorus to S front C) I just can’t get over my surprise at finding you here!
ADELE: (equally surprised) And I can’t get over your surprise.
IDA: Have you got a friend here?
ADELE: Not yet, but I am sure I could find one soon enough, if I wanted to! (looks at departing men)
IDA: For heaven’s sake. Tell me who invited you?
ADELE: Who? It seems my little sister is teasing me. Or maybe you wrote the letter in your sleep?
IDA: I? I wrote a letter to you?
ADELE: Yes, absolutely begging me to get the evening off, get all dressed up and come to the Orlofsky Villa.
IDA: I don’t know a thing about it. Someone’s playing a joke on you.
ADELE: Woe to the Joker. I’ve made our old aunt deathly ill, given her donkey rides and a turkey, and bathed myself in tears to boot, just to get the evening off. I’ve raided my lady’s wardrobe and come flying here like the fairy Queen, to be greeted by my own sister with a mystery.
IDA: But, please… What are you thinking of--- a chambermaid in such society?
ADELE: Well, I can’t see that you have much to brag about, dancing in the last row!
IDA: I beg your pardon! Second quadrille, first figure!
ADELE: My compliments!
IDA: Still, I must admit, you don’t look so bad…and you did get in…nobody here knows you. I’ll try it! I’ll present you as an actress.
ADELE: As an actress? Well, they might accept me for that.
IDA: Play your part well or we will both be lost!
ADELE: I’ll give it all I’ve got. (they move away a little and observe as Orlofsky and Falke come down).
ORLOFSKY: In the eighteen years of my life I seem to have lived forty. Doctor, everything bores me. I am unable to laugh. (sighing) My millions are my misfortune.
FALKE: Your misfortune is one I would gladly share your highness.
ORLOFSKY: So you really believe we shall laugh this evening?
FALKE: I hope so, your highness. You gave me a free hand, and I have planned for a rather dramatic little comedy.
ORLOFSKY: And what is the title of your little play?
FALKE: I call it “The Vengeance of the Bat”!
ORLOFSKY: The title is sufficiently original! (They move away u/stage talking, backs to audience)
IDA: The young one is the Prince.
ADELE: So young, and already a Prince?
FALKE: (Noticing Adele – to himself) Ah there she is; my little note worked. (To Orlofsky indicating Adele) There is a member of my little cast of characters already.
ORLOFSKY: The soubrette I presume?
IDA: (both curtsey) Your Highness, May I introduce my sister Olga?
ORLOFSKY: You are, of course, an actress also?
IDA: And what an actress! I need hardly mention her theatrical accomplishments.
ORLOFSKY: Allow me to imagine them. I adore actresses, especially the rising young talents. Are you one of those?
ADELE: People have often said of my performances, “How true to life”.
(Laughter behind)
FALKE: Ah, already our guests are amusing themselves with gambling. Would your Highness care to join them?
ORLOFSKY: No. I might win, and that is so boring. But you, dear ladies, would perhaps do me the favour of risking a few thousand? (hands Adele a wallet) Would you try my luck with the contents of this?
ADELE: With pleasure your Highness! But what if we are unlucky?
ORLOFSKY: Then I should have the good luck of seeing you again soon.
IDA: (leaving, to Adele) How do you like the Russian Prince?
ADELE: He amuses me very much with his boredom! (exit both).
ORLOFSKY: Now, Doctor, kindly enlighten me as to your intentions.
FALKE: Please allow me the pleasure of the surprise, your Highness. So far only one small fact: Our friend Olga is the chambermaid of our hero!
IVAN: (announces) Vashe Vysochestvo Markiz Renard pribyl! Marquis de Renard!
ORLOFSKY: Vpustite yego! (to Falke) Who is this Marquis de Renard!? I don’t know him!
FALKE: That is our hero, himself!
EISENSTEIN: (Enters U/S R) Ah, there you are! You see, I came as quickly as I could. And the ladies? The charming ladies you promised me?
FALKE: They are all here, there in the gaming room.
EISENSTEIN: There? (starts to go)
ORLOFSKY: (stopping Eisenstein.) Are you going to do us the honour of supping with us Marquis? Allow me to welcome you.
EISENSTEIN: (to Falke) Who’s the boy?
FALKE: Prince Alexander ORLOFSKY, our host. Your highness, my friend, the Marquis de Renard.
EISENSTEIN: He?...He’s the…?
ORLOFSKY: Marquis, what surprises you?
EISENSTEIN: Forgive me your Highness, but the Russians I’ve met before were much larger, and, er…voluminous!
ORLOFSKY: One question, Marquis? (Clicks fingers for Ivan, who hovers with two glasses and a bottle of wine on a silver tray).
EISENSTEIN: By all means.
ORLOFSKY: I beg of you to answer as a man of honour---sincerely---openheartedly---unreservedly.
ORLOFSKY: Will you drink a glass of wine with me?
EISENSTEIN: That is all.
ORLOFSKY: Will you drink?
EISENSTEIN: With the greatest of pleasure.
ORLOFSKY: Ivan! The wine! (he serves the wine) (To Eisenstein) Be seated! Be seated!
EISENSTEIN: I am seated already.
EISENSTEIN: At your service.
ORLOFSKY: Now listen to what I say! There are certain of my national peculiarities with which you should be acquainted.
Music No 7: Couplets.

