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As part of its overall “employee care package”, the National Grid policy is to provide a dental surgery in its largest office, National Grid House in Warwick. This document sets out the working arrangements of the dentist facility.

The procedure

  1. Who can use the dentist facility?

This Policy applies to National Grid UK employees and all agency workers who are in scope of the Agency Workers Regulation, who are based for three or more working days per week at National Grid House, Warwick.

  1. Is the service private or NHS?

    The practice is an independent practice provided by National Grid at NHS cost to employees.

  2. When is the dentist on site?

    The Dentist will provide a Service at National Grid House Warwick for four days each week.

  3. Is there a hygienist?

    Yes, the hygienist will be on site for one day a week.

  4. How do I book an appointment?

    All appointments required should be made by contacting the Practice Dentist surgery directly. Any cancellations should also be reported directly to the Practice Dentist surgery.

  1. Do I have to pay for check-ups or treatment?

    Yes, employees will be charged NHS fee rates for any dentist treatment that falls within the scope of the NHS charging structure. Other treatments, that fall outside the NHS charging structure will be charged at private rates and subject to prior agreement. For permanent employees, all fees paid for the dentist and/or hygienist facility will be deducted from payroll as soon as practicable and employees should quote their payroll number after appointments.

  1. Can members of my family use the dentist?

    The dentist facility is open to partners of National Grid UK employees and Agency Workers in scope of the Agency Worker regulations based at Warwick. Depending on the level of usage, the patient list may occasionally be open to the children of National Grid UK employees. Those employees with partners and children wishing to use the dentist facility should contact the Practice Dentist surgery directly.

  2. Will the dentist facility be open to other sites?

    At present, this dentist facility is only available in Warwick because of the large number of employees. This policy may be extended to other locations if they were to house as many employees.

  3. What is the contact telephone number for the Practice Dentist surgery?

    Internal CTN: 7 474 4402. External: 01926 65 4402.

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