ORLOFSKY: I always ask my company, to be quite be fancy free, amuse themselves as well they may, oft ‘til the light of day. For boredom I have found no cure in what they say and do; but what as host I must endure I won’t endure from you. Don’t ever frown or let me see you yawn or be a bore; or quite unceremoniously, I’ll throw you out the door, or quite unceremoniously, I’ll throw you out the door. And if you’d care to question why this is what I do, why this is what I do? It is my own obsession, chacun à son gout! It is my own obsession, chacun à son gout!

EISENSTEIN: Your humble servant! (to Falke aside) A real Russian, pushing everyone around. If everyone who’s bored gets thrown out, I’m sure the guests would always be amused!

ORLOFSKY: When with a friend I drink some wine and match him glass for glass, he’d better have a thirst like mine; I think it rude to pass, while glass clink and multiply, let no-one call my bluff; I have no patience when they cry, “no more, I’ve had enough!”. Whoever asks to drink with me must drink the bottle down, or quite unceremoniously, I’ll break it on his crown, or quite unceremoniously, I’ll break it on his crown. And if you’d care to question why this is what I do, why this is what I do? It is my own obsession, chacun à son gout! It is my own obsession, chacun à son gout!

Script page 78.

EISENSTEIN: How charming. If one stops drinking, a bottle is thrown at his head!...Those are national peculiarities that should certainly be observed!.

ORLOFSKY: Do you enjoy the wine?
EISENSTEIN: Excellent!
ORLOFSKY: Unfortunately, I do not! Some time ago such stimulants worked well, but I’ve no longer a taste for it. My appetite is gone, even for love!
EISENSTEIN: Oh, for love I have always a very healthy appetite!
ORLOFSKY: Ah, to be young once more! I want to laugh, to laugh from the heart, and that I can seldom do. But Dr Falke has promised me that we shall laugh at you tonight!
ORLOFSKY: Yes, at you. Is it not true Doctor that we are going to laugh at the Marquis?
FALKE: I hope so, your Highness. (Adele & Ida enter down from gaming room over dialogue)
EISENSTEIN: How could you laugh at me? (Looks at himself)
ADELE: (handing Orlofsky the empty wallet) My Prince, I return your wallet. It is empty.
IDA: The clever croupier took it all from us.
EISENSTEIN: (seeing Adele) God in Heaven!!
ORLOFSKY: What has happened?
EISENSTEIN: But that’s…(to himself) That’s my chambermaid!
ADELE: (softly to Ida) My Master!
IDA: What are you saying?
EISENSTEIN: (to himself) And in my wife’s evening dress!
ADELE: (to Ida) And his poor wife thinks he’s languishing in jail!
FALKE: (introducing) Fraülein Olga, Fraülein Ida….The Marquis de Renard!
EISENSTEIN: Your name is Fraülein Olga?
ORLOFSKY: What a devilishly astonished face you make! Falke is right, I am going to laugh. It seems that Fraülein Olga has made quite an impression on you, Marquis?
EISENSTEIN: Oh no. How so? I only thought… a resemblance? (to Adele) Fraülein Olga, how long have you been Fraülein Olga?
ADELE: My dear Marquis. Have you always been Marquis de Renard?
(Chorus begin to enter in groups chatting, listening)
FALKE: Brava! Very good.
EISENSTEIN: No. The resemblance is striking!
ADELE: To whom Marquis?…To whom?
EISENSTEIN: To..to …my chambermaid!
ORLOFSKY+FALKE: Ha! Ha! Ha! (Chorus laugh)
ADELE: I? Resemble a chambermaid? How impertinent! Do you mean to insult me?
EISENSTEIN: Calm yourself! The chambermaid whom you resemble is a most unusually charming specimen, the Princess of chambermaids.
ADELE: Ah, that’s a little different.
ORLOFSKY: Better and better! Ha, Ha, Ha.
Music No. 8 Ensemble & Couplets – Adele’s Laughing Song

ORLOFSKY: My friends, do pay attention, here is a funny jest! FALKE: This timing is perfection!

CHORUS: Go on, go on, tell us the rest!

ORLOFSKY: Look at this charming lady, the dear Marquis took her for, no, it’s too enchanting! IDA: For what then? FALKE: Try and guess! ADELE: A chambermaid, and here as guest! Imagine, what a jest!

CHORUS: Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Hahaha, Hahaha, that is a funny jest, Hahahaha Hahahaha!

ORLOFSKY: my friend, you are so ungallant, my faith in you is shaken! How ungallant! FALKE: How ungallant! CHORUS: How ungallant! EISENSTEIN: She looks just like this debutante! CHORUS: How ungallant, how ungallant!, EIS: I must have been mistaken!

ADELE: My dear Marquis, you ought to be a man more worldly-wise, and I may suggest, you will find it best to learn to use your eyes! My hand has a delicate grace, ah, this foot could not be commonplace, ah, my speech, you can’t disparage, my waist and queenly carriage could never be displayed by any chambermaid, could never be paraded by a chambermaid! The situation you’ll confess, is very funny, nonetheless! How delightful, Hahaha, you amuse me Hahaha, for my laughter, Hahaha, do excuse me, Hahahahahaha,

(+CHORUS): How delightful, Hahaha, you amuse me, hahaha, Hahahahahahahahahaha!

ADELE: Ha, Ha, How comic a Marquis can be!

ADELE: See this profile, I Grecian style, that nature gave to me; from my well-bred nose, to my noble toes, behold my pedigree! Through your lorgnette look up and down, ah, where else have you seen such a gown, ah, I think that your confusion must come from love’s delusion; some pretty serving girl has set your heart a-whirl; some pretty serving girl has set your heart a-whirl! Now everywhere you look, it seems, you see your chambermaid, in dreams! How delightful, Hahaha, you amuse me Hahaha, for my laughter, Hahaha, do excuse me, Hahahahahaha,

(+CHORUS): How delightful, Hahaha, you amuse me, hahaha, Hahahahahahahahahaha!

ADELE: Ha, Ha, How comic a Marquis can be! Ah……………..!

(+CHORUS): Hahahahahaha!
Script page 86-89
EISENSTEIN: By blazes, that’s about enough laughing! I beg your pardon Fraülein Olga; ladies and gentlemen; please be generous.
ADELE: Since you beg my pardon, I shall forgive you. But in the future, be more cautious with beautiful chambermaids!
IVAN: Vashe Vysochestve Kavaler Chagran Pribyl! Chevalier Chargrin!
ORLOFSKY: Vpustite Yego! (softly to Falke) Chevalier Chargrin?
FALKE: The prison director, Frank!
FALKE: Welcome, in the name of His Highness.
ORLOFSKY: Welcome Chevalier!
FRANK: Forgive me for being so late your Highness. (business of a mixture of ‘shake hands’ and bowing – gauche)
ORLOFSKY: No formalities, my guests are here as at home.
FALKE: Chevalier Chargrin…Marquis de Renard!
ORLOFSKY: Then you are compatriots?
EISENSTEIN: (to Falke) Damn! What if he speaks French to me?
FRANK: J’ai l’honneur, Monsieur le Marquis.
EISENSTEIN: J’ai l’honneur….serviteur. (shake hands, bow; aside) If he goes on, this will be tragic.
FRANK: Vous etés aussi Francais?
EISENSTEIN: Aussi, aussi aussi (aside) Oh see if I can get away!
FRANK: Je suis charmé de trouver un compatriot.
EISENSTEIN: (to Falke) Please make him leave this Frenchman in peace. I’ve said all that I know!
FALKE: Please gentlemen, let us speak English!
IDA: Oh yes, we’re used to more informal conversations.
EISENSTEIN: Though I am naturally reluctant to speak to a compatriot in English, I shall yield to the ladies’ petition.
FRANK: (to Falke) Thank you for the title Chevalier. I couldn’t very well appear in such a gathering as a prison Director!
FALKE: Have you gentlemen met before?
EISENSTEIN: No I am sorry to say.
FRANK: I rarely show myself at parties. I prefer ‘closed circles’ you might say. In future though, I hope…
EISENSTEIN: I will see a great deal of you!
FRANK: And cement our friendship!
FALKE: Quite certainly!
EISENSTEIN: (to Falke) A charming chap, this Chevalier! (moves away R)
FRANK: (ditto) This Marquis impresses me! (moves away L)
FALKE: (to Orlofsky) What will the gentlemen say, when they get to know each other better?
ORLOFSKY: Very good!
IDA: When can we eat? I’m starving!
FALKE: Ladies and gentlemen, please be patient a moment more. We are still expecting a lady,
ALL: A lady?
FALKE: Yes a lady. A real lady! But I must ask you all to be discreet.
ALL: Why?
FALKE: She happens to be a lady of the highest aristocratic circles, a Hungarian Countess, who would like to join our amusing soirée, but we must allow her certain considerations.
EISENSTEIN: Poor woman, she must be married!
FALKE: Yes indeed, and to a man so jealous he’d like to carry her around in his pocket. He is away for a few days, but still the lady wishes to take the precaution in visiting such a lively party, of wearing a mask!
ALL: A mask?
FALKE: Yes, and I gave her my word that she can count on our complete discretion. Therefore I must ask you to swear to me that you will all respect her right to be masked!
ALL: We promise!
EISENSTEIN: Masked? How interesting!
IDA: She’s probably very ugly!
ADELE: She has probably nothing but her beautiful eyes!
ORLOFSKY: (to Falke) Do you hear them? Already the gossip goes in full swing.
FALKE: I propose that we all take a little promenade in the garden (R Center).
ALL: That’s a good idea. That’s what we’ll do. Come on, let’s go!
ADELE: (to Eisenstein, who still stares at her) My dear Marquis, how long must I serve you as an object of curiosity?
EISENSTEIN: (to himself) The resemblance is terrifying! She is really a lot prettier than Adele. I must try an experiment. (dangles the watch in front of Adele’s eyes)
FALKE: Chevalier, here is a vacant place (refers to Ida).
FRANK: (taking Ida’s arm) I hope I shall not be refused if I apply for such an attractive position?
IDA: It all depends. Are you eligible for higher office? (exeunt to garden)
EISENSTEIN: (Cue: Orch: triangle: watch chime)
FALKE: Ah, I see you are counting the happy hours again!
ADELE: Oh what an adorable little watch!
EISENSTEIN: (offering his arm) It really is a lady’s watch. Perhaps tonight I shall have the pleasure of presenting it to an adorable actress?
FALKE: (alone) The rascal! If only once his experiment would fail, and his bait stolen to hang from some little creature’s belt! (Rosalinda enters warily-unmasked U/S R) Ah, here comes his wife! (advancing to meet at bottom of steps) I am so sorry dear lady…..
ROSALINDA: Ah, it’s you Doctor. So is it really true, what you wrote me?
FALKE: A glance into the garden should convince you. There you will see how your husband is paying his debt to society.
ROSALINDA: A girl on his arm! How dreadful!! But who is that girl? No, I am not mistaken. That is Adele, my own chambermaid!
FALKE: It is Adele, your own chambermaid!
ROSALINDA: The Great Seducer! And how she is showing off, in my dress! Just you wait little lady, I’ll prescribe you a cure for your old aunt!
FALKE: Only not this evening dear lady! I beg you.
ROSALINDA: Don’t worry! I won’t start shooting until morning – but then there will be quite an explosion!
FALKE: Psst: They’re coming (she remasks and moves D/S left)
EISENSTEIN: (from garden arm in arm with Frank) Ha, Ha, Ha, This is wonderfully entertaining!
ROSALINDA: Can I believe my eyes? The prison director here too?
FRANK: Your watch is a real gem Marquis!
ROSALINDA: The rogue is pretending to be a Marquis?
EISENSTEIN: Isn’t it though? Yes, I owe many a conquest to it.
FRANK: If your wife only knew!
EISENSTEIN: Ha,ha,ha. My poor little wife. Probably dreaming sweetly right now of her Gabriel!
ROSALINDA: (to Falke) And her Gabriel is making fun of her!
FRANK: Do you live in the neighbourhood Marquis?
EISENSTEIN: Oh very near, not ten minutes away, to the right….
FRANK: So do I, only to the left. Isn’t it amazing we haven’t met before? But in future I hope you will visit me, very soon!
FALKE: (to Rosalinda) He will indeed – tomorrow morning!
EISENSTEIN: We shall be friends.
FRANK: With all my heart!
TOGETHER: We shall never part! (Falke moves to Eisenstein & Frank)
EISENSTEIN: Now what is so funny?
FALKE: (indicating Rosalinda) I always find it funny to see two men embrace when there is a lovely lady present!
FRANK: Good heavens!
EISENSTEIN: Then that is….
FALKE: The Hungarian Countess, of whom I was speaking. She is said to be ravishingly beautiful!
EISENSTEIN: By Heaven, that should be something for me! Leave her to me gentlemen!
FALKE: It’s all right with me, you insatiable devil!
FRANK: I make no objection!
EISENSTEIN: In ten minutes she shall be mine! Who can resist me?
FALKE: Good luck Marquis. Lots of luck!
FRANK: (exiting with Falke to gambling) This Marquis seems to be just as jolly as your friend Eisenstein, my good Doctor.
EISENSTEIN: (to himself) I am as jolly as myself? What does he know about Eisenstein? He has never known me as Eisenstein, surely?
(Rosalinda approaches and takes his arm tightly, and looks hard into his face, daring him to

recognise her)
EISENSTEIN: (embarrassed) Well?
ROSALINDA: (Lets him go & moves away – to herself) How I’d love to tear his hair out! But I dare not give myself away!
EISENSTEIN: (to himself- front) By Jove, she seems to be full of fire! Hungarian blood! But I don’t believe that fairy tale about the ‘Countess’ and the high aristocracy! (takes out watch-Orch cue chime triangle) She’ll fall for the watch, just like all the rest of them!
ROSALINDA: (Disguised Hungarian voice) What an adorable lady’s watch!
EISENSTEIN: Yes, isn’t it charming?
(Takes her arm and leads her to the love seat; set D/S so that E. sits at rear seat after seating R. in

front seat)
ROSALINDA: Excuse me Marquis, but are you married?
EISENSTEIN: I? But how could you think such a thing? Now, allow me also a question? Has the time come for you to lift your mask – just a little?
ROSALINDA: Not tonight: but tomorrow the masks will all be off!
EISENSTEIN: Tomorrow? It will be impossible!
ROSALINDA: Why not tomorrow?
EISENSTEIN: I…I…I have an appointment tomorrow.
ROSALINDA: An appointment?
EISENSTEIN: Yes, a private appointment, behind closed doors.
ROSALINDA: Perhaps I shall come with you!
EISENSTEIN: You are joking! (to himself) She is really enchanting (watch chime Orch: cue)
ROSALINDA: (to herself) If I could only capture that watch! What a perfect corpus delicti!

